The Hollywood Left Wants Hank Jr. Censored

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Last week country music legend Hank Williams Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends to give some politically incorrect commentary. While on the air, he committed the unpardonable sin of using the word “Hitler” within one contiguous paragraph of the word “Obama.” ESPN execs — whose viewers undoubtedly like Hank better than Obama — first pulled his opening, which had run on Monday Night Football since 1991, then fired him. The entertainment industry elite has decided Hank has not suffered enough for his sins. They made clear they want him shut up for good. This weekend the cast of Saturday Night Live with special guest Ben Stiller, suggested Hank never be invited to speak about politics again in life.

This plea for censorship came during an SNL skit that its writers apparently intended to be funny, although aside from a pretty good impression of Steve Doocy and the singer himself, the laughs were hard to find. The crew invited “Hank” back on to clarify his remarks when Stiller, who played Williams’ media representative, turned the tables. He demanded the Fox hosts apologize to Hank. “You have to admit,” he said, “you made a big mistake letting Mr. Williams come on your show and speak for himself.” He went on, “What did you think he would say? Look at him. He looks like a truck stop Santa Claus.”

Couched in “humor,” the message is clear: no self-respecting news program should ever provide a forum for Hank Williams Jr. or anyone who looks like him. They are all contemptible white trash. They have no rights, should enjoy no access to the masses, and need to be throttled into silence before they go back to working hard, paying taxes, and dying in our wars.

Stiller went on: “You introduced him as a man who knows a thing or two about politics. Telling him he’s a political analyst is akin to giving a baby a gun.” Between taking potshots at their favorite targets — laughing at veterans and the elderly, mocking Fox News’ truthfulness — SNL‘s writers repeatedly mocked Hank for daring to use the H-word without permission.

Hank Williams Jr. has publicly stated his remarks were misunderstood. He was pointing out the ridiculous nature of the Obama-Boehner golf summit, pairing up two leaders of opposing factions. This author is generally against analogies that compare people to Hitler, or the greater mass murderers Mao, Stalin, and the worldwide Communist empire. But Hank’s greatest error was not a poor choice of comparisons; it was the idea that Obama and the GOP leadership are in stark opposition to one another. On the contrary, they are two wings of the same one-party system of elitists who run the government under two labels. Grassroots Republicans and Democrats could not be more widely removed, nor could their activists: could any two figures disagree more than Hank Williams Jr. and Michael Moore? As the political conversation moves up the pecking order, the differences magically melt away in the burning sun of bipartisanship (which may explain why so many bipartisan ideas are half-baked).

Stiller’s character concluded by telling America what Hank is “really good at is writing songs like, ‘There’s a Tear in My Beer.’” It is rewarding to see Hollywood finally acknowledge entertainment figures may not be the most qualified people to weigh in on political issues. For once, the entertainment industry has found someone it wants to Shut Up and Sing.

Since the Left clearly implied Hank should never speak in public again, I hereby propose a trade….

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  1. Notice how the people who demand he be silenced all belong to a tiny minority of 2 percent of our country. They are the first to cry offense and the first to point a finger, and the first to call for Hate Crime laws. hate Speech Laws and openly assassinate ones character when one speaks ill about one of the Chosen ones or there lackeys like Obama.
    You can never use Hitlers name, the Holocaust or Nazi, they hold the right to these accusations, forever and ever. Forgot the thirty million killed by communism in Russia, the Nazis are forever the yard stick of evil, as long as they own our press and Hollywood.

  2. I bet you were equally "outraged" when the Teabagging Right did censor the Dixie Chicks.

    Hypocritical scum.

    • How is it that the left is so offended when Hitler's name is raised? Surely they are not trying to hide the fact that Hitler was a Socialist. That his claim to fame, while of a slightly different variety compared to Lenin's Communism, was Class Warfare. Hitler killed people who disagreed with him, so did Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and every other Communist in power. Obama has just shown that he has no compunctions about killing citizens or non-citizens who disagree with him. I'm sure he would like to do the same to a few people in the limelight now – his man Hoffa says he should. I can see a lot of genuine similarities between Hitler and Obama.

  3. Why would anyone listen to these illiterate Hollywood liberal progressive idiots. They are all just as stupid and misguided as Sean Penn who is the worst of the lot. I am boycotting their movies and TV shows and everyone who loves America should do the same. Why funnel our money to these wackos?

    • Actually I was. Freedom of speech goes both ways……well apparently not as the left still calls Bush Hitler on a fairly regular basis.

  4. reginald zenkewich says:

    All I see is the liberal agenda to undo our Constitution and instill their own ideas of government control of everyones life and no more free speach, the right to bare arms, States rights, and that any person running for President be a natural born citizen which Obumanation is not but a duel citizen with allegiance to socialist values and fullgovt controlk of every aspect of American life and industry! IMPEACH this Obamanation before this country becomes another socialist country like all of Europe which is failing its people.

  5. Just one of the reasons I haven't been to a movie in over 25 yrs. You would really be pressed to find someone in Sorrywood with a damn bit of brains or sense.. I still won't watch any of these new shows because they always have to try and make fruitloops and idiots look like real people. I had to quit watching "Dancing with the Stars" because of the agenda they want to promote….. Guess I was born to far back because today is totally a different time than I want to live in.

  6. Is Saturday Night Live still on the air?

  7. Cain is blacker then Obama.Obama is supposed to be half white remember?

  8. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STOP ONE FROM DOING HIS RIGHT. TO EXPRESS HIS OPINION. HANK WILLIAMS JR,. HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE. The freedom of speech is a part of our constitution, that we have the right to say something we want to say. "Ben Stiller acted like HITLER", telling HANK WILLIAMS JR. not to appear on TV or on any radio programs of some kind. If a person acted like a dictator like what Obama has been doing to AMERICA, then we have the right to call him"HITLER". OR" DICTATOR OF KING HUSSEIN OBAMA" When someone calls you " FRED ASTAIRE", it's because you are a very good dancer. SO FELLOW COUNTRYMEN, WE MUST NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY SOMETHING, OF WHAT WE THINK IT IS TRUE TO THE BEST OF OUR HONEST BELIEF AND OPINION.

  9. I am in agreence with Hank Williams Jr..Never did like Ben Stiller and wont view any of his movies from now on. Another Moviedom critism..,,They are the Democrats who were given a chances with Obama and look where it led us. love ya, Hank good going!

  10. I hope Ben Stiller has the biggest financial downfall that will bring him to his knees. Hank Jr. has every right to speak his mind….we have freedom of speech, remember…we are not a communist country yet.

  11. We must boycott Hollywood and put an end to our money supporting a platform for them to degrade us.

  12. Another thing, Cain and West 2012.

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