The Hand Of God WAS On The Election

Holy Bible SC The Hand Of God WAS On The Election

As those in our great Nation woke up on Wednesday morning, we scratched our heads in disbelief as to what happened in the election. We thought every base was covered. Romney did well in the debates, he was hosting huge crowds of supporters, and his polling numbers were either tied or exceeded Obama’s. So what happened then? It was Divine Intervention.

My fellow Americans: as our nation has turned it’s back on God, advocated for gay marriage and sodomy, continuously kills God’s unborn children through abortion, and turns our back on Israel, God has decided that he would honor our prayers to guide this election. God will not be mocked.

Just as our earthly father could impose a punishment by saying something to the effect of: “wake up my children; this is going to hurt.” Although we are chastised, we still love our father and will always seek Him out for His protection and guidance.

God has a plan here that many may not understand, but those who do will find comfort and peace in the outcome of the election. As many of us have stood for over 4 years against the evil of the Obama regime and for the protection of the US Constitution, we were not fully prepared. We had not fully rededicated our lives to God and were still hanging onto our love of earthly possessions even when God has promised us treasure in Heaven. If we truly engaged in putting God first, the outcome may have been different.

God’s plan at this point, I believe, is to draw His people back to Himself and reunite His church. As our founders said 230 years ago, the way to end poverty is to make people uncomfortable in it. The Obama regime will bankrupt our nation and place us all into poverty. Once this happens, more of God’s people will be crying out to him and will be humbled. God’s people will help one another through these times as well as helping the lost souls.

Those who have rejected God will gloat in their pride and envy for their accomplishments in winning this election and thus will be rejected by God.Rich men will seek His face, and He will not answer as the chance of a rich man getting to heaven is like trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle.  The master plan here is for a nationwide revival. God will reset our priorities, the most important of which will be putting HIM first in our lives once again; and then he will send us back into the battlefield to protect and defend our divinely-inspired founding documents.

We are in for some very tough times ahead, but keep your eyes on God as you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. As always, my fellow Christian Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Photo Credit: alexsimoes (Creative Commons)

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  1. In the Book of Mormon there's a prophecy that says we'll lose the privilege of living in America if we become too wicked. "We" being all of us, all humans in America.

    • The Mormons do believe this, I know, but it is wrong to speak of it that way. We lose the privilege of living here for free. We are going to have to fight very hard just to be able to stay, but that fight will turn this mess around.

  2. This is true. I don't think the free stuff or free sin will be much to comfort those who voted God out.

  3. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    America is the daughter of Babylon. It will only get worse here until finally the New World Order is established. Christians will be murdered by the evil government here and interned in FEMA camps. God's Judgments begin first with the Church. The churches enabled all of this to happen by remaining fearful and silent and complicit with this evil government and sanctioning instead of challenging the innumerable lies like the hideous lie of 911, Osama's bogus assassination, Obama's illegitimate Birth Certificate, SSN, etc. The churches should have stood up more strongly against abortion, gay marriage, and sodomy. They should have opposed the rampant corruption in America's courts. They should have started their own political party if the GOP refused to ante up and step up to the plate, but they instead remained silent in their pews and pulpits allowing evil to fester and grow like an infected vile pustule. Remember the purges of Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Mao Tse-Tung??? Consider them previews of coming attractions.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      Their game in the District of Criminals is to incite you to revolution; don't take this bait. Start a Third Party to oppose them all and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit if He tells you to get the Hell out of Dodge – even if He tells you to leave this country for another. This is where America is now. We have crossed the threshold of God's Judgments, which will now take on a whole new dimension shortly.

  4. Ii was the hand of fraudulent voters on the election. God will bring them justice.

  5. I completely agree with yur statement. I prayed constantly before the election that God's will would be done but I also prayed to let us once again become "One Nation Under God", so I was extremely disappointed when it went the way it was but once again I had to turn it over to God as he is in charge and I am not.

  6. Linda From NYC says:

    This article brings me some comfort, I have been reading the Bible and everything that is happening today is coming to pass as the Bible prophecies has predicted. I do believe that the judgment of God is upon the United States. America have kick God out of our school and out of our lives and have become a perverse nation and made money and materials things our God. Now we are repeating what we have sown, a wicked government. I for one have repented and looking to God for answers, the only way we can get this wicked ruler out of our government is through repentance, and prayer.

    I also have mix emotions, angry of the out-come of this election. I have never in life taken so hard a presidential election like this. One of my own relative voted for this traitor after I told her that this man is dangerous to our country and I even showed her video from utube of obama admitting he is a muslim and I beg her to please do more research, if she did not believe me. She did no research and voted for this man, not knowing how dangerous he is.

  7. Linda From NYC says:

    This election have driven my family apart and I know that I should not allow this, but the sense of betrayal not to myself but to our country and how this country is being destroy by a enemy from with in.

    So many people that should have known better, voted for him, my questions is will we still have a country in 4 years of 2016? I have this bad feeling that after 2016, obama will change the term limit’s laws and stay in again. This man loves power and he is not going to give it up no matter what our laws or limits says. I also believe that this election was stolen by obama, it happen in 2008 where dead people voted, and obama is dirty, that is how he plays.

    • I believe as you do Linda – he will change the law and allow himself to be the king – always. I actually sent out an email to friends/family stating this. I also believe and stated on Wednesday morning that when this country and its people turned against God – God had had enough and decided we needed a real wake up call.

  8. Miss Debbie says:

    I would have to agree, as America has allowed those in power and those behind the power to deny God at every turn or chance they get God has removed His protection as He did to the Isrealites as they turned their backs on Him. But, what everyone is missing is the point that it is not Obama who has the 'power' in this country, is his masters behind him..Who do you think got him where he is today??? It is not himself…it is his muslim brothers / brotherhood and George Soros and the likes…he is a mere puppet..The power(s) behind him are the ones killing this great country and until people open their eyes to this fact we will continue to fall further under their power. We need to bring God back into our lives and into our govt or we will not come back…Stand firm people and be prepared for war!!!

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