The Government’s Tactical Assault on our Liberties

Doug Book,

Two centuries ago, the Founders feared a strong, centralized federal government would establish a standing army, an irresistible force capable of crushing those rights of individual liberty which had been so carefully and deliberately crafted into the Constitution. Today that fear has been realized.

Its fulfillment came less through the American military than in the increasingly disturbing form of paramilitary units and heavily equipped tactical assault teams, which exist everywhere frm bureaucracies within the federal government to small town police departments.

From 300 a year during the 1970s, Special Weapons Assault Team raids have exploded to more than 50,000 a year over the past decade, the overwhelming majority for the purpose of serving of warrants to non-violent offenders, usually drug-related crimes.

The “War on Drugs,” which provided the original excuse for the nationwide formation of SWAT teams and the use of armored vehicles or paramilitary tactics in small localities, has now evolved into the more menacing “War on Terror.”

But is this a war on drug dealers and terrorists or a war on the American people? Consider a few recent occurrences.

In Waco, Texas, 80 lives were taken by masked SWAT team members driving armored vehicles in what one writer properly called an “ATF publicity stunt gone awry.”

Three years ago, more than 400 children were wrenched from their parents by body armor-wearing assault teams carrying automatic weapons in response to a confidential telephone complaint of abuse — which turned out to be a hoax….

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