The Ghost Of Thomas Dewey & The Neo-Communists

CommunismRedFlag 300x300 The Ghost of Thomas Dewey & the Neo Communists

Voices from the past are ere haunting the halls of Congress, warning that we are about to suffer a fatal blow. None could be more vibrant, than the voice of Thomas Dewey, who ran for President during the New Deal.

Dewey blamed Roosevelt for the rise of communism in the United States. Dewey accused him of allowing the unions to seize control of the New Deal, and that their ultimate aim was to control the government of the United States.

It all makes perfect sense, if we consider how quickly the communist party formed a protective bubble around their favorite son. All this talk about job creation and rebuilding our infra-structure, would ultimately repeat the New Deal, and complete the communist plan. For Obama to deny the obvious, is quite a stretch.

For conspiracy buffs who think that 9/11 was a communist plot, they only have to know that the World Trade Center was a monument to Free Trade. Thomas Dewey was the Governor of New York, who approved the final plans to build it.

According to Dewey, “communism was a pagan philosophy which was sweeping through much of the world.” He also warned that a man named Earl Browder was one of the “highest bidders” for control of the Democratic Party. (New York Times Nov. 2, 1944)

Dewey declared “everyone knows that communism is for State ownership of all property, including your house, your farm and the factory, the shop, the office in which you work. It stands for absolute dictatorship, the abolition of civil rights and total political and economic bigotry.”

Browder’s communist upbringings started with his childhood in Kansas.
And we know who else came from Kansas, don’t we? Stanley Dunham was just an innocent furniture salesman, searching for a job. By the time he found work in Hawaii, he had formed a lot of close friendships with people who basically hated the United States.

After reading Dewey’s remarks, I realized that most of us were born into a secret war. I feel like my entire life has been a lie. I actually believed that the members of Congress had a sense of basic integrity. I volunteered my time and my money. I would actually like my money back. I don’t even know who is who. Everybody appears to be lying.

It’s just a little hard to swallow that people like Hillary and Bill, and Chuck Schumer, and Al Franken, and Drunk Uncle Joe, are complete hypocrites. If we think about what Dewey said, and compare it with what we already know, it’s not even safe to leave our homes.

If I had $375.00, I could file a Federal lawsuit for fraud. But then I would end up being beat up by communist courts, who would sabotage my efforts. And everybody knows its a complete waste of time to file a Federal lawsuit. Everybody is in on the joke, but you.

My only consolation is knowing that American communism is flawed. You can’t “inflict” communism on a Constitutional democracy. This is much different than overthrowing the Czar.

Communism belongs to Russia. It was a natural evolution of their own history. Of course, you can’t explain Russian communism to American communists. They’re all too busy driving their hybrids and loading up at Trader Joes.

I’ve known quite a few American communists. I barely gave them the time of day. If I compare them with their Russian counterparts, they look ignorant and weak. They’re an odd assortment of societies rejects, obese alcoholics, and pot heads, like Dennis Rodman, who scribbles on his body and drives hooks through his nose.

American communists want it both ways. They want the stuff that goes with democracy, but they’re not willing to work for it. They want your stuff, because they’re too stupid and lazy to figure out how to get it for themselves.

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