The Gender Identity Crisis Of America

Photo Credit: Sharon (Flickr)

All Rachel Pepe wanted was to be treated like one of the girls. There is one major problem, however. She’s a boy.

Gender identity and sexual preference is a huge issue in America today. If you’re like me, your natural reaction may be, “TMI!”

NJ Governor, Chris Christie, may have felt similarly when he swiftly shut down the whole notion of children working through their sexual identity issues with a licensed counselor, in August of last year. But when dress codes and gender specific restrooms become a matter of ambiguity, what’s a school administrator to do?

I regret the abuse and ridicule that too many of our youth must endure – whatever the reason. But I also believe we must not overreact or overcompensate in meeting the tender emotional needs of the conflicted child.

I do believe children should be supported and loved in expressing the inner conflict and emotional pain they may be experiencing on account of some deep-seeded gender conflict, real or perceived. A full-court gender-conversion press may do more harm than good. But everyone should have a safe place they can go where frustrations and distresses can be revealed without fear or shame.

We may not agree with the choices of our neighbor, but may we never willfully mistreat or cause emotional harm to another human being. On the other hand, nobody should exploit a distraught child for their own personal gain (or agenda).

I personally believe Jesus is bigger than any trumped-up sexuality fixation in our day.

Every single soul in society should be treated with a level of compassion and regard (nobody is disposable). No one deserves to be written off. We should conduct ourselves in such a way that we naturally produce a positive response from others (despite our differences).

But ultimately, we must instill in our children a strong sense of dignity and self-respect (and reflect those same qualities ourselves). We may not be perfect now, but with God on our side, we can know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

May the desires of the soul be cultivated above and beyond that of the “psyche” and the “libido.”

Photo Credit: Sharon (Flickr)

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