The Gap Between Tea Party And Conservative “Experts”

Tea Party SC The Gap Between Tea Party And Conservative Experts

The Drudge Report carries a picture of Mitt Romney jet skiing with his wife – “Oh no that’s it Barack Obama will cruise to reelection because all is lost!”  A few people who we’ve heard of have declared Romney’s campaign virtually dead because THEY don’t like his response to the two worst decisions from the Supreme Court.

These comments are, of course, well meaning, but they remind us of the wide gap between grassroots activist TEA party conservative voters and conservative “leaders” who now want to run in front of the parade to appear to be relevant. There is a huge surge of enthusiasm to get rid of Barack Obama that is happening in the streets and on conservative internet “meeting places” that will flush Barack Obama away in November. How can these “experts” not know this?

In my small but reliable poll, 66% of my overwhelmingly conservative readers said they were voting AGAINST Barack Obama, and just 24% said they were voting FOR Mitt Romney! The large national polls won’t ask this question, but that doesn’t alter the truth.

Our “expert” conservative leaders don’t yet understand that not only will conservative voters crawl through broken glass to vote against Obama, BUT more to the point, legions of Americans, who just desperately want Obama gone will see  “ROMNEY” as the name on the toilet bowl handle that must be pulled down to flush away Barack Obama – America’s foulest mistake.

Over the past two years, Obama’s nationally televised speeches have drawn fewer and fewer listeners. This is because Americans don’t care what he has to say; they want him gone.

Regardless of what he has done, Obama has not gotten ANY lasting “poll bounce” because Americans don’t care what he does, they want him gone.

To win in November, all What’s His name has to do is tread water and avoid mistakes – REAL mistakes, not riding on a jet ski with his wife.

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  1. Thanks for this info.I am writing a comenmtary for my school newspaper as well as a feature story that will hopefully get published at Salon.comI am a 29 year-old white conservative trying to find way to make people aware that minority involvement within the Republican party is critical. We need to get back to grassroots campaigning to make our beliefs relevant to all demographics. These numbers just reaffirm my disappointment with the inability for Republicans to pull some of these conservative people’s votes over to the party.Ironically, my name is Shay also!Good work finding this

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