The Gang Of Ocho, The Beast Train And The October Immigration Surprise

Boarder 300x166 The Gang of Ocho, The Beast Train and The October Immigration Surprise

As they stonewall over immigration, establishment RINOs and their failed, Republican political advisers are selling out Conservatives along with millions of American citizens especially in the Southern border states. These fork-tongued immigration reform advocates looking to slow walk their plan to allow at least 11 million illegals to become US citizens are facilitating the “death train” that transports unsuspecting migrants who leave their own families behind in Central America. Known as “La Bestia,” this cargo train originates in Arriaga, Mexico, picks up would-be US workers, then off loads them onto other trains out of Mexico City as the long dangerous journey winds to “El Norte.”

By refusing to close our Southern Border, duplicitous American politicians are looking to “create a climate for compromise,” according to reporter Bill Scher writing for the Liberal site “John Boehner and his allies are looking to lower the temperature.” This liberal blog is suggesting that Tea Party leadership is being torpedoed by Karl Rove and the GOP leadership.

The Beast migrant cargo train brought more than 20,000 illegals North in the first four months of 2010 alone says CNN reporter Karl Penhaul. A Honduran widow said she was “going to the other side,” as she left her small children behind with a cousin so she could work in America.   As the Republican establishment splits its own party to join with proponents of the Democrat Immigration Reform bill, its leaders appear to be oblivious to the projected, intractable voting bloc these illegal immigrants will provide for the Democrat party.

Frustrated AZ Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels hammers immigration bill supporters in a Blaze exclusive interview. (2) “Senator Rubio, You Know Nothing About Our Border,” Dannels says as he decries the fact that local border law enforcement officials have been shut out of the debate. Instead of getting the opinions of people actually living and suffering from refusal to enforce US border laws, the D.C. establishment entirely ignores those most deeply affected!

So look for an October surprise as GOP House leaders team up with Rubio and his Democrat “Gang of Ocho” pals to pass binding immigration legislation.  As the Beast train out of Central America brings human cargo North in an exodus suggestive of other freight trains that displaced unwitting men and women in Europe decades ago, families are being split up daily as our politicians harm citizens on both sides of the border and the issue with false promises. The under-the-radar proposal being planned in the US House will contribute to a huge Democrat voting bloc that will change our country forever.  “They’re going to rebuild America, and maybe with a Latino heartbeat,” says Alejandro Solalinde, a Catholic priest in Ixtepec who runs a hostel for migrants riding “La Bestia” north.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    The ONLY surprise we want, or will accept, is that THEY FAILED!!!!

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