The Flag Of Our Fathers Is Falling And Calling Out To Us!

US Flag 3 SC The Flag of our Fathers is Falling and Calling out to us!

I am still numb and dumfounded by the Election 2012 results that saw the re-election of THE most radical BIG Government President in our History. As our Republic dies and democracy-mobocracy grows in America I reflect upon the America my father fought for in World War II.

My Dad, Joe Jacobs was a true “GI Joe.” At 17 he joined the US Navy and fought in the Pacific Theater from 1944-1945. As a kid I use to listen to him talk about what it was like to see the destruction Okinawa, Saipan and Tokyo and his love of P-51′s and B-29′s.

In the mid 1960′s in my neighborhood of Appleton, Wisconsin many times when the “baby boomer boys” would get done playing football we would share our Dad’s WWII stories. I didn’t get it then but our generation was birthed by an amazing generation of Freedom fighters and my Mid-West blue collar neighborhood was full of humble, hard working Audie Murphy’s . Those childhood stories planted in my heart an admiration for our Military, our “Angels of Liberty” who have liberated millions worldwide and preserve freedom in America. That admiration led me to dedicating my life to the teaching of American History at the High School and College level for the past 25 years.

Dare I say in this Lefty politically correct day and age that my Dad and my buddies Dad’s were or are “old white men.” It angers me to even have to say that but I have an angry point to make! I guess that makes me according to the Liberal label pundits an “angry old white man” too.

Since I teach History, Government and Current Events, I read and listen to a variety of News sources from ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC to FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, The Guardian etc. etc. The hackneyed, regurgitated, reiterated, hyper-stressed mantra, cliche and talking point by subjective TV reporters, journalists, pundits, political hacks and Lefty Obama worshiper media elites is that Conservative losers are: “angry old white men.” Romney, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partier’s are labeled as antiquated, religious, intolerant, narrow minded, uneducated, sexist, racist and homophobic dinosaurs or “caustic Caucasians” that need to get with the times because “they are a changing.”

They sure are. And not for the better.

“E pluribus unum” is the unofficial National motto which translates “out of many one.” When Lefty writers like Diane Roberts of The Guardian writes:”a few sprinkles of chocolate and carmel don’t change the over all flavour: Republicans are still vanilla” or when Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell call Romney and the Republican Party “angry old white men” their hypocrisy and double standard- double speak, speaks loud and clear:

The color blind “Freedom dream” of most of our Founders or for that matter Reverend Martin Luther King has become a nightmare of divisiveness, intolerance and the veneration of skin color, all but White. As radical feminism, pro death-abortion advocates, homosexual values, ethnic identification politics and university “other than Caucasian” studies explodes government programs at taxpayer expense to appease the promiscuous politically correct powers that be, Life and Liberty diminish and deny the very essence of the one word that made our Republic under God unique and exceptional in World History: Freedom!

Freedom pure and simple is the heart and soul of what being an American is all about.

But Freedom with moral responsibility before our Creator.

Liberals young and old who pride themselves as being tolerant have become militantly intolerant and “angry” at those individuals in America who desire to recapture the inward belief and practice of freedom with moral responsibility before our Creator.

Conservative Americans desire freedom from inane and insane charges of racism every time we voice our opinions on the millions of illegal aliens who violate our laws and demand a free education, entitlements and no ID to vote. Oops there goes my “Carmel” vote. Patriotic Americans are tired of being labeled as angry white men and racist when we analyze and critique our Commander and Chief or his bumbling UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Hypocritically when we critiqued Conservative Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice we were called bold and honest. No sexism or racism then.

Millions of Americans of both genders with many diverse heritages desire Freedom from a irresponsible spending BIG government gone wild off our backs and at our expense. Patriotic Americans want freedom from an unconstitutional Federal Reserve that prints bogus money that destroys the dollar and increasingly burdens working men and women in America with a pocket book that shrinks as government bureaucracies grow.

I could list a thousand examples of double standards and Janus faced double speak that reflect how absolutely Orwellian bizarre and crazy American society and culture has become in 2012. The problem not only emanates from the progressive secular humanistic Left but it has captured the thinking and rhetoric of many of our children, family, friends and church members.

The other night at my annual Thanksgiving Fire-pit evening with family and friends many within our company young and old alike repeated the Lefty Media rhetoric that “Republicans, conservatives and Tea Partiers need to find a way to reach out to Women, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and Asians to win them over to our side.” And this was expressed by many who voted for Romney. I realized then it is MUCH worse than I write about in my book MOBOCRACY. Much worse. Citizens are being duped and fooled by the culture around them and lack a historical and constitutional perspective to discern the Left’s manipulation, guilt trip and lies.

It was repeated by many that night “Come on Dad, come on Jake you are stuck in ancient times, times of eras gone by, times of Reagan, times of Lincoln, times of Washington.”

My response to them that night and will be until my last night on earth is:

“This Republic’s greatness, uniqueness and exceptionalism is the reality that we declare from a City upon a hill to the whole world in evangelistic form that all men and women are made in the image of God; thus we are equal and free! Nothing else matters.

Our gender, our color, our class or ethnic heritage is NOT relevant to that reality or to the dream and vision of our Founders. Therefore when we succumb to, cater to and cave into the politically correct societal peer pressure of BIG Media, BIG Government, BIG Entertainment and BIG Education we feed the monster of tyranny and suffocates the sacred flames of freedom’s fire!”

When we ignore, denigrate or deny the eternal and profound wisdom of “white men” like George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Samuel Adams, John Adams, James Madison, John Locke, William Blackstone, Samuel Rutherford, Alfred the Great, William Wilberforce et. al and we venerate the destructive philosophy other “white men” like Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Antonio Gramschi, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky, John Dewey, Bill Ayers we show how utterly STUPID it is to just as I did to label ideas with skin color. When Frederick Douglas, Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell speak truth it comes from within, from the source of all Truth: GOD.

THAT is the essence of Freedom NOT outward identification.

When the 56 “white” signers of the Declaration of Independence and the 55 “white” signers of our Constitution went to Harvard, Yale, William & Mary, Brown, etc. they studied Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish etc. through their studies they created a Constitutional Republic under God that was a product of great minds from Christian Western Civilization most of whom happen to be from European “Judeo-Christian & Greco-Roman” heritage. Their ideas are not better because they are “white,” European or “Caucasian”(I hate that racist term) their ideas are better because they are self evident TRUTHS that go back to Moses and Aristotle and ultimately GOD.

This is no longer being taught by BIG Education in America as BIG Government K-College schools have been taken over by secular humanists, progressives, socialists and cultural Marxists who have won the textbooks, indoctrinated the union teachers and inverted and perverted the Glory of the American Story!

I leave you were I started. With GI Joe and Appleton, Wisconsin.

1 mile from my home in Appleton is a memorial at Appleton West High School. It shows WWII US Navy veteran John Bradley an Appleton High School graduate raising the American Flag flag with 5 other men at Iwo Jima. Their story, our story is wonderfully told in the book Flags of our Fathers. 3 of the 6 Americans of that famous Iwo Jima picture never came home alive. While those brave Marines and Navy members of our Great Military come from backgrounds as diverse as Quebec, Canada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin, Jarbina, Slovakia and Gila River Indian Community in Arizona they symbolize and represent E pluribus unum “out of many one.” A oneness that sees not skin color or outward identification as the heart of Liberty but a oneness that understands that FREEDOM is the heart and soul, the life blood of the American Republic.

Americans! This is NOT hyperbole!

The Flag of our Republic is falling, the spirit of our Forefathers is calling. Who among us is willing and ready to carry the Flag of our Fathers and our Forefathers up to the top of that City upon a Hill?!

It will cost you dearly, you will be ridiculed, maligned, and called a fool. You may lose your fame, your fortune and your sacred honor but for the sacrifice and memory of Patriots before us and for the preservation of freedom for our children will you carry our Republic’s Flag once again?

By God’s Grace and Power we will be victorious! Amen.

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  1. PSUTOPGUN says:

    Jake: I was attempting to make this point to Republican leadership in an e-mail last night. They are reacting to their latest defeat by discussion of further compromise to bring MORE UNDER A LARGER TENT! Principles and Values are blind to skin color and these fools haven't figured that out yet. Great article. We are in it for the long haul …..failure is not an option.

  2. Charles17121 says:

    Jake you nailed it . I could not have said it better . My father fought with General George Patton in World War 2 . My father drove sherman tanks during the war . He had three blown out from under him . The guys that maned them called them Ronsons and the Germans called them tommy cookers because they had gasoline engines and when a round hit they went up in flames . Three of my brothers and myself like my dad served in the US military and are proud we did . We The People are facing a constitutional crises the likes of which this country has never seen . We The People have a fraud and usurper going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President and who is trying to destroy this constitutional republic .

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Charles,
      I too appreciate this Article, and it nice to see that we are not alone, many Americans are aware of what is going on. But congress and the people that suppose to protect the Constitution and our rights are not doing a very good job.

      If anything, these people such as Reid, that could easily impeach this fraud, does nothing to protect our country best interest. I believe that Reid is making too much money with dirty dealings to care of what happens to the rest of us.

      The fact is we have been sold out by the very people who are suppose to protect our rights as Americans. In couple of weeks America may have a financial collapse, and if that happens we will have the worst depression ever, worst then the 1929, thanks to this fraudster who has done nothing but bring this country down.

      When this socialist healthcare kicks-in, January 1, 2013, many people in the insurance business that are in bed with obama will rake in billions. I wonder if obama, Reid, Pelsoi, and the rest of his minions will get kick backs, I don’t trust any of these traitors.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Charles,
      I too appreciate this Article, and it nice to see that we are not alone, many Americans are aware of what is going on. But congress and the people that suppose to protect the Constitution and our rights are not doing a very good job.

      If anything, these people such as Reid, that could easily impeach this fraud, does nothing to protect our country best interest.

      The fact is we have been sold out by the very people who are suppose to protect our rights as Americans. In couple of weeks America may have a financial collapse, and if that happens we will have the worst depression ever, worst then the 1929, thanks to this fraudster who has done nothing but bring this country down.

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    I love and appreciate this article, spoken like a true patriot. This gentleman is correct in everything that he has written about. What ever happen to our freedom fighters? This new mentality of politically correct is killing our country.

    America is losing its’ freedoms because of so called politically correct lefties, un-Godly people. And many of these young people are too dumb to see it, they are not taught in school the history of our country and the vision of our Founding Fathers had.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda today if war broke out these stars in movies ,TV and sports would high tail it out to a country like rats to Switzerland.We'd have no Audie Murphys or Ted Williams and others heroes.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Between what Linda and Charles wrote there is not much more to say This was a great article aqnd the author dserves a lot of praise.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      This is a great article and it is nice to see real Americans speaking out on what is happening to our beloved country, you for got to add John Wayne to your list. John Wayne may have been a actor but he was a real Red Blooded American and handsome too.

      These new breed of so called Amerians, most of them comming from other parts of other countries have no Alliance to America, they come here with their coulters and do not adhere to the American way, many of them dress as if they were still back in where ever the hell they came from. There just here to takes jobs from Americans and not give a dam about our country and many them that are here hate us, and they used our resources.

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