The Fiscal Cliff: The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Barack Obama 6 SC The Fiscal Cliff: The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

The fiscal cliff draweth nigh. A lame-duck Congress and a triumphant President have six weeks to effect a deal that will keep the country from plunging over it. And right now, while both sides pay lip service to the idea of compromise, it looks like they’ll play chicken right up to the edge.

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama met with a bunch of left-wing labor leaders and social activists — all of whom were happy to take credit for his election victory. Afterward, the President doubled his demands for higher taxes. Instead of the $800 billion in additional tax increases that were on the table before the election, Obama now says he wants $1.6 trillion in additional revenue over the next decade.

Anyone who hoped we’d see a milder, more moderate occupant of the White House this time around just got a very loud wake-up message: It’s going to be war on the haves on behalf of the have-nots — and the bureaucrats who get to distribute the spoils, of course.

So, yes, we’re facing some pretty serious problems. Meanwhile, although Obama likes to say that he’s willing to compromise and that “all ideas are on the table,” there are a couple that he says absolutely won’t be considered. One is making significant cuts in spending on his favorite programs. The other is giving any sort of tax break to “millionaires and billionaires.”

Meanwhile, a majority of members of the House of Representatives have made a promise to their constituents not to vote for any tax increase. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, which created the no-tax pledge, reminds us that it has been signed by 271 members of the current Congress and 258 members of the one that will take office in January. The pledge promises that signers will “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses.”

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  1. this is such a joke on the american people…wtf up

    • Oh hell, Keester, they done took their “sleeping pills” and are sleeping at the wheel of our country! And they don’t WANT to wake up! It would be a waking nightmare if they woke up, and they’d have to face reality, for real, reality! They would rather “wake up” only long enough to watch their “reality shows” on tv! That is all the “reality” anyone wants to see, fake and prepared for them to enjoy, while REAL REALITY flashes by and ruins lives, their own as well as anyone elses! We will go over the cliff, while they are all still sleeping the sleep of the guilty bastards that they are, guilty of Selling our Nation to the ENEMY IN THE GREAT SEPTIC TANK OF DC! Anyone who voted for, or sat on their self righteous asses, or useless asses, are GUILTY OF SELLING US ALL OUT TO THE FILTHY mu SLIME IN OFFICE! Their hearts are as BLACK as sin, and they deserve whatever comes, and what is coming is going to hit them harder than it will the rest of us, because we are AWAKE AND AWARE OF WHAT IS COMING! SHAME does not even begin to describe what they should feel, I don’t beleive there IS a word for what they should feel……….but……I don’t beleive they are capable of feeling much of anything, unless it is the glee and joy of stealing from us, and MURDERING A NATION!!!! I wish them all the BAD LUCK THAT THERE IS TO WISH UPON SUCH BRAIN DEAD BASTARDS!!! And, BASTERDETTES! As wel!

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