The FDA – Your Tax Dollars At Work

FDA SC The FDA – Your Tax Dollars at Work

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

Then why do they show up unannounced with a SWAT Team at a small farm store? They put the husband and wife and about 10 kids in the living room at gun point. They took everything in the house and all the livestock and the store inventory. Read on if you care because it might happen to you.

In my opinion, and I can’t prove it, the Food and Drug Administration is the handmaiden of the large corporation and the huge pharmaceutical companies.

Why has the incidence of diabetes and asthma jumped dramatically in the last 25 years? It has been shown that a large percentage of these conditions go away when the kids are fed organic foods.

The FDA has done an excellent job in cleaning up the milk industry. 40 or 50 years ago, there were dirty dairies. Not any more. At the time, pasteurization was instituted, and it was necessary. But today, pasteurization is part of the big company mantra. Most people have no idea what it is.

In a very simple explanation, it processes the milk and kills many germs. Unfortunately, at the same time, it nullifies all the good bacteria and enzymes our bodies need. Organic unpasturized milk is exceptionally good for people, but our masters have made it almost impossible to get it.

Another personal example. One of my good friends said she is allergic to eggs. I gave her 2 of the organic eggs I buy. She now can eat eggs as long as they are not filled with the chemicals from the professional laying farms.

There is one thing I always do when investigating: FOLLOW THE MONEY. Why are they closing down these tiny farms and stores that are producing healthy foods? Pretty easy to see. Every one that is put out of business means more money at the big grocery stores for the companies that control the government agencies. Guess who? There is hardly any food today that does not contain some kind of chemical. Read the label.

In the case of live animal products, there is no way to show what the cows or chickens have been eating that may be passed on to the consumer.

It is OK if you don’t want to believe it. As you grow older, the body becomes more fragile; it is more important to feed it proper nutrition unhampered by substances that may be toxic. And that does not mean what the central government tells you. It requires common sense on your part.

This is a rather long but very informative YouTube video of what is happening to your food:

The stronger the central government becomes, the less control the people have over what they are allowed to eat.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    I have said for years and years that it is the poisons in the food that is giving people cancers of all types, and is causing the illnesses that we now see, and did not see before. There are chemicals in everything that is “processed” these days, done to death, “for our good health”. If food is clean, and grown in good and natural soil, the food is good. The milk that cows give is good, unless the government gets ahold of it, and as for dirty milk, all one has to do is know from whom they buy their natural milk, to make sure it’s clean. Eggs from farms are the best there are. My husband can’t eat store bought eggs, they give him stomach problems, fresh ones do not give him one problem. When the FDA says that this or that is “bad for you”, my only question for them is “ya, what did you put in it this time?” Trust not the government, they are trying, and suceeding in killing us all, slowly, with poisons. It is not guns that are killing Americans, it is our very own “caring, and thoughtful” government who is guilty of that! Lay the blame where it belongs, at the steps of the Capitol building, and at the feet of the so called “law” makers there. Murderers and traitors.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Be careful of products grown by "genetically altered" seeds. They have no research on the effect of these products on humans.
    They are attempting to close farms that refuse to use these seeds. They also refuse to place labels on products stating they are grown from genetically altered seeds.
    Ask questions.

  3. Ranchman says:

    FDA SWAT Teams?!? How much TYRANNY do the American people have to live under before we say ENOUGH to this!! How DARE these people point their guns at these children!!! When are those who are still asleep going to wake up and join the living? WHEN?!? I say the Patriots in this country respond to these tyrants the same way they act toward us!! How would they like it if we showed up at THEIR houses and put them and their families under OUR guns?!? I'd bet a hundred dollar bill right now that they wouldn't like it a bit! It's time to fight back, Americans, it's time!!!
    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  4. AND bo WANTS more Government!

  5. Many other countries have banned Soybeans for children who are 12 years old and younger.
    YET in the USA – the FDA has approved it
    AND soy is in Almost ALL processed foods – as well as other 'stuff'

    For those who 'think' soybean are ok to eat – Check out the Dangers & warnings of Soybeans.

    Remember the 70s & 80s when many young ladies hit puberty and 'developed' a lot more than they used to… What about the huge increase of young people developing Thyroid problems.
    – How many young boys are embarrassed to disrobe for PE because they have not developed much in the male way while some actually develop breasts, etc.
    – What about all the young kids who are autistic, slow learners, etc.
    The Majority of these Drank Soy Formula as infants and some continue to drink it.
    -Soy Formula has about the Same Estrogen as 6 Birth Control Pills…………
    – soybeans do Not affect everyone the same way – and that is probably why there has not been an uproar about it YET.

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