The EPA: Determined to Destroy our Economy

Frank York,

The House of Representatives, controlled to a large degree by economic and social conservatives, is doing everything it can to block the EPA from further destroying our economy and making it nearly impossible to exploit our abundant energy resources…We’re facing an energy catastrophe until there is regime change in 2012.

AOL’s Energy blogger Margaret Ryan lays out the depressing realities we face with a Democrat-controlled Senate and Obama in the White House.

Ryan notes:

Congressional deadlock means two game-changing Environmental Protection Agency rules are poised to take effect unless a court stops them or the White House weighs in.

The rules will cost electric utilities and their ratepayers billions.

These rules include the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) and the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

Ryan correctly states that the MACT rules will mean the shutdown of many smaller, older coal plants. Shutdowns will amount to the loss of between 30-70 gigawatts of “more than 300 coal-fired” plants. This one rule will cost the economy $10.9 billion annually. Some estimates are even higher.

In short, the EPA is creating an economic and energy nightmare on our nation, but….

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  1. We are being led down the rose strewn pathway of Communism. Listening to the Siren's Song that Obama sings so well. Get us out of the U.N. and get rid of the EPA. Neither serves a purpose for America, only for those who would destroy us.

  2. That agency needs to be put to sleep! We must stop feed the beast. I see no other way of stopping this runaway train.

  3. Daughter_of_Dust says:

    This administration and more especially the EPA has been given the reins of permission to systematically destroy this economy and it is being done 100,000 jobs at a time. The best way to get America working again is to develop our own natural resources. However, the mistaken notion that the entire country would be better off if indeed they were flung back into the 19th century minus oil, gas, and coal is a mindless goal supported by those who would crave all those natural resources for themselves while denying them to others, which would be the biggest mistake in history. In short, RED is the new GREEN; it's all about power and who gets to wear the crown of tyranny.

  4. The EPA is just one lane of many on the highway to Socialism. Eco-Socialists do not really care about the environment as much as they want to use it as an excuse to bring down Capitalism and take over the country. Socialism is their agenda and once they take over, the useful idiot environmentalists will all be taken out and shot. That is pretty much how Socialists have done it in the past. Don't be fooled! They are still using the same playbook!

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