The End of Voter Fraud…and America


The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines a pyrrhic victory as one which is achieved at excessive cost. It is costly to the point of negating or outweighing expected benefits. The word’s origin can be traced to a victory won by Greek King Pyrrhus over the Romans that was so costly that he ultimately won nothing.

In their dangerous flirtation with granting amnesty to millions and millions of Illegal aliens, House Republicans are heading for a pyrrhic victory that will bring them not only the death of their party, but the death of America as well. The list of those willing to bribe these House Republicans is long and impressive. It includes virtually every fast food restaurant chain and corporation that relies on cheap unskilled labor. Once the dam is broken by the corrupt Republicans they will be flushed with cash and smiling ear to ear. The photo ops will be plentiful. They will be lining up to have their pictures taken with Democrats and joining in at “fast track” citizenship swearing in ceremonies.

Nevertheless the festivities will last only until the polls close on the first election night after our “new Americans” are able to vote. The vacations disguised as “fact finding trips” will be taken by the Democrats who will no longer find it necessary to even report them. The corporations will have won their pyrrhic victory as well since their importation of “hands” will lead to a greatly diminished economy which will make selling their hamburgers quite difficult.

Since the economy will be dead, there will be no need for the legal services the freshly unemployed lawyers who were once Republican House members have to offer. The scarlet R on their foreheads will make life quite difficult.

The one bright spot in the flood of newly documented Democrats will be the end of voter fraud. The Democrats will no longer need to commit voter fraud because they will actually win fairly. There is no need for voter fraud when you win 75/25 after all.

The Whigs took longer to die than the Republicans will and no one remembers them. Soon no one will remember the Republicans either.

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    Obama's changes have serious consequences.

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