The Death Spiral Of Union Power Reflects The Problems Facing Obama

labor unions SC The death spiral of union power reflects the problems facing Obama

Over the past four decades,union membership in America has fallen from about 35% to single digits. It would be even lower if it were not for “agency shop” laws that force government employees to either join a union or suffer harassment. In most instances, workers cannot and will not be hired unless they agree to join a union.

Now after years of watching their dues go directly to liberal Democrats with little pretense of fairness toward other political ideas, workers have fled private industry unions and brought lawsuits against public employee unions to stop these scams. Some of these have had an effect.

While this year’s Gallup survey actually holds some good news for unions in that public approval of unions is up 4 points to 52%, that low level should be of little consolation to the Democrats’ self- avowed piggy banks. It represents a drop of ten points in the last ten years.

Small union membership means smaller union donations to Democrats.

In just the 18 months, from January 2011 to June 2012, unions sent Democrats 20% fewer dollars compared to past cycles. The $10 million Wisconsin unions spent and the untold millions that were spent for them by Democrat PACs in June’s failed attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker were a waste of time, money, and good will toward unions. That drain on union war chests has created funding problems for Barack Obama and down ballot Democrats.

In Texas Hold’em terms, in this election cycle, America’s unions are being forced to go “all in.” They must bet the mortgage money that they can help Obama win, help Harry Reid hold the Senate, and help Nancy Pelosi regain the Speakership of the House. This is clearly an attempt to draw an “inside straight” that doesn’t look to be attainable.

A professor of Industrial Relations summed up the unions’ situation by saying: “This is in many ways the last gasp of the labor movement politically. The irony is that they need a victory by the White House and the Democrats to rebound, but on the other hand, because they’re so slim on resources and energies, and their public image is so tarnished, they’re limited in what they can do.”

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