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Enough with the moral indignation. I am not voting for president, plain and simple.

Whenever I mention my stance on voting, many of my fellow Christians are taken aback – horrified. I typically get a knee-jerk response along the lines of, “When good people don’t vote, evil triumphs.” As a Christian who believes in God’s word, I can dismiss such comments out of hand. Evil exists, that is true, but my vote will not bind Satan in chains. To believe otherwise – to believe one’s vote holds that power – is to suffer from pride. And pride – the fatal conceit – is a chief cause of our current condition.

The next argument I hear addresses my supposed duty to vote for a president – and the implied duty to vote for the Republican candidate, of course. But no such Christian duty exists. Certainly there are times when a Christian may be called upon to cast a vote, such as during the election of elders and deacons. However, in these instances, the Bible enumerates specific qualities required in candidates who stand for church election – without any mention of a license to resort to the lesser of evils should no qualified candidate be found.

For those who feel duty-bound to vote for the lesser of evils, consider this: good Christians voted for Hitler (1). That’s right, good Christians in Germany heard the argument and acknowledged their supposed duty by voting for that vile man, all based on the belief that he was the least of all evils on the ballot and therefore the best candidate. And I assume they regretted their votes. Or maybe not.

It is interesting to hear fellow Christians justify their past votes, all in a counterfactual, what-if manner. “Sure I voted for Bush, but he was less evil than Gore or Kerry would have been had they been elected. And yes, I voted for Bush Sr. and Dole, since, had they been elected, both would have been less evil than Clinton was. Oh, and as far as McCain, isn’t Obama evil incarnate and McCain his obvious lesser?” Are those justifications true? We will never know.

Nevertheless, as those justifications are unfalsifiable, they allow the voter to sleep well at night. But were similar justifications able to calm the nights of German Christians who voted in the early 1930’s? I wonder.

It is true the Communists have thus far murdered more than the Nazis and associated Fascists (as if some real distinction exists between those three ideological brethren), so one could argue (after the fact) that Hitler, in spite of all his wickedness, was the lesser evil on the ballot. And a vote for him was therefore justified. But the stain of voting from Hitler would be something I could never wash away – could you?

Sure, I could “hold my nose” as some like to say and vote. However, I could never escape the fact that I gave my “yes” to a candidate who has stated that he will violate my morals and ethics. If my “yes” is to be a “yes,” as it should be, I could never walk away from the evils committed by my candidate, should he be elected. Especially given that I recognized his intentions before casting my vote.

There is no biblical justification for a qualified “yes.” There are yes’s and no’s, and nothing else.

Now, if a truly good man was on the ballot, such as the one who ran in my state primary (Ron Paul), I would have no issue with voting – as I had no issue with voting in the spring. However, when faced with a lesser of evils option, I will make my “no” a “no” and vote for none. And I will let evil takes its course and reap its eternal penalty (2)

And I hope that you, dear reader, after consideration, do likewise.


(1) I make no attempt to validate Godwin’s law with this article. It is historical fact that must be considered.

(2) All the while working Isaiah’s Job, of course.


Jim Fedako [send him mail] is a business analyst and homeschooling father of seven who lives in Lewis Center, OH.

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  1. Patriot Lady says:

    If other christians do as you are urging them to do, to stay home and not vote, then you will only have yourselves to thank when communism floods our country during the next 4 years. People who see the dike breaking reach for any brick or stone or clay or mortor to stem the tide long enough until they can get the hole permanently fixed. They don't say "I don't like this brick so I'm not going to use it. I'm going to just let the dike break and say good luck to all of you in it's path". We are not asking you to give your life for liberty, others are doing that already. We're just asking you to stand up and help stem the tide long enough for us to get our country back onto a godly, freedom-loving path. You can wring your hands all day long but it won't count for anything without something to back it up. This was written by an American Patriot who WILL be voting in order to help stem the tide of communism/marxism.

    • Communism has already flooded our country. It has caused homosexuality to become legal, as well as bestiality, and is causing millions of babies to be murdered, I could go on and on….

  2. I can see where this is coming from, I have never missed voting in a presidential election. When I look back, I know i voted for the lesser of two evils, even though each of them claimed to be Christian. This time I am taking much more care in voting. At last I can see it is wrong to vote for the lesser of two evils. How can I vote for one who will not accept JESUS CHRIST AS "THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD", one that tosses parts of the WORD out, that they do not choose to follow, as in The Sermon On The Mount," which is large slice of JESUS WORDS, words that HE spoke. Then, there is marriage in heaven that they teach, which the WORD says will not happen. The alternative, Obama is absolutely not a choice.

    Can I vote for the lesser of two evils?? I do not think so and I believe that those who do not vote for this reason will be taken care of by GOD.

    • Who are you to judge another and decide what others should believe? You know next to nothing about the Bible and it appears even less about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The one you say doesnot believe in Jesus Christ, who are you to judge him? Jesus Christ is the only One Who can Judge him, not you, you are just a mere mortal. Do you even believe that Jesus Christ is The Only Begotten Son, do you really believe in Him? You are just another one of those who says, 'Do as I say and Not As I do.'

      This is the same response I sent to the author of the above article, so I say it to you:

      Then you and all those that you inspire will have helped reelect obama. And you and your 'friends' failure to participate in this very important election, you (collectively) will be held responsible (maybe not here on earth, but in the hereafter) for all the evil that obama puts upon the American people, if he is reelected. You and all those who follow you will be partically responsible along with obama for the pain and suffering he wrecks upon the country.

      I hope you will be able to sleep at night after the election.

  3. Whoever you are, I'd stay my butt home too. Otherwise you'd be most likely to put your mark down for the known socialist/commie already in office, which you'd be doing even if your mark went for Paul or Johnson. Stay home, and hopefully with the rest of real Americans out here, we can get the republican in office, and maintain our freedom to vote next election. With people's like yours help, who would keep Obama in, you could soon kiss that wish goodbye.

  4. ONLY the dumocruds should stay home!! They aren't smart enough to vote!!

  5. Well, here is where we differ. Ron Paul? Seriously? He has the worst stance on Israel of all the other "lesser evils". He would cut them off. Yeah, that's a real Christian stance, isn't it? He's FOR legalizing drugs….and some other way-out there ideas. Sorry, you had me going along with some of your thinking right up to that point……and after thinking about it, I beleive Jesus would want us to take a stand……at least the Republicans still acknowledge that God is God. And they are still against those things that we are vilifying the dems for….no, Jim, you're wrong on this one….better pray about this a while longer.

  6. Ron Paul is not the best man for this country. He would have us in such a weakened state that any despot would not hesitate to wage war on us. Mitt Romney is NOT the lesser of two evils. Mitt is a God-fearing and decent man whose life story attests to his humbleness and generosity as a person. His business success is exemplary and he knows who he is. Hitler (as an example) was a neglected and needy lunatic who vented his sorrows on a class of people who were not responsible for his deprivation. At the present time, given our deplorable financial situation, this country needs a man with Romney's experience. Paul Ryan is a suitable complement to Romney's capability.

  7. A continued reply to Fedako: mitt can make the touch decisions that are needed to save our Nation from ruin. His analytical mind (with the capable staff he will employ) will make the decisions necessary to tackle the debt, economy, and unemployment problem. PLEASE, read up on Mitt's life and accomplishments; his compassion as an elder in his church, and his service to neighbors and friends. His family is without scandal (and his life history is verifiable, which is more than can be said of our current WH occupant). The Nov. election is a life-or-death decision for America. Every vote to save her counts, and Ron Paul would be the first one to INSIST you vote for Romney. He wants America to thrive and for her children and generations to come to continue to live in freedom and liberty. What a blessing we have in this country! Be a part of it. Vote!

  8. you are displaying a high level of ignorance. Obama is evil.. a decision to sit out and not participate is a vote for the devil.

  9. I agree with ric, you are indeed displaying a “high level of ignorance”. God will not come down from heaven and save us by His mighty hand, He requires us to DO OUR PART! I have NEVER read such a load of drivel in my entire life, from a “christian” no less! What, you expect God to fix it for us? We are the ones who made this mess, and He expects us to at least try, try to straighten our own mess up, if nothing else, to give Him a reason to once again bless this nation of ours! And your Ron Paul? No. He has not said whom he will vote for, leaving his ardent, and diehard followers hanging in the wind, expecting them to “write his name” in, thus, GIVING the election back to the WICKED AND EVIL HANDS THAT ARE NOW TURNING A ONCE CHRISTIAN FOUNDED NATION INTO A HEATHENISTC HELLHOLE! With attitudes like yours, we face a future of worse woes than the Germans did at the hands of the Nazis!! Anyone who behaves and speaks as you have just done should go find a closet, and get on your FACE and BEG GOD TO OPEN YOUR BLIND EYES! “there is none so blind, as he who WILL NOT SEE” and you are a perfect example of ONE WHO REFUSES TO OPEN HIS EYES AND SEE THE TRUTH WHEN IT IS STARING RIGHT INTO YOUR DELIBERATELY CLOSED EYES! Get off you rearend, and help us SAVE OUR NATION FROM THE EVIL THAT HAS INVADED IT! “christian nonvoter”? No. christian COWARD! no wonder I want nothing to do with your kind, they disgust me with their pansy arssed attitudes and self righteous behavior. “oh, not me Lord, let someone else do it”. Seems to me that the man who was swallowed by a whale said those same words! When God told him to go to Ninavah and do His work…………”oh,not me Lord”………yep, let someone else do what is my own responsibility! you coward!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not about how “godly” you are, this is about your cowardly heart.

  10. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I question where is the standard "these are not the beliefs of …." that preceded all other commentaries. So then is this the stance Floyd takes?

    Romney is not the lesser of two evils. Neither is Oblameo. There is no love between me and oblameo, but I don't think he's "evil". He has his own part to play in God's grand scheme.
    Both profess to have a love of God as they see him in their own ways.
    This is not a choice between the lesser of two evils, it is a choice between Judeo-Christian beliefs and Islamic muslim beliefs.
    Which you wish to be ruled by is what you are really voting on this year.

  11. As stewards of this republic (not theocracy!), we are called upon every four years to intelligently select a man (maybe one day woman) to call the shots that will affect all of us. Since I am not running, and I am the only one whose heart I know as fully as I can know a heart, I will have to make a studied, measured decision about my vote. 32 years ago, I was a new Christian and had to choose between an evangelical Christian and a non-church-going man whose wife adhered to astrology. After studying, praying, and talking to those I trusted, I trembled as I voted for the man who did not go to church and who had a wife who consulted with fortune tellers. In my gut I felt he was God's choice. It made no sense spiritually, but I saw that the believer in this election 32 years ago was not leading this great nation in a safe, wise, or prosperous manner. In my heart, I hoped against hope that my study and gut level sense of direction was correct. And, now, as I look back, I thank God that Ronald Reagan won not only my vote but the majority of the rest of America as well, and that my brother in Christ, Jimmy Carter, retired from the presidency.

  12. I agree and I have this same debate at times, except as a agnostic. A vote for the lesser of 2 evils is still a vote for evil. Participating in evil is a validation of evil.
    Either way you look at it, whatever perspective, it will not matter any how as this whole process is rigged from start to finish to deliver you 2 candidates from 2 parties, both of whom are vetted or as in Obama's case, white washed for us. We get the scum bag of their choosing. The process is contaminated.
    The only true path of a patriot in such conditions is to water the tree of liberty.

  13. As Christians we are on the world, and yet not of it, and yet we are our brother's keeper! If anyone of you see you brother in need and refuse to help, then you are a sinner to paraphrase our Lord.
    Voting and politics is just another activity of that we as human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, are called to participate in. Just like eating, drinking, resting, learning and working. We cannot deny our human nature (perfected) , since it is the way God wanted us to be. He made us this way. Have you ever noticed how there is politics in every realm of human endeavor-your work, the university, the school, your coffee klatch club, your football team, your sports league? We are called to be leaven in society, not ostriches who bury their heads in the sand when all hell is breaking loose around them. We are not to bury our talents in the earth like the unfaithful servant in the parable of the talents. We are not to fear the world because through Christ Jesus we have overcome it with all its imperfections and fallenness. God is Justice. It is an unjustice to not help the weakest among us, like the preborn and to stand up for children in the protective institution ordained by God for the passing on of the faith and all that is good, true and beautiful,- the family! Ultimately, you heve little love for God or your fellow man when you refuse to struggle and work for true justice in your society. Voting is just one part of our communal life which we should do in order to love our neighbor. In other societies, like in China, Christians can't directly influence the political process to help bring a more just society.
    Also, God ordinarily wants to use human beings to accomplish His will. Have you seen Him directly intervene to stop robbers and criminals from committing crimes? Has He visited fire from heaven on all the abortion mills? Instead we have policemen, firemen and peaceful prolife presence and political action. So should we not have firemen or policemen? Your position is very close to the Muslim attitude towards life. The Muslim soldier says, "Why should I practice shooting the gun to improve my accuracy, since it lies all in Allah's will whether or not the bullet hits the enemy." Would you say that if it's God's will that legalized abortion be stopped, then He will stop it by fire from heaven? Meanwhile you will be selfish and bury your talents in the soil and not lift a finger by voting to help bring about justice for the weakest. I pray you will reject this non-Christian attitude.

  14. Thank you for writing this piece. I too am convicted that I should not vote in this election. I feel as if my choices are Satan or Lucifer. Who do I want in office. Neither! I am patiently waiting for Jesus' kingdom to come. In the meantime I will not play devil's advocate or compromise my biblical beliefs and vote either one of these demons into office. God is in control, and His will will be done. With or without me. He will put into office who He deems necessary to fulfill His plans. I have no doubt. In the meantime, I will give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's.

  15. By the way, God says "Come out of her my people." And unless we become like little babes, we will not see the kingdom of heaven. I am putting my full faith and trust in Him only. And whoever gets into this worldly office will not effect my spiritual life.

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