The Chicago Way: Coach Axelrod In 2004

David Axelrod SC The Chicago Way: Coach Axelrod in 2004

Growing up, we are all told after losing a game that it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that matters.

On Obama’s football field in 2004, Coach David Axelrod had a slightly different take on this aphorism: winning is the only thing that matters, even if you have to cheat.

In the beginning of March 2004 with Obama running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois (and with the national Democrat party already on board), Obama was a shoe in for the democratic nomination.

Obama easily won against his Democratic rivals in the primary, but the Republican candidate Jack Ryan was a different matter all together.

Polls showed that the race was tight. On a normal American football field, the coach would have told his team to play their best. But this was not a normal football field. This was Chicago, and Coach Axelrod was calling the shots.

Axelrod contacted his minions at the Chicago Tribune to file a lawsuit to get Ryan’s divorce records unsealed in order to expose what he already knew was in there: that his wife had made some outlandish accusations against her husband (he had forced her to go to sex clubs and perform sex in public.) His wife, Jeri, had admitted that she had made these claims in order to gain custody of their child and agreed with her ex-husband that the records should be kept sealed, so as to not cause damage to the small child.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign had been sending out mass emails to reporters about the “hidden” divorce records without specifying what was in them, even though they had full knowledge what the records contained.

On March 29, 2004, a judge in Los Angeles (Robert Schnider) then deemed that the records should be unsealed, but that only items that would not be damaging to the child should be released, and appointed an “objective” referee. This unnamed referee, on April 4, then released virtually everything, without regard to the child’s well-being.

Within four days, Ryan’s campaign imploded. Obama was licking his chops in private, but he was widely quoted as saying that he felt sorry for what Ryan was going through.

The replacement for Ryan, Alan Keyes, having little time to prepare and with the entire Democrat machine by this time behind Obama (our friend in the Mainstream Media George Stephanopoulos was already on board by this point) foundered until election day.

On July 27, 2004, Obama gave his now-famous DNC keynote speech—basically the DNC red carpet was laid for a 2008 run at the White House—and in November, Obama won the U.S. Senate race in a landslide.

With Coach Axelrod in charge in 2004 and with only a smattering of the media on board, one wonders, with the entire Democrat Party and mainstream media behind him, what Team Obama in 2008 was engaged in…

We now know Obama crony Eric Whitaker tried to slip $150,000  in hush money into Jeremiah Wright’s pocket in 2008 to keep him quiet. We know the Obama campaign was involved in massive voter fraud. But what else is there to uncover?

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