The Case For Getting Government Out Of Marriage

I hear lot’s of talk about “Oh, we should legalize gay marriage here and there.” But, we have to ask though, by asking for the government to allow something that the government shouldn’t have a role in, is it making it free? Does it truly grant a freedom, or does it just then become government sponsored?

I think there are a lot of people that would agree with me that by simply getting the government (local, state, and federal) out of marriage totally, then people would be happy, and people would be free to do as they please. Government doesn’t have any right to really be in the business of telling certain groups who can do what. But, by having them “legalize” something, you allow them to further come in and do more harm than good.

Perhaps I can point out a few things that will help people see that there’s a case for this:

  • You limit government power: Governmental power has risen too much, and we’ve come to a point where that power now threatens what little freedoms we truly have left. But, by getting the government out of marriages, you return that power to the people, where it should have originally stayed with. Simply legalizing it gives them more power, which the government will accept without another word.
  • People can marry as they please: When you take the government out of marriage, what happens? People are free to marry who they want. Liberty happens really. Does it mean some will marry more than one person? Sure, but again, I will ask, why should the government have a say in that too?
  • Religious institutions aren’t harmed in any way: By getting the government out of marriages, you also help to protect religious institutions, who are threatened or now forced by law to perform marriages that go against their views. By removing government, these religious institutions have the ability to simply do as they please. If they wanna go ahead and perform weddings for gay or so on couples, then fine by them. If some don’t wish to, no harm to them. They can simply do as they please, and at the end of the day, everyone is happy.
  • Businesses aren’t negatively effected: A baker who doesn’t wish to bake a cake for a gay couple because she doesn’t support gay marriage shouldn’t be forced to do it by the state. That’s coercion, and it negatively effects the side it’s supposedly helping. It’s often written into these laws that businesses have to do things, otherwise it goes against the law. I also understand this falls under anti-discrimination laws too, but that’s for a post another day.
  • Taxes can go down actually: Taxes help to pay for the government, and everything it does. By getting the government out of marriage, you lighten the tax burden on you, because the government no longer has anything to do in that sector. While I still doubt politicians would lower taxes willingly (hey Harry), by getting the government out of things it shouldn’t be involved in, you lighten the tax burden on not just yourself, but everyone, and who doesn’t love keeping more of their money?
  • People can be happy: When the government is involved in an issue, one side seems to be happy with their stance, while the other hates it and demands change. But, by getting the government out, you can please both sides. Traditional marriage will still be preserved, but people will still be able to marry as they please. In the end, people are free to do as they please.
  • Politicians: Let’s face it, name me a politician who doesn’t want the government to have more power (besides the actual tiny few who wish to limit government power). That’s right, because the nature of power is corrupting. They say one thing in the campaign season, then sort of turn on you when they serve. It goes for BOTH sides, so I don’t want to hear “Oh, those evil Republicans” or any “Those stupid Democrats.” Both sides have people who wish to give the government more power. It’s the small few though that are rising up and saying “Why don’t we limit it like we say we’re gonna?”, then they actually try. When marriage is involved, they’ll use it as an opportunity to make the government more powerful and coercive than it was before.

These are just a few of the points, but they do hold a compelling argument. An argument that I wish I heard more of, but for now, I simply ask you to read this over, think it over, and possibly join the bandwagon of people who simply want to reign in the government a bit, and let people have the freedom to marry as they please.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think the Russian government has a bettter view on marriage not like Bath House Barry and the democrap liberals.Muslims have the right idea on solving the fudge packing problem

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Get the government out of marriage! I wants my own harem of 7 wives!

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