The Astronomical Cost Of The Obamacare Website Will Make You Sick (And It’s Still Growing)

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Congressional auditors have reported that the Obamacare website cost is now approaching a billion dollars. According to the Government Accountability Office, the cost of the website so far sits at $840 million.

The original estimated cost for the Obamacare website sat at 93 million dollars before the program experienced huge cost increases.

The increase in price for the website has come despite Accenture (PLC) stepping in to work on the website after its initial problems. Originally, the website development was in the hands of CGI Group of Montreal; but the cost overruns led the government to opt for Accenture. CGI didn’t face significant punishment from the government, as it cost them only $267,000 of their fees.

The GAO report details the management, oversight, and contracting problems that caused trouble throughout the process for the website.

William Woods, a GAO official, warned that if management doesn’t improve, “significant risks remain that upcoming open enrollment periods could encounter challenges.”

Fred Upton, a Michigan Congressman, declared that “hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on an exchange that is still not ready for prime time.”

Have the Obamacare website costs stabilized at $840 million? Or will American taxpayers see increased costs yet again, possibly pushing the total cost over a billion dollars?


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Photo credit: Ken Durden /

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  1. Take it out of the bloated salaries of HHS and the IRS and then dissolved both of these worthless bureaucracies (and take the EPA while you're at it).

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You forgot to include letting the Obuttholes pay for all their vacations and let him pay for using Air Force 1 as a taxi cab for fund raising.Your right about the EPA and not knowing how many work there but getting rid of them would save a buck also don't pay for the UN the most corrupt org. going.

  2. Did OB undergo intelligence, psychological, honesty, backgraound, skills and competence tests? I think this should be enforced on every person who enters poly-tics, the game of multiple blood sucking. How can a jumped up joker tell Israel how to defend their existence against his camarades?

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