The Appeal Of RINO Hypocrites At Party Headquarters—irresistible!

Republican Elephant 2 SC The appeal of RINO hypocrites at Party headquarters—irresistible!

The hypocrites in the Republican Party of Florida are rolling out the snail mail appeals again “to get everyone back on board.”  I sat for a week at the Congressman Allen West debacle in November to watch disappointed Bill Paterson, Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee in St. Lucie County, keep checking his phone calls and Emails.  Are they coming?  Are they on the way yet?  As he said “no” over and over throughout the long sad week, I saw him shrinking from lack of support from the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) and the attorneys supposedly on their way from Tallahassee (Tally) to oversee the West recount. Nothing! Not one show of support for our brave Colonel West, the only unabashedly vocal spokesman of conservative values in the US House!

I stood in the audience at newly elected Governor Rick Scott’s inaugural celebration when he told conservatives: “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be standing up here now.” “Thank you so much!”  I saw NO members of the RPOF or Republican state lawmakers.   Someone said there was “one around”; but if so, he was certainly not on stage with the Governor.

Scott is drawing $1.00 in annual salary.  He paid for his own campaign. NO help from the Republican Party.  Now get this: “To help the Governor and other Republican candidates defend themselves from the Democrat attack machine, we can’t wait until next January to begin,” says Lenny Curry, State Chairman, RPOF.  Through Curry, the Party hopes to take credit for all Governor Scott is doing, mainly by himself and CERTAINLY without their help!  Curry says, “Thanks to Governor Scott, our Republican State Cabinet, and our Republican legislature, Florida’s success in creating new jobs and enticing businesses to relocate here has made our state the envy of the nation.”  Noteworthy here is the fact that I have seen NO action from the RPOF in St. Lucie County to counter those attacks on the Governor by the liberal-progressives from the Treasure Coast.  In fact, when a typically left-leaning Scripps editorialist called Governor Scott a “LOUT,” I stood alone in calling the man and blasting him. Where was the RPOF?

One eminently qualified, retired, conservative Army colonel from Stuart made a run at RINO Congressman Gayle Harrell’s seat in a primary battle.  The RPOF told the Colonel they would have to deny him funding as they only support incumbents in primaries.  Apparently, this is to reassure the RINO, insider voting base that it needn’t worry; that is, that new blood will be locked out and conservative voices remain unheard!   The Colonel lost his primary bid and didn’t run again.

This is just what the insider cabal in Tallahassee want– same old, same old. Republican Representative Scott Plakon, then head of the House Energy committee, ignored appeals from those of us trying to block the roll out of Obama’s smart meters in Florida.  The congressman had time to appear on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and to beg me for donations, but he couldn’t respond to even one of my many letters or to the questions I posed in a 50 page report—a report which HE asked me to DO!

No thanks, Lenny Curry.  Your vapid “We need you now more than ever before” appeal has fallen on deaf ears.  I did however retrieve your last unopened request for campaign contributions from my garbage can. You will find my response just as powerful as the odor.

And that’s where the rest of your stuff is going.  When the spirit moves me, I’ll donate directly to each candidate’s campaign, right at their campaign headquarters from now on.  Tally doesn’t rally for me.

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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