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Time To Wake Up

The problem in this nation does not lie with a political party. It lies with the neglect of the average citizen. The average person in this country is so busy chasing the America Dream that he has fallen short of doing his part in protecting the American Dream.

If America is becoming oppressed, it is because the average American is living his life so far in his own American Dream that he has made no time to get educated on the history of this nation, the government of this nation, or even the Constitution of this nation.

The average American has not a clue as to what even makes up our government, much less how it is run or supposed to be run. He goes along believing that it is the job of whom we vote into Congress and the office of the presidency to take care of this country. And in the meantime, he complains that most if not all who are in these positions are incompetent, liars, and thieves. But he goes along his merry way, never thinking that perhaps he should think a little less about himself and a little more about his country.

If you want this nation to be better, go out and purchase a box of matches. Begin by lighting a huge fire under your own rear end. Do a self-evaluation, and make a self-goal of change; then get educated, get involved, and get praying to the One who made you.

Debra J.M. Smith 08-30-12

Photo credit: Roger Smith (Creative Commons)

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