The 2 Most Offensive Words In America Today…

Obama A New Era Of Responsibility SC The 2 Most Offensive Words in America Today...

“Accountability” and “Responsibility”

Here’s fifteen safeguards to prevent an immoral, unethical, and unsustainable standard of living (that continue to go unheeded in our day).

~ Don’t spend what you don’t have
~ Don’t demand what you haven’t earned
~ Don’t take what you won’t give
~ Don’t promise what you can’t deliver
~ Don’t say what you don’t mean
~ Don’t seek what you can’t have
~ Don’t sow what you won’t reap
~ Don’t trust what is not tried
~ Don’t sacrifice neighbor for self
~ Don’t envy the lot of another
~ Don’t despise what has been ordained
~ Don’t expect others to clean your mess
~ Don’t insist others pardon your offenses
~ Don’t be overcome by your own passions
~ Don’t be quick to place your faith in a path of least resistance

Regardless of the varied perceptions, Conservatism in its purest form advocates the need for careful restraint in all areas of life for the individual and society as a whole.

Meanwhile, Liberalism is often identified as encompassing tolerance and forgiveness.

The conservative sees the value in learning from mistakes and facing natural consequences, while the liberal promotes the need for second chances (i.e. fixing mistakes or altering outcomes).

In a worst case scenario, the liberal may resort to radical social upheaval (and even apply deceptive manipulations) to advance a form of ‘equality’ that relies on resource distribution, equal results, emotional justifications, personal gratifications, temporary resolutions, arbitrary absolutes, experimental philosophies, and fluctuating priorities.

Liberalism invites bad choices and provides ‘solutions’ that merely invite and often ensure more bad choices in the future.

When we compromise with a liberal, we compromise our future. Thus, here we are…..

We’ve sacrificed the future for the present, and the future is upon us.


* This commentary is dedicated to Russ Johnson – May The Lord strengthen you in your time of mourning.
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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obarry has a serious credibility issue with the American people, Obisexual has broken every one of the 10 commandments.
    (1 example) Due to unanswered questions surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi almost a year ago. Bottom line is there’s a need for accountability and trust-building from Obraggart. These issues call into question the accountability of Oba-ba-looey’s commitment to the personnel on the ground, and the judgment that Obobble-head uses when making these determinations.
    The American people deserve answers before they move forward talking about military involvement in Syria. Is the power of the executive branch so intoxicating that you would abandon caution in favor for pulling the trigger on a military response so quickly? THEN LET THE UN POLICE THIS INTERNATIONAL ISSUE, NOT US)
    Where do the Democrats breed monsters like Kerry who lie whenever their mouths are open and never answer a question with any kind of an answer!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      MuslimLuvChrist he wouldn't know one commandment from another and as far as Benghazi goes Oba-ba looey doesn't want the truth to come out because it would hurt Hitlary presidential bid and put him into impeachment.

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