Thank You, Chief Coward Roberts

487px File Official roberts CJ cropped Thank you, Chief Coward Roberts

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Chief Justice John Roberts for assisting the Obama regime in placing another nail in America’s coffin. Not only did he agree with the liberal communists; he gave them an out by stating that the individual mandate was a TAX rather than something that could be controlled through the commerce clause. The Obama regime had stated from the onset of this Constitution-killing legislation that the mandate was not a tax.

All this was ompounded by the fact that Justice Elena Kagen was Obama’s solicitor general (and while working in that capacity was working on a defense for the Constitutionality of Obamacare.) Ultimately, Kagen refused to recuse herself from the proceedings, and Roberts never pressed the issue.

Then we have Justice Roberts’ refusal to hear anything regarding Obama’s eligibility to be President, as characterized by a comment made by Justice Thomas stating that they were avoiding that issue.

Chief Justice Roberts and the majority of the Supreme Court have sold out the American people and have ultimately set fire to the US Constitution. They are nothing more than the latest group of spineless cowards to cave in to the Obama regime. Thank you again, Chief Justice Roberts; you helped America die just a little bit more today. My fellow Americans, please stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings. It’s gonna get dicey from here.

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  1. Kagan and Roberts are SORRY Americans. Both Turncoats. America can do without them.

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    NO! Chief Justice was brilliant — go read other entries per the video — you have not understood the decision. Obama is toast and he knows it This healthcare exercise was just that, an exercise — to see where the swing Judge Kennedy was going to go — the Liberals were afraid of a split vote and that there would be no vote on Obamacare legislation — this thing was strictly a test and Roberts knew it. He picked up on the slip of the defense attorneys — courageously using that slip on the word "tax" as a basis for the opinion. Roberts punted this hot potato back to Congress to dispose of this legislation AND to, seemingly, dispose of it permanently. How so? Because by deciding that this thing is a tax, Congress can legislate against it. The best part of the decision is that Liberals cannot come back and cite the 10th Amendment, nor come back and claim the mandate is subject to a penalty. The whole thing would be tossed out on Res Judicata — Meanwhile, every state should pass legislation to prevent any penalty or tax regarding health care mandates..

    • Prestor John says:

      So if what you are saying is true, and its a tax on the american people, why didn't he just say it is not constitutional to force americans to buy something, calling it a tax, and kill it now. Why bother sending it back to congress.

      • Not fooled in Nevada says:

        because Roberts basically reframed this pitiful piece of legislation and was the reason why the Republicans did not challenge it in the main and let it pass through — Roberts, by virtue of reframing via the defense attorney's slip in its argument, was able to shut any possibility of a re-try on a 10th amendment defense, even if it were presented as a penalty and obviously, not as a tax. The strong dissenting opinion tells Libs in Congress to never, ever think a penalty based mandate could pass muster and the typically swing decider vote,ie. Kennedy, was the point..and that's why Kennedy was directed to be the dissenter opinion writer. The Libs are toast on this O'shitocare — the more it is explained to the idiots the Libs depend on to get elected, the sooner O'Shama is booted (off the continent, hopefully, taking Pelosi et al with him..) The major point to this exercise is for the legitimate voting public to do its job and freaking VOTE EVERY DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE!! And, HARRY REID MUST BE RECALLED!

    • Agreed!

  3. Prestor John says:

    Does the term Benedict Arnold mean anything to anyone? This guy is a traitor.

  4. defender3 says:

    It is a stretch of the immagination to suggest that Roberts intent was to throw this issue back to Congress as a tax so that they could do away with it. With Republican's McCain type soft election stratgey we are destined to lose the presidential election again against Obama, as well as the House and not make enough gains in the Senate. You do not play nice with the Manchurian President and his minions. Chief Justice Robert joined the rank of to many cowardly Republicans who do nothing to preserve this great country!

  5. Roberts can't be well! The man is sick.

  6. Chief Justice Roberts turned the table on Obama by declaring the AHA a tax. That is the last thing the Dems wanted it to be called. Dems dont like the "tax and spend" label. In my opinion, Chief Justice Roberts did what was obvious to nail the death of Obama Care and this administration. I still would like to see a single-payer-universal-health-care plan system like the military and government employees use, but not something that benefits the insurance/banking industry that Obama/Pelosi/Reid railroaded through congress.

    • As Obama likes to say "It was the right thing to do."

      You guys need to remember that any opposition to Obama's policy and the Dems will scream racism.

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