Texas Wins Huge Victory Over Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood SC Texas Wins Huge Victory over Planned Parenthood

Finally, a court that stands up for a right that isn’t the right to rip babies apart with other people’s money. The Fifth Circuit court essentially told the abortion giant Planned Parenthood to shut their whining gobs and that Texas has a right to not fund them.

This victory is being called a “roadmap” for any state that wants to defund Planned Parenthood. A lot of states have tried. Texas did it. This is a very bad day for Planned Parenthood. And a bad day for Planned Parenthood is a good day for babies.

Texas stood up to the bully who nobody thought could be beat. This is like when Rocky Balboa made Dolph Lundgren bleed for the first time and everyone was all like “Oh my gosh the seemingly indomitable Swedish looking Russian dude isn’t indomitable or Russian!!!

This is like when the New York Giants essentially showed every other team in the NFL five years ago how to beat the dreaded and seemingly indomitable New England Patriots – stop being so afraid and put Tom Brady on his keister. And since then, how many Super Bowls have the Patriots won? Nada. That’s how our friends south of the border say bupkis. Before that, they seemed indomitable. Now nobody’s afraid.

So this is like that, except Tom Brady doesn’t kill babies for money. (That we know of.)

Read more at the National Catholic Register. By Matthew Archibold.

Photo Credit: WeNews (Creative Commons)

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  1. Go Texes they need to be stoped in every state They are murders and so is Ovmit to kill a small baby is murder and God will take care of them I do not want my tax money going to these scum and I hope they all rot in hell for what they have done to these little babys

  2. Patriot01 says:

    If only Stanley-Ann Dunham had aborted her Muslim child….. sigh…………

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    You have to love Texas,Planned Parenthood is a pariah on the tax payers across the country all thet are is an arm of the liberal democratic socialist party.

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