Outrageous: This Principal Was Fired For Promoting The Most Basic American Tradition

Bill'O English In Public Schools

On The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham spoke about the Houston-area principal who lost her job for telling her students that it would be beneficial for them to speak English in the classroom.

Amy Lacey, former principal at Hempstead Middle School, received harsh criticism for her recommendation–but was only placed on paid administrative leave last winter. The school board, however, declined to renew her contract; so she was effectively fired over her belief.

Lacey maintained that she made the suggestion based on state law because the standardized tests are in English; she believed it would best help the Hispanic students if they spoke English as much as they could. She denies ever “banning” Spanish or supporting “adverse consequences” for students who continued to speak Spanish in class.

The Texas Education Code states: “English is the basic language of this state. Public schools are responsible for providing a full opportunity for all students to become competent in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending the English language. …The mastery of basic English skills is a prerequisite for effective participation in the state’s educational program.”

“How can this happen in Texas,” O’Reilly asked, noting that the state is one of the more conservative states politically.

Ingraham believes that there is a “movable red line” created by the left; and when it gets crossed, the consequences are severe.

“You will be drummed out of public life, perhaps. You will be terminated, you will be fired, you will be harassed and you’ll be called all sorts of names. And this is what this poor teacher came up against. …They decided to make an example out of her,” said Ingraham.

Even though Lacey never mandated that English be spoken, it was still portrayed as an “affront” to Hispanic culture.

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  1. This world is full of simple minded fools – learning english would help them after they graduate – getting a job – going on to college – communication with everyone they come in contact with, who don't speak their language. Anyone in their right mind who thinks this teacher is wrong, has their head so far up their arsh, they haven't seen the sun in a long time. "WAKE UP AMERICA!"

  2. Obviously this teacher didn't realize that, unless ENGLISH speaking Americans do something about it, less than 20 years from now SPANISH speaking Hispanics/Latinos will be the majority in this country.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hell we have to bend over backwards for these spics. Just look at our signs like STOP because they can't read but drive we had to put up pictures.Drivers test are in spanish because of all these illegals which was never heard of before we started giving them amnesty or not prosecuting them for breaking our laws.

  4. Any illegal immigrant is more than welcome to become a legal citizen of our United States provided they follow the existing laws to become legal citizens, learn the English language, follow our laws and customs. If they are not willing to this, then they are more than welcome to return to their country of origin. We, the American citizens/taxpayers, should not have to change our laws, language, or customs to suit them!!!

    What country changes their laws, language, and/or customs to suit immigrants? NONE!!!

    • Well said, G.Braud

    • I agree. When I ask my father why we (children) were not taught the language of the country his parents came from, he said that we were in a new country and must leave the old ways behind and take on the ways of our new country. That's how it should be.

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