Texas crowd gives Cruz eight-minute ovation


While the Washington, D.C., elite continue to disparage him and his ideals, Sen. Ted Cruz proved his appeal among those who elected him has not waned.

In his first home court speech in two months, the Texas Republican told a San Antonio crowd “it’s great to be back in America.” Those in attendance greeted him with an eight-minute standing ovation in support of his principled stance on a number of issues — especially the de-funding of ObamaCare.

He addressed the unpopular law and the inability of Senate Republicans to “stand with House Republicans against the train wreck that is ObamaCare.”

Though Cruz led a marathon speech railing against the socialized healthcare plan prior to the recent federal government shutdown, a large portion of senators in his party decided to back a plan that would resolve the budget stalemate without addressing the law.

His strong leadership and unflappable character have made Cruz a hero among conservatives while the leftist ruling class rightfully identifies him as a threat. As such, Obama and his ilk routinely trash him — either implicitly or by name — in an attempt to destroy his credibility.

For his part, Cruz understands his mandate is to represent his constituency. Judging from the uproarious praise he received during his latest speech, it appears he is doing exactly that.

“I’m not serving in office because I desperately needed 99 new friends in the U.S. Senate,” he explained last week, noting his calling is not to remain popular among career politicians.

Instead, he remains committed to fulfilling the promises he made as a candidate. He continues to face vicious attacks — including personal threats — from leftists hoping to curtail the Tea Party superstar’s rising popularity.

Unfortunately for them, his supporters show no signs of fatigue. Three in four Tea Party-affiliated Republicans view Cruz favorably while he enjoys an approval rate of 56 percent from the party as a whole.

Compared to the popularity of establishment Republican leaders, it seems Cruz’s radical plan to be a voice for the silent majority might actually be working.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. I stand with Cruz all the way!

  2. concernedcitizenhere says:

    YES I STAND for CRUZ!!! I do not live in Texas but up in the northern midwest and he Cruz is a HERO for his stance and his promises. I pretty much was glued to Cspan the whole time he was on except for a few hours of shuteye during his filibuster/non-filibuster LOL speech. I couldn't help but recall Dick Durbin's unannounced entrance and his quick silent retreat that night because he could not …I mean would not answer Senator Cruz's question regarding why Durbin would not give up his elite health insurance and go with the dem's (hellish and nightmarish creation…my opinion). Amazing how Durbin ran out the door so fast LOLOL. I remember Durbin mentioning his employer was the "fed govt" but ummm he forgot to acknowledge that "we the people's hard earned over taxed incomes" PAY for his cushy elite salary, perks and insurance. Go figure.

    You Goooooooooooo Ted Cruz cuz you Roooooooock!!! God bless you in all ways and your gifts of honesty, integrity, virtues and values. May God always be at your side.

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