Tennessee Church Vandalized With Satanic Themes

Evangelical Church SC 225x300 Tennessee church vandalized with Satanic themes

A small church in Jackson, Tenn. was recently targeted by vandals who burned and carved satanic messages throughout the sanctuary. The church’s approximately 20 members, however, are holding fast to their faith in God in the wake of this disturbing crime.

According to reports, parishioners found remnants of the vandals’ visit immediately upon entering Lebanon United Methodist Church. Chapel doors remain unlocked, according to members, in order to accommodate individuals seeking an encounter with God outside of service times. Unfortunately, that policy provided easy access for these monsters to perpetrate their nefarious act.

Members indicated that two crosses were inverted in an apparent attempt to recreate a common satanist symbol; and page 666 — a number often associated with Satan — was burned out of a Bible at the location. That number was also carved into the church altar.

To remove any doubt regarding their intended message, the vandals also carved a succinct and disturbing message into the altar: “Smoke meth and hail Satan.”

Kay Williams spoke on behalf of the church, explaining that members hold no ill will toward those responsible.

“We don’t hate them,” she said. “We still love them.”

Williams went on to affirm that each of the vandals is “a child of God.”

As Christians across the world face persecution and even death at the hands of Islamic terrorists, the U.S. remains a nation in which believers of all faiths can gather to openly worship. We must remain dedicated to preserving that right, though, as it continually faces opposition.

While this Tennessee church experienced an outright attack, secular humanists continue to work behind the scenes to surreptitiously silence the Christian voice within America. Whether through ObamaCare mandates, anti-discrimination lawsuits, or any other desperate ploy, the left understands that the only way to continue its transformation of this nation is by maintaining a stranglehold on those fighting to preserve it.

As with the members of Lebanon UMC, the faithful from coast to coast must stand up for our beliefs and not be bullied by those who seek to undermine us. Combining that resolve with an attitude of love and prayer is the only path to furthering God’s work here on earth.

–Western Journalism staff writer

Photo credit: NatalieMaynor (Creative Commons)

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