After What Ted Cruz Just Did, Obama Has No Reason To Not Visit The Border

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As Western Journalism reported, Texas Gov. Rick Perry turned down an invitation to shake Barack Obama’s hand and pose for photos when the latter touches down in Austin Wednesday for a series of fundraisers in the Lone Star State. The Republican governor responded with his own invitation, asking Obama to meet him for a more substantive discussion of the current border crisis affecting the state.

Reports this week indicate Obama was receptive to the suggestion, indicating the two leaders will sit down for a conference on the issue during a meeting in Dallas this week.

Prior to the current arrangement, Perry used Twitter to publicly call on Obama to visit the Texas-Mexico border during his trip.

Not to be outdone, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz used the same forum to urge the same outcome, even offering Obama directions from his two planned fundraising events to the nearest border town.

He went on to express dismay that a sitting president would be more concerned about adding to his coffers than addressing a real, identifiable threat to the nation’s security.

Cruz and Perry are not the only elected officials requesting Obama pay a visit to America’s besieged southern border.

U.S. Reps. Ruben Hinojosa and Filemon Vela – both Democrats – drafted a letter to Obama urging him to witness the infiltration of the border by illegal immigrants, specifically unaccompanied minors hailing from Central America.

The pair wrote that “the Rio Grande Valley has been deluged by a massive influx” of these invaders, agreeing with their Republican counterparts that the best course of action includes a personal visit by Obama.

“During your trip to Texas, we urge you to visit South Texas to see firsthand all that is being done,” the congressmen wrote.

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    • ATrober says:

      Obama *knows* the plan is working. He and Ayers and Jarrett and the DNC all know it is working.

      Now, Holder needs to stop any state from demanding voter ID and the Dems will have what they want.

      In the meantime, the GOP is up to the same thing, see MS primary with Dem votes to stop an incumbent primary loss.

      BOTH parties HAVE to go.

  2. Warrior Princess says:

    Since barry is the one who orchestrated this invasion, and Americans are already contracting the diseases, it is only fair for barry obama to infect him self with scabbies plus all the other diseases. This would be fair and deserved.

    • RacerJim says:

      And then, since one of barry's PROMISES during his 2008 campaign was that he would FIX the VA, it is only fair that he get his healthcare from the VA. That would also be fair and deserved.

  3. G. Braud says:

    If he would visit the border towns, he would have to admit that he was wrong, and we all know that he would never admit to that, unless he could blame Bush.

    Of course, the controllers of his puppet strings may not have given him permission to visit the border towns.

    • ATrober says:

      Well, isn't it Bush's fault the border is the Rio Grande? I mean, Bush is from Texas, and the Rio Grande is the southern border of Texas. So, there. It is Bush's fault.

  4. John Donnellan says:

    If any executive of any public or private office is not getting the JOB done, then that person SHOULD be removed. For instance, why have we not secured the border with Mexico with a double fence, within which we could set up an enterprise zone along the entire border so that we could entice the companies that have moved their operations overseas to come back, tax free ,if they would be willing to pay for their facilities and improvements, thus creating over a million jobs for our workers. Remember, these hundreds of companies are a complete loss to our economy as it stands now, so this action can only result in a plus for the American economy. We could also hire English speaking Mexicans on a workers visa program and thus eliminate all of the alien crossings along the border. This would not cost the taxpayers anything as the companies who set up in the zone would be responsible to pay all cost, including a zone police force and all necessary roads to and from their manufacturing facilities along with all necessary improvements of lighting and water etc. You see, it’s all just a matter of making a positive out of a negative. If you would like more details regarding how we can add a Million New JOBS very quickly, please feel free to call or email.
    Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    John Donnellan 941-416-2294 email

  5. CoopDizzle says:

    Obama's incompetence just amazes me. He is too busy trying to be a celebrity and not taking care of the real issues. As we sit back and watch his lame duck term, the problems will pile up for the next Pres. that takes his place. Meanwhile, the American people will pay for his mistakes. The best we can do now is damage control until he leaves office. Hopefully we can get an impeachment mixed with a copius amount of humiliation for him to leave with…………….He deserves prison time.

    • Donald Edge says:

      He should be IMPEACHED for his actions and inactions, during his term as President!

    • RacerJim says:

      Obama's incompetence?

      In 2001 as an Illinois State Senator, he pronounced the U.S. Constitution "a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf." In other words, he said the U.S. Constitution is inherently flawed because it limits what state and federal governments can do to the people.

      Then, in 2008, as the Democrat nominee for POTUS, he adamantly and animatedly proclaimed "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Given his view of the U.S. Constitution (above), what he adamantly and animatedly proclaimed was his intent to transform the United States of America from a country wherein the people control the government into a country wherein the government controls the people.

      What just amazes me is how long "We the people…" have put up with Obama's competence. He has earned arrest, trial, conviction and execution for Treason, Bribery and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

      • CoopDizzle says:

        Incompetence—–inability to do something successfully; ineptitude.
        "allegations of professional incompetence"
        synonyms:ineptitude, ineptness, inability, lack of ability, lack of skill, lack of proficiency.

        Your hilarious

  6. Lorene B says:

    0 knows things are going as planned, the people being used to accomplish his mission have no value..

  7. CoopDizzle says:

    Q: Why is Barack Obama like Bowe Bergdahl?

    A: Both deserted their posts over five years ago.

  8. Americans need to get up a big group and stand up to Obama. You saw two different times when the bully's in government came on the scene tried to enforce what they wanted. America stood up to them on the Cliven Bundy rancher dispute and they turned tail cause they were out gunned and ran home to hide in mama's basement. The second time they folded to our numbers was when they turned the busses with illegal immigrants back to San Diego trying to unload in Marietta, Ca. Our government acts like a bully, but when you stand up to the bully, he cowers and runs. America is sick and tired of their childish and bullying acts. STAND TALL WITH NUMBERS, AND WE CAN RID OUR NATION OF THESE CHILDISH BULLY''S

    • David G. says:

      I have been saying the samething for a while now. Nothing, and I mean zip will be done especially by our elected representatives, we need to band together and MARCH ON DC, period! If Americans really want this Anti Christ gone then we show it by massing in Washington, March right to the White House and demand Barry the All supreme comrade oops meant leader to LEAVE at once!

  9. "$433 million for Homeland Security's Border Patrol unit to cover increased costs associated with apprehending unaccompanied children;…Translation…He is lying aging, those 433millions are to arrest and imprison the PROTESTERS of the bussing to other towns the ILLEGAL BORDER INVADERS , the real aim is to use that money against WE THE PEOPLE, we’re the ones getting screwed as we’re forced to follow all our government’s rules while others, ILLEGAL BORDER TRESPASSERS INVADERS, are not required to do so. Many, WE THE PEOPLE, now feel like strangers in OUR own land. Obama’s rewarding of lawlessness, including his own, is the foundational problem in the nation NOW. NO MAS, IMPEACH NOW.

  10. Dallas is another opportunity to vocally use his blame game to throw down the House of Rep. to go along with his preplanned shindig… help destroy Texas and the states along the border.

    Throw this goon out of office he is destroying this country.

    Better yet time for Texas Independence.

  11. Michael says:

    Maybe we could invite him to Dealey Plaza….

  12. Ovomit is always at a fund raiser whenever there is a crisis. He does not know how to "save face" if he tries to do something so he just goes to fundraisers. He don't really care about the border problem/kids, all he cares about is that it is draining the money from all the programs that should be helping OUR people, not the rest of the world.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right Joan when 4 Americans were getting killed in Benghazi he was packing to go to see his rich friends in Hollyweed.

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    I like Cruz he would make an excellent president. Our Sand Monkey is never to be found when a crisis is happening, he is either golfing,vacationing or fund raising.There is dust on that desk in the oval office.

  14. When is everyone going to realize that this president doesn't give a sh__? This is his plan. All the pleading will never change things. He needs to go! It would be so easy if they just demanded that he proved that he was an American born citizen. He can't. So oust him now!

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