Team Investigated On Bullying Charges Just For Winning A Game

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In California, youth sports teams have recently faced fines or suspensions for playing effectively. Without any allegations of unsportsmanlike behavior, kids are being punished merely for being on the winning team.

While this is obviously an affront to the very idea of competition, one might not be surprised to see such idiocy emanate from the liberal bastion of California. Unfortunately, the outrageous practice of vilifying success has gained traction even in Texas.

According to recent reports, a football game between two Fort Worth-area high schools ended in a lopsided 91-0 victory for Aledo High. One of the parents of the opposing team was apparently so upset by the loss that he wants Aledo players identified as bullies.

Shortly after the game ended Saturday, the parent filed an official complaint with administrators at Aledo, sparking a mandatory investigation into the victorious team. School officials will actually have to prepare a written response to the allegations based on current state law.

The losing coach, John Naylor, did not reflect the sentiments of the disgruntled parent, saying he thinks that “the game was handled fine.”

Aledo, currently the highest ranked team in the state, is always a powerful foe, he explained, saying the team “just plays hard” and embodies “the way football is supposed to be played in Texas.”

The complaining parent, however, is apparently a California transplant. His actions seem more likely to affect Aledo coach Tim Buchanan more than any trash talk from an opposing team.

Saying the bullying report is upsetting, he explains that he spends “the whole third and fourth quarter” trying “to think how I can keep us from scoring.”

Whether on an individual basis as part of a high school football team or as it pertains to America’s status as the world’s preeminent superpower, success based on hard work and sacrifice is always disparaged by the political left.

Suppressing achievement is one of the most detrimental actions one can take against the next generation. Sadly, that is exactly the emphasis within far too many of our public schools.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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