Teacher Threatens, Insults Honor Student Wearing Pro-GOP Shirt

romney tshirt Teacher threatens, insults honor student wearing pro GOP shirt

A math teacher in Pennsylvania reportedly threatened to assault a high school student who dared to wear a shirt supporting Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Reports indicate that the teacher told the honor student she attended a “Democratic school” and equated her shirt with the wardrobe of the Ku Klux Klan. The teacher then allegedly threatened to mark out the names of Romney and running mate Paul Ryan with a marker.

Hopefully, this math teacher will serve as a substitute history teacher, since it’s readily apparent that her beloved Democrats were almost exclusively the ones donning a KKK sheet.

The 16-year-old student recalled the teacher telling her to “get out of the classroom.” She said she refused and the teacher “told me to take off my shirt and said that she has another one if I need one.”

She explained the entire incident was incredibly embarrassing, as one might imagine. A typical student that age does not want to be so harshly criticized, especially from a teacher. The student reportedly told her parents she did not even want to return to the school. Honestly, who could blame her?

The teacher ultimately made a paltry apology, claiming the statements were meant as a joke.

“It was funny to her,” the student said, “but I was really embarrassed.”

Calling into question the allegation her comments were made in jest, the student’s father said the teacher left the classroom and returned with other teachers and students to point and ridicule her.

Evidently, this student really is the only GOP-friendly individual at the school, considering the fact other students in the class continued the vicious attack started by her teacher.

According to her father’s account, students asked, “How can you do this to our teacher? Why don’t you like Obama? We all like Obama.”

The girl was reportedly relegated to hiding from the teacher and gang of taunting classmates in a restroom.

By all accounts, this teacher is not only blatantly partisan but unbelievable cruel to anyone espousing a different viewpoint.

Conservatives can complain all we want about the leftist agenda most public school teachers push, but this incident does more to make our point than we ever could.

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  1. In a dictatorship, threats, intimidation and assaulting are not only permitted, but encouraged. It will be S.O.P. after Nov. 6th..

  2. If the school wants to show that it is NOT bias they must suspend the teacher for at least 30 days without pay.

    • IS THIS WHAT SHE IS TEACHING OUR KIDS!! WHAT ELSE IS SHE FILLING THEIR HEADS WITH! This is what the left has been doing to our youths, slowly brainwashing them! Destroy from within. Time to reverse course & set this country straight again & in the meantime FIRE her ASS!

  3. If she had done this to my kid I would punched her lights out she is not fit to teach anyones kids We need to stand up to thses fricks and let them no we will not put up with this crap anymore they are brain washing are kids But they keep there kids out of goverment schools because they dont want them brained washed wake up people stand up to these schools and union teachers

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    What color was the teacher is the first thing that comes into my mind.If it was a jig then I could see why she would go ballistic or maybe since white woman want to get it on with this AC/DC pillow biting president for no other reason that he's got big ears and purple lips but to take it out on a student because she's against a socialist is wrong.This idiot teacher said it's a democratic school and here I always thought it was a public school even in Pennsylvania.Time for the parents to sue this teacher and the board of education for the harassment their child got.

  5. Mutantone says:

    I worry more about the teaching abilities of this teacher.

  6. Do you see the bully here???? And she has her job yet???? She should be barred from entering any school anywhere, she is a horrible example for young minds.

  7. disgusted says:

    Threaten MY KID? Oh, I REALLY don’t think so………..that would have been the worst move ever on the part of any so called “teacher”! Not happening without some sort of consequences for said idiot “teacher”! Lucky for all schools that my kids, my sons are long gone from such institutions of bullshit! These days, there is no such thing as “teaching” anymore, in public schools, instead they have turned into politically correct, terror filled, training camps for those whose sick minds support the downfall of our nation! And, I am glad that I am past the age of childbearing, as I would not wish to bring a child into the world that we live in today. And if I did have a child about to enter school, there is no way on God’s earth that I would allow my child to go to such an UNGODLY HOLE OF ANTIGOD FILTH! NO WAY! If the parents of this country are so all fired concerned about their children, and their futures, then those parents need to get off their lazy, useless and unconcerned asses and do whatever it takes to insure that their children HAVE A FUTURE! Rid this nation of those who are trashing everything that once made us the Greatest, and most Successful Nation ever! Make our nation back into the GOD FEARING AND GODLY AMERICA THAT SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND SHOULD STILL BE! No more of this “gay”..HOMO filth being taught in our schools, and no more of this banning of prayer, the pledge of allegience and bring back our AMERICA that IS AMERICA! Not this “progressive” COMMUNISTIC MARXIST GARBAGE THAT IS NOW SO POPULAR! And rid our nation of this POLITICALLY CORRECT garbage, because it is nothing more than SUPPRESSION OF FREE SPEECH! Call a spade a spade, a rose a rose, and be damned if someone gets their little feelings hurt, get your feelings off your shoulders, and behave as an adult, or at the least, behave as an intelligent human being! Stop being so infantile, so juvinile, and grow up. Being called a name doesn’t kill you, it is a word, words, and if we continue in this manner of suppressing every word that might hurt your tiny little feelings, then we may as well just stop talking altogether. Something is always going to hurt someone’s feelings, IF their feelings are always and continually right there on their shoulders TO BE HURT! GET OVER YOURSELVES AND GROW UP, GROW A PAIR! And parents who ALLOW a teacher to threaten their child shouldn’t even BE A PARENT!!!!!!!!!! Defend what is yours, YOUR HOME, YOUR CHILDREN MOST OF ALL!

  8. chyleneramsey says:

    When I worked for the P.O., it stunned me how many 18-19 year old kids would come in, and couldn't fill out a change of address card, or didn't know that Hawaii wasn't a foreign country. They couldn't even count change. One kid looked at me and asked, "Is Alaska a state?" Frequently, I got asked how many states there were? Some didn't even know the capital of their oWN state! I remember when I was in school, I got a dictionary in fourth grade, learned 5 new words every day, their Latin and Greek roots, how to spell them and use them in a sentence. These kids are too busy learning about diversity and why Jimmy has two daddies.

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