Teacher Suspended For Teaching About Hand Tool Files Suit

Chicago SC Teacher suspended for teaching about hand tool files suit

Incredibly, the leftist overreaction to potential weapons on school property seems to be limitless. A complaint recently filed on behalf of one elementary school teacher shows that virtually anyone with virtually anything can be portrayed as a threat.

Teaching at a public school in Chicago, Doug Bartlett introduced his second-grade class to common tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers. He used the tools for their intended purpose during a presentation, though students at no time came into contact with the items.

Regardless, administrators suspended the teacher of 17 years – without pay – for four days because of his alleged possession and use of a weapon on campus.

In a lawsuit on his behalf, the Rutherford Institute claims that Bartlett experienced “humiliation, embarrassment, mental suffering, and lost wages” as a result of the school’s decision to suspend him.

The organization’s president, John Whitehead, said the school district is not alone in embracing overzealous standards.

“What makes this case stand out from the rest is that this latest victim of zero-tolerance policies run amok happens to be a veteran school teacher,” he added, calling the “gross overreaction to a simple teaching demonstration” shows “exactly what is wrong with our nation’s schools.”

Though I sympathize with the suspended teacher, decisions like this highlight a much more serious and widespread problem. While focusing on unrelated periphery in a purported attempt to reduce violence, today’s leaders are woefully inadequate when it comes to dealing with the real root causes of such deadly acts.

Chicago, a city defined by both strict gun laws and rampant gun crimes, is a prime example of a city whose sights on this issue are hopelessly misaligned.
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Photo credit: Gravitywave (Creative Commons)

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  1. Maybe he should have taught them how to put a condom on a cucumber.

    • Douglass says:

      The school district would have made him teacher of the year

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I like that Dustin and your right he would have been teacher of the year.Maybe he should have said these tools are what terrorists can use and in Chicago Rahm The Gay would have given him the keys to the city.

  2. D l mather says:

    I have heard some CRAZY things but this is un real???????????

  3. nelson the cat says:

    Other reports of this story list the tools as a wrench, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a pocket knife. I wonder why this story chose to leave out the knife, since it was the hand tool that actually generated the complaint.

  4. All of this candy-ass pc bull has to go…it is time to act like responsible adults and not be so pussified..
    we are Americans…we are the ones that have saved the world from tyranny. What would those people that struggled so hard during WWII think of how sorry we have become? I am ashamed of our government that does not promote this country but instead, their own prosperity…disgusting.
    How can these people look themselves in the mirror every morning and not be disgusted by what they see? Are they that far gone? Pathetic

  5. Mutantone says:

    Good God what will the shop teachers use?

  6. wayne mann says:

    People have gone nuts in this country…. I hope the teacher winds. If you want to hear something that will pick you up Google this…” Feds caught promoting welfare to illegal immigrants”….. And this is going on in Mexico.. Unbelievable how far is this the call president will go to bankrupt our country.

  7. The real TOOLS are in Washington D.C.

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