Teacher Faces Dismissal For Teaching Bill Of Rights

Obama Exercising Bill Of Rights SC Teacher faces dismissal for teaching Bill of Rights

Just days after IRS executive Lois Lerner improperly invoked her Fifth Amendment right not to answer questions about Tea Party intimidation, the often misunderstood amendment is reportedly facing another attack at an Illinois high school.

Social Studies teacher John Dryden said he checked his inbox shortly before class recently and noticed a stack of surveys with each of his students’ names printed on them. After looking over the questions contained therein, he realized that recipients might feel compelled to affirm illegal drug or alcohol use.

To be reviewed by a number of specialists, the surveys were supposed to help respond to a number of student suicides. Dryden, though, worried that uninformed students might be intimidated — especially with a police officer stationed nearby —  and had just a few minutes to decide what to do.

He said he thought “somebody needs to remind them they have the ability not to incriminate themselves” and felt compelled to inform the class about their rights. “”I made a judgment call. There was no time to ask anyone.”

Had he received the surveys earlier, he explained, there would have been time to discuss his concerns via more appropriate channels. Instead, he was due in class and simply engaged in a quick lesson about the Fifth Amendment, he said. As a result, administrators threatened him with a “letter of remedy,” which can result in discipline up to and including dismissal.

Dryden has seen a wave of support, though, as students and other allies have circulated petitions and made plans to speak on his behalf at an upcoming school board meeting.

For his part, the teacher said he doesn’t want to become a “sideshow” in what he feels is an important conversation.

“These are good, professional, smart people on the other side who want to do what is right by kids,” he said, clarifying that he is not “a martyr.”

Regardless of administrators’ good intentions, this incident illustrates an inherent flaw in today’s education system. A teacher like Dryden with scores of admirers should feel that he could use an existing situation as the catalyst for an impromptu lesson on the Bill of Rights.

Instead, he is treated with suspicion while countless other teachers use their position to push a litany of far-left, secularist ideas.

Hopefully, this teacher will not lose his job over such an apparent overreaction. If he does find himself in need of alternative employment, though, maybe he could conduct remedial Fifth Amendment courses at the IRS.

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  1. You have to hand it to this teacher. But, what really is upsetting is that in an institution that is supposed to be teaching our children, has the gall to be upset for a wonderful teaching opportunity. If the people of this country have't figured out their is something wrong, and I mean majorly wrong, with our schools, they need to start paying attention. Our schools, instead of educating, are indoctrinating. heil hitler. (and I try never to capitalize that degenerate)

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This is what happens when you teach and not indoctrinate.The left wingers get pissed off when you try to teach just look at the college speakers for commencement 100 plus democraps and a big 4 reupblican conservatives.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole doesn't want you to exercise your Bill of Rights unless it pertains to something the king wants.Can you imagine firing a teacher for actually teaching.It would be unheard of back when the government didn't demand what you teach as long as it wasn't to overthrow the government.But since the liberals took over this country is in trouble.Obuma is like Uncle Adolph.

    • David F. says:

      It's sad that teachers these days aren't really even allowed to teach the U.S. Constitution in class anymore, since it would hopefully wake some of these "Useful Idiots" up out of their stupor! Teachers now teach according to a mandated "Study Guide" with almost ZERO chances to teach anything that isn't part of "The Test", that is administered at the end of the School Year to gauge a "Teachers" productivity. I can harken back to a time in my own educational chronology, where we had Social Studies classes that taught the U.S. Constitution, the Government processes, and about the Founding Fathers. We even had to bring in News Articles that we found in various publications for discussions on the Governments of the World, and what we could propose to make Governments better. It was classes such as these that allowed us to learn to think for ourselves, instead of being told how and what to think, which is the way the Federal Government wants things taught nowadays. It's this "Indoctrination" program that doesn't turn out U.S. Citizens able to think for themselves, and are barely even able to go to a College without remedial Education that is failing our Children and our Grand Children.

      Instead of teaching students to make the most of their potential, they are now relegated to the lowest common denominator, which in fact inhibits actual learning since the class can only go so fast and cover so much that the child with the worst academics scores won't feel hurt because the class is outpacing them. We have tried the Liberal Indoctrination way and it has failed, it's time to bring back the real teachers, not the "Affirmative Action" teachers who can't even spell "Constitution", and return to where Teachers had control of their own curriculum, and those kids who can't keep up either receive remedial Class Time with one o one Teacher/Student assistance.

      It amazes me how "dumbed down" the American Society has become when they can't figure out having 12 Million people Unemployed, with a Unemployment Rate of 7.5/7.6 Percent is a good thing?? It's not!! They also fail to take into consideration that the Employment Participation ration has dropped 5% just from January (63.6%) to May (58.6%), with over 50 Million Americans on food stamps. How can they see these number and think it is a good thing….they can't!! The only explanation I can even come up with, is the fact that our Children and Grand Children aren't taught anymore to beyond the superficial, and figure out why the numbers put out by the BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) don't match up to reality.

      Okay, I'll get off my "Soapbox" now.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Don't get off the soap box when your speaking the truth.People have to realize when you send your children to a public school your taking a chance that they will be indoctrinated.Texas is one of the better states to do business but yet just look at the text books they want the kids to have idolizing Che Guevarra and not the heroes of the Alamo.They teach that the US stole Texas from the Spics but they fail to teach that the Mexicans stole the land fronm the real American natives.Now I'll get off my soapbox

  3. wayne mann says:

    The “king of Kenya Hut” has done all of this to the Department of Education. There is not a department left in our government that has not been corrupted because obobo placed key people in those positions. If we don’t do something about the IRS, that department will end up killing millions of Americans. There are two things they need to do besides gun control to control this country…. seize the media whic.h they have already done…. and get control of the children. Our children are their future…. if we don’t stop it

  4. Harold Toledo OH says:

    If we don't get all, and I mean all, of the communists out of our schools and the NEA, our children's education and life, as we know it, in the United States of America will be lost. I'd like to know just how the NEA and all of its teachers, well most of them, get away with putting down our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. And when we finally get a GOOD teacher who wants to teach our children of the importance of these documents, there's talk of the teacher being suspended. What the hell is happening to our country, especially since we've had a communist, Barack Obama, for our president?

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