Teacher Censors Pro-Life Student


Photo Credit: -nanio- (Creative Commons)

A sophomore class at Palatine High School in Illinois recently received an English assignment designed to explore a controversial topic. Students were reportedly encouraged to tackle one of several topics for the research paper, though Abigail Cornejo said she was only allowed to explore one side of her chosen issue.

The pro-life student wanted to approach abortion from her own point of view, she explained, but was told she could only write on the subject if she advocated for what she considers murder.

The teacher, David Valentino, “originally told the class we may not do abortion, euthanasia, or legalization of marijuana,” she confirmed.

When she asked why abortion was off the table, Cornejo said Valentino responded, “I’ve read too many papers on it. I don’t care anymore.”

An instructor’s level of personal interest should have no bearing on whether a student is allowed to explore at topic; however, that is far from the most disturbing aspect of this story.

“The next day,” Cornejo continued,” for my controversial topic I wrote down abortion and he refused to approve my topic.”

She reported Valentino told her that if she wrote on the topic that she will “get an F” and “fail this class and have to retake it in the summer or next year.”

He then threatened to call her parents, she said, without explaining why her chosen topic was denied in the first place. Cornejo was not concerned, however, noting she was confident her parents would support her stance.

“I replied, ‘I’m against killing babies!’” she exclaimed. “He then said, ‘All right. You can do abortion if you write for it.”

Naturally, she refused, indicating she was “[a]ppalled at the thought of advocating for murder….”

Though she was ultimately forced to scrap her original idea, the principled student might just have the last word. She decided to write about stem-cell research, a topic Valentino approved, from her own perspective, confirming “this is just the beginning.”

Despite the best efforts of leftist educators, this student proves indoctrination and propagandistic lessons cannot negate the morality instilled into children by caring parents.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: -nanio- (Creative Commons)

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  1. Most dangerous part of Obama agenda to turn young people against America and all it stands for.

    • This story reminds me of an anthropology class that I tried to take at Valley College in Van Nuys, CA in the early 70's. The professor was instructing the students that Darwin's theory of evolution as factual. A theory is just that, a theory until it has been proven beyond doubt otherwise. I told the professor that Darwin's theory of evolution was a theory that had not been proven and he refused to acknowledge the theory of creation. When he wouldn't budge, I told him that he was very fortunate, since I could only visit my ancestors in the cemetery, but he could visit his ancestors in the zoo. Got kicked out of class. Tried to take it again with a different professor with the same result.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets face it liberals like killing babies in the name of womens rights.They wouldn't do that to an animal but don't mind killing a baby especially when Obutthole is for it.He should be tried and sentenced for murder along with any doctor who would crush a viable baby because the girl is tired of seeing her stomach blowing up.

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