Tea Party Targets RINOs Ahead Of Primary

Photo Credit: marsmet 541 (Creative Commons)

A group of conservatives aligned with the Tea Party movement announced a plan Monday to replace liberal Republicans in Congress with candidates firmly on the political right.

According to Tea Party Leadership Fund Treasurer Dan Backer, the initiative includes the 87 GOP congressmen who failed to stand up to Barack Obama’s government shutdown demands.

Targeting so-called RINOs, an acronym for “Republicans in Name Only,” Backer said traditional Americans must hold leftists accountable regardless of their political affiliation.

“These RINOs have let the American people down and it is time for us to get our money back,” he explained. As part of the movement, he wants conservatives to demand such politicians return their campaign contributions.

“We want our money back,” he said, “and you should ask for yours back too from any RINO who voted to fund ObamaCare.”

Furthermore, Backer wants to find competitive candidates to challenge establishment Republicans during midterm primaries.

Those who support the group’s mission can sign a petition on PrimaryTraitors.com, which lays out the grievances many conservatives have toward leftists in the GOP.

“We believed in them,” the petition begins, leading into a number of broken promises regarding ObamaCare and other pressing national issues.

The message continues by chastising “RINOs who joined forces with liberal Democrats to raise the debt limit and end the shutdown,” calling them “traitors to the cause” who “delivered a vote for bigger government, more taxes, more spending, more government dependence, more human misery.”

This direct approach is likely to resonate with many conservatives who feel current Republican representatives are out of touch with the ideals of their constituents.

It has become commonplace for the Tea Party to criticize the usual suspects in the Democrat party. When the grassroots movement takes aim at those within the GOP, however, its targets should take the warning seriously.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: marsmet 541 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Three words: Go Tea Party

  2. Politically it's going to be a dangerous time for Patriots over many years to come. We must remove the RINOS ASAP. The Progressives in BOTH parties will start throwing eachother under the bus the more ObamaCare implodes.

  3. It's time to step up to the plate and do everything in our power to get the RINO's out!! Then we need to start taking our country back, and that means "everybody" needs to step up. We need to get our right to count our votes back into this country, we need to make sure hitlery is not elected as president, we need to take back our schools, and we need to shore up.our Constitution and everything else this POS in the White House has done to undermine our Republic! We need to start acting like true Americans!!

  4. Obama and all of his team need to be removed from office and brought up on charges like they did in Egypt!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    The Tea Party has become the best organization to fight for the constitution and get our fundamental rights back. I'd like to see some of these turncoat RINOS give back money they stole by siding with the liberal socialist dems.Especially Senor John McCain who never meet a democrap he didn't like or even Johns sidekick Grahamnesty plus others.

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