“Tea Party” Pols Sell Out The Tea Party

Mitt Romney95483 300x197 Tea Party Pols Sell Out The Tea Party

In March of 2011, former Rep. John Leboutiller predicted in a News Max article that, “the tea party will select the 2012 GOP nominee.”

At the time, it was a safe prediction given the strength of the tea-party movement in the 2010 elections and the influence it was expected to have on the GOP presidential primaries just over a year later. But something went terribly wrong in the meantime. Many politicians heavily supported by the tea-party movement seem to have switched sides, pursuing their own agenda at the expense of the conservative movement and the tea party.

Take Christine O’Donnell, for example. O’Donnell lost her bid for the U.S. Senate in Delaware but continues to have a following among tea-party activists. Inexplicably, she recently endorsed Romney, stating she is doing so because she thinks “infrastructure and executive experience are important.” She also claimed, “He’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”

One wonders if the $5,000 O’Donnell received in 2010 from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC had any influence on her decision.

Similarly, the tea-party movement was heavily involved in the election of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, but she endorsed Romney last month, claiming in her endorsement remarks, “He knows how to create jobs and turn the economy.” Haley also received some big bucks from Romney; to be precise, she took $36,000 from Romney’s various PACs over the last few years, more than any other gubernatorial candidate.

Then there’s Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a long-time favorite of tea-party activists. Chaffetz is actually a member of the Romney “Truth Squad” that goes around harassing Newt Gingrich everywhere he speaks. Chaffetz claims Romney is a fiscal conservative and that due to his budget cuts in Massachusetts, tea partiers “love” him. But Chaffetz also loves Romney’s money since he received almost $7,000 from Romney’s PAC since 2008.

Lastly, Romney seems to have even compromised the tea-party hero of Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio. Like others, Rubio professes neutrality in the GOP primary but finds frequent opportunities to proclaim, “Romney is a conservative.” And, by the way, Rubio has accepted over $7,000 from Romney’s PAC.

What’s astonishing about these tea party-supported politicians is the level of apparent ignorance they all exhibit regarding Romney’s record. Clues evidencing Romney’s RINO ways abound; just take a look at his consultants, advisers and donors. He’s Bob Dole and John McCain all over again. Moreover, Romney doesn’t seem to have any core convictions. Indeed, contrary to O’Donnell’s remarks, Romney hasn’t been consistent about anything other than promoting himself. At last count, he’s flipped-flopped on over 30 major issues.

With respect to his economic record, Chaffetz and Haley seem clueless as to the real facts: Romney’s was one of the worst in the country. He certainly didn’t govern as a fiscal conservative. Indeed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Romney’s job-creation record was 49th in the country. Why? Tax hikes on corporations and other private sector burdens resulting from his cap-and-trade and Romneycare policies.

As for abortion, some tea-party backers appear to be parroting Romney press releases. Do they not know that Romney – since his alleged pro-life “conversion” in 2004 – has engaged in numerous pro-abortion actions? For example, the Romney administration gave millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood for the construction of an abortion clinic and dramatically expanded state funding of abortion by ensuring that it was covered by his Romneycare plan.

Indeed, Romney led the nation in advancing three of the left’s primary policy goals: gay marriage, cap-and-trade and government control of heath care. And now he may be the GOP nominee? This is pathetic. These politicians had the power and influence to unite conservatives all over the country behind a conservative candidate, but instead they took part in misleading voters about the real Romney record.

The tea-party movement should be outraged and should hold these politicians accountable for this betrayal. Romney typifies everything that’s wrong with the GOP and possesses the same type of RINO worldview that led to the rise of the tea-party movement. To these politicians, power and influence are more important than the future of America. If the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney, who then loses to Obama, it will be due partly to a total lack of leadership by many of the same “conservative” politicians the tea-party movement helped elect.

Steve Baldwin is a former member of the California Legislature and former executive director of the Council for National Policy. He is the author of “From Crayons to Condoms,” published by WND Books.


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  1. Carl Manning says:

    The folly of the TEA Party was in ever believing they could change the GOP from within. Their movement was co-opted, bought off, and shut down in record time by the GOP. When Mr Amnesty himself, Dick Armey, took the helm of Freedomworks, the fix was already in for the TEA Party. When GOP "leaders" began to speak at the TEA Parties, the fix was already in. When GOP talk-show hosts and shills began to speak at TEA Parties, the fix was in. If the TEA Party had formed its own legitimate THIRD PARTY, none of this ever would have happened. When Mitch McConnell and John Boehner remained in the leadership positions of the GOP after the 2010 elections, the fix was in for the TEA Party. 80 TEA Party freshmen came to Washington DC in 2010 to oppose Obamacare and the national debt. RESULT: The GOP informed us they would not oppose Obamacare and by August 1st, 2011, only 22 of those 80 freshmen TEA Partiers opposed the insane national debt hike through the ceiling!!! Cont'd

  2. Carl Manning says:


    If they had only formed a THIRD PARTY VOTING BLOC of 80 stalwarts in the House and 4 TEA Party stalwarts in the Senate, do any of you honestly believe the GOP would have allowed Boehner and McConnell, two of the most moderate, Liberal RINO's who both supported Bush's hideous TARP theft to remain in leadership positions??? NO, the GOP would have had to negotiate with the Independent TEA Party for a leadership position. Instead, the TEA Partiers were relegated to the back of the bus and told to shut up by the Big Government, corrupt, GOP Establishment RINO's, Boehner and McConnell. The GOP elites, after they co-opted the TEA Party movement sat on their yachts drinking their pina coladas and laughed their asses off at you fools who continue to play into their hands believing their lies about Third Parties and the lesser of two evils crap designed to control you, compromise you, and destroy your vote.

  3. Romney is a strong leader with years of business experience. He is exactly what we need to turn our economy around and restore order to our government. Where he goes to church should be of no consequence. He is a Christian, loves this country, good family man, high moral standards, intelligent, and dependable.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      I believe there is a little more to look at in Romney's past than his religious affiliation. Go back and look at his BAIN success and its connection to laboratory it bought during that time and the problem with Medicare and Medicaid.

      An even bigger question for me goes back to the "swine flu fiasco" and New York's trying to mandate that their health care workers take it or lose their jobs. About this same time there was something on line or in the newspaper re governor of Mass. mandating that all residents of Mass. must take the swine flu shots.

      This is about as far outside the guide lines of our Constitution as one can get and I wonder if anyone can tell us if Mitt Romney was the governor of Mass. when it was mandated. The ones in the White House have done too good a job of destroying the Constitution already – we don't need to replace them with another one to finish it up!

  4. Wondering Woman says:

    Who cares who the Tea Party picks? No one is going to get me to vote for anyone but my choice who someone else has now described as the only grown up in the GOP.

    If Ron Paul's name is not already on the ballot, I will just write him in – whether in the primary or in November.

    This my fellow "we the people" is how we take our country and our government back. Getting rid of the alien usurper in the White House does no good if we just replace him with another nwo puppet to continue working to trash our Constitution and overthrow our government! We quit believing their lies and say THW the party – Ron Paul is the only one who has remained steady, held onto his values, while others
    around him fell to bribery and greed, and also the only one to carry our his sworn duty of supporting and protecting our Constitution.

    He is not a DOVE, a WAR MONGERER, nor an ISOLATIONIST, and most important of all not a NWO puppet.

    He must have the others scared worse now than before. That video on internet tonight using the F word
    certainly doesn't sound like something RON PaUL would make or OK anyone else putting on the internet.
    Guess they have given up on finding dirt so they are trying to make it up. Hope he finds out who is doing it and prosecutes them. What they don't realize is that the public is going to see this for what it is – his opponents trying to drag the honest guy down to wallow in the sewer line with them. This particular one would seem more likely coming from Obama & his shadow government (from what little we know of his past, than the other GOP candidates – after all they sure didn't let it stop them from continuing grant money to ACORN (under new names) and they were exposed big time. T he same guy who exposed them
    helping them in planning how to import underage girls for prostitution has now exposed the New Hampshire registering the dead to vote in their primary. New Hampshire probably plans to respond the same way ACORN did and try to destroy the messenger.


    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I've said this before, and I'll say it again. The people are screaming for a candidate that is for reducing government control and taxes. They also want someone who will close our borders and deport all the illegals freeing up jobs for Americans. Someone strong who will get us out of other countries civil wars and take care of America. Who is for the reduction of the benefits and pay of those in Congress. They want someone who will uphold the Constitution and laws. How about the cancellation of mandatory health insurance purchase?
      They have Ron Paul who is FOR ALL of this and yet they ignore him. They say he's to "old".
      They SAY they want a candidate that will support these ideas and values but apparently they don't.

      And people wonder how obammy stole the White House.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    When the TEA Party first started the were going after getting people in to change our government for the better
    Now they are all over the place backing candidates that don't fit the original Tea party candidates.Our orignal people fought hard and were labeled obstructionists by the media and somehow some of them lost their morals and are now part of the establishment.Becarefultea party people.

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