Tea Party Candidate Takes On Obama Over Violence Against Israel

Photo Credit: Facebook/Terri Lynn Land

As Hamas attacks continue near the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers are increasingly being forced to defend themselves and their country from the violence. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently addressed the situation with candid support of Israel’s right to act in its own defense, as it has in recent days.

Terri Lynn Land, former Michigan secretary of state and current Tea Party-backed candidate for the U.S. Senate, weighed in Monday with a statement regarding the ongoing Palestinian missile strikes against Israel.

“Recent rocket attacks on Israeli civilians by the terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad are further proof that the situation in the Middle East is worsening.”

She continued with a pointed critique of Barack Obama’s perceived refusal to act on Israel’s behalf.

“The president’s lack of leadership in the region is emboldening extremists,” she said. “I stand strongly with our close ally Israel.”

Land echoed Harper’s assertion that the defensive measures being employed by that nation are completely justified.

“Israel has a right to defend herself and take whatever measures are necessary to stop the terrorist threat from organizations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

While the Obama administration has called for a de-escalation by Israel, Land concludes a more decisive plan of action is warranted.

“Instead of calling for restraint,” she said, “America should support Israel by taking steps to increase pressure on Iran.”

She asserted that the groups currently engaged in strikes against Israel “are supported by the Iranian regime, and Iran is sowing instability across the region.”

Land confirmed that the time has come for the U.S. “to show strength and leadership on the world stage.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Terri Lynn Land

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    We know Obutthole could care less about Israel and if Hamas & Iran wipe them off the face of the earth Obutthole would be happy.I can't believe that the jews in this country actually think this mongrel would lift a finger to help Israel.

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