Tea Party Candidate Calls Out GOP Opponents In This Fiery Debate

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

U.S. Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller made a name for himself as a hopeful in 2010. This year, he is facing fierce Republican competition by making sure voters recognize the differences between the candidates vying to take over Democrat Mark Begich’s seat.

A recent debate gave the Alaskan an opportunity to showcase his beliefs in contrast to those of his rivals.

He started with the hot-button issue of the day: amnesty.

Miller asserted that one of his opponents, Mead Treadwell, has a documented history of supporting a path toward citizenship for illegal aliens. He also noted that his other primary rival, Dan Sullivan, has received significant funding – hundreds of thousands of dollars – from organizations that support amnesty.

He also touched on global warming, explaining he is the only candidate with a proven track record of disputing the left’s assertion that man is to blame for changes in the climate.

“I am the only one standing on this stage that, at least consistently, stated that manmade global warming, the science on it, is inconclusive,” he said. “Both of my opponents have made statements that they support the belief in manmade global warming.”

Gun control provided another opportunity for Miller to separate himself from at least one of his opponents. He criticized Sullivan of failing to act on behalf of law-abiding gun owners by supporting Stand Your Ground laws that allow the use of force in certain situations.

Finally, he brought up his 2010 race, which ended in a close bout with incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. He said both Treadwell and Sullivan supported the moderate Murkowski at that time and are now asking for the support of conservative Alaskan voters.

“How can either Treadwell or Sullivan argue Begich should be replaced by either of them when both supported a candidate who votes with our state’s Democrat senator 80 percent of the time?” he asked.

Following the debate, Miller concluded that, if elected, he would “join the ranks of the Lees and Cruzes and work to bring the kinds of reform needed to restore American liberty and opportunity.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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