Tax-cheating Obama Staffers Owe How Much In Back Taxes??

Dollar Bills SC Tax cheating Obama staffers owe how much in back taxes??

If you have ever been hauled into an Internal Revenue Service office for an audit, think about that feeling as you read this.

According to a new IRS report, Barack Obama is harboring at least three dozen tax cheats right on his own staff! Together, this bunch has made a joke of Obama’s shopworn line about the “rich paying their fair share of taxes.” They owe a collective $833,970 in back taxes – and we thought liberals were patriotic! These aren’t “little people”; they must be well-paid (with our money) and well-educated to be where they are.

More than one in three of Obama’s royal staff makes over $100,000 a year, and his entire staff of 457 people makes over 37 million dollars each year.  Twenty-one make almost as much as a Congressman! And the tax cheats aren’t just in the White House. An IRS report says the aggregate amount owed to the IRS by all federal employees is a stunning $3.4 BILLION, which is an increase of 3% just since last year.

Some of these people actually work in the offices that write the tax laws they themselves are disregarding! That bunch owes over $2 million, and 4,697 Homeland Security employees collectively owe around $37 million. What’s worse is that 1,181 TREASURY DEPARTMENT workers – the people in the IRS – owe $9.3 million!

Clearly, Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t care about the tax cheats who work for him. The IRS report says 2,069 employees of his Department of Justice owe more than $17 million. That’s our money!

Federal law says those who are guilty of income tax evasion – what we put Al Capone away for – are felons who could serve up to five years in prison.

So Barack Obama, the guy with the “most transparent” administration in history, has thousands of employees that are tax cheats.

Right now, according to federal law, the only federal workers who can be fired for tax delinquency are Internal Revenue Service employees.  I’m sure few of us find that comforting.

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  1. True American says:

    One way back stabbing Obama is just root to all EVIL

  2. David F. says:

    Obama's words NEVER match his actions!! He is going after the "Rich" not to bring down the deficit, but increase the Money he can spend. Obama is the Snake in the Tree in the Garden of Eden, and that Snakes head needs to be chopped off (I mean that Figuratively, not Literally if there an any Obama spies reading this)!!

  3. SunnyinVegas says:

    Scumbags, all of them. Throw them all out. Time for a do-over

  4. Does it never end, The Obama cronies are crooks and scumbags. they can go NO LOWER !!!!!

    • Disgusted says:

      I think they can go lower, but just how low, and where on down will they go? This is bad, but they are capable of much worse, we ain’t seen nothing yet. If left in their positions of UNCHALLENGED power, they can, and will get lower and lower, for with criminals who have such power, and no one challenges them, they will find ways upon ways, to go lower until we, WE hit bottom. For them, there is no bottom. The IRS is dirty, has always been dirty, and are evil beyond evil. They are a law unto themselves, they answer to no one. And, the worst part is, they can rob us blind in taxes, and they do not care if we starve and die. I was told this by an IRS agent years ago, and I am sure that nothing and no one in this thieving and lying, dishonest bunch of crooks has changed a bit. Unless the entire nation, every single one of us, stopped paying into this forced, and illegal pit of snakes, there is not one thing any of us can do except pay. It is Organized Crime at it’s highest and at it’s worst. It needs to be abolished, as any useless and overbloated government agency should be, including the entire bunch of liars and freaks on Capitol Hill, who should be fired on the spot, and punished as all traitors and enemies of this nation should be.

      • While I have to agree with just about everything you posted — the fundamental concept to keep in mind is that what is presented about the scurrilous characters named is that one should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Doesn't matter if those accused of tax cheating are high level Obama officials, the right and proper thing to do is indict them and put them on trial before declaring them guilty. And if they end up indicted and put on trial — then the Jury should be instructed by the judge that they have the absolute right to judge the law as well as the facts, that is the American way going back to the Founding. Hey, I'd just be totally tickled to see them, one or all of them indicted, tried and found not guilty because the Jury found that the income tax law sucked (which it does) then the rest of us could give the IRS a one-finger salute. Those officials named, however, are not above the law. And the law they, as federal officials are bound to by oath is the United States Constitution. I'd be even more tickled to hear a jury verdict read in public that stated in so many words, "While we cannot find the accused federal employee guilty of tax fraud we still find, based upon the facts presented in this matter, that the accused very likely should be charged with treason and we urge this Honorable Court to forthwith urge that the foreperson of the federal grand jury in this district forthwith conduct an investigation."

  5. David Whitney says:

    Never hear about this in main line media!

  6. Just so I understand. Obama has called out Romney as possibly hiding something in his Tax Returns yet Obama can't keep his own house in order with CONFIRMED TAX CHEATS? Is he so out of touch OR does he truly believe he walks on water???

  7. Haul them all to prision

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