Tancredo to Congress: Start Impeachment Hearings

Jack Minor, The Greeley (Colorado) Gazette

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has given Congress a list of 12 items that he says would call for Obama’s impeachment if verified to have occurred.

In a Sept. 9 column, the former candidate for governor said Republicans should not use the excuse of the upcoming 2012 election to shirk their Constitutional duties.

The Constitution permits Congress to impeach a sitting president if he has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Constitution does not define the term “high crimes.” Impeachment does not remove a president. Removal would only come in the case of conviction after a trial in the Senate.

In the column, Tancredo presents a list of 12 questions that he says would justify Obama’s impeachment if answered in the affirmative.

The list includes Operation Fast and Furious, the government’s program allowing illegal gun sales to Mexican drug cartels. Tancredo said if the president had personal knowledge of either the program itself, or of efforts by Attorney General Eric Holder and other officials to cover up the scope and true purpose of the operation, that would amount to an impeachable offense.

Obama is also said to have possibly committed impeachment offenses for several issues related to immigration. Tancredo says Obama’s refusal to secure the border may be impeachable under his duties to protect states from foreign invasion. Sen. John Kyl claims Obama told him he was not going to stop cross-border human trafficking in order to force Republicans to pass legislation giving amnesty to illegal aliens currently living in the U.S….

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  1. Marilynn Reeves says:

    He should have been impeached or taken out a long time ago.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      An illegal can not be impeached because he was not legally there to start with. Thus making everything he has done null and void. Do you think a democrap senate would do anything to jeopardize their own jobs? Everything obama has done was with the SUPPORT of the democraps. ALL of them need removing and replaced with CONSERVATIVES!

  2. Marilynn Reeves says:

    He should have been impeached or taken out along time ago. Even alot of his freeloaders are starting to agree to this.

  3. OK, Tom is either playing us or he's on something!! It's hard to believe that's true! He knows obozo is an illegal imposter and he CAN'T be impeached, so WHY isn't he pushing for ARREST which is strongly urged and quickest way to be rid of the garbage in the WH?? obozo has broken every law on the books, so it's a slam-dunk getting him found Guilty of Crimes Against the State, Treason and tossed into Gitmo!!
    Are you folks listening to any of this and writing, calling your senators and reps and praying that it happens soon?? You know how slowly they move, they need kicked in the balls, but we can't find any!!!!

    • James Loney says:

      VirgoVince: I have written,called & sent "E" Mails. I got "form" letters in reply and the calls were answerd by aids that could only answer "I will see the Senator/Congressman gets your message. I have been blocked from sending "E" mail to Boehner so whats next? The bottom line,they don't want to hear and they are too gutless to take any action anyway???

      • I hear ya, James, but don't give up, it's the only way!
        Can't believe you were 'blocked' from emails, by anyone, unless you were totally abusive and out of line, it was probably just a fluke, try again!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Tom is right but who will try to impeach the first half black president,we have a bunch of gutless wonders in congress.Besides can you imagine a democrat doing the right thing just like republican letting Bush get away with illegal immigration. plus Obummer has Holder the pet monkey who will go after anyone who doesn't like Obuma like he did with the ceo of Gibson guitars

    • Beverly Arnold says:

      I am from Arizona and if Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he is looking into this imposters elligibility to be president he will do it. I don't believe that ANY of our congressmen will do diddly squat about it because they have too much to lose. If the white house thugs have their way, they will do everything possible to keep Joe away from the whitehouse and I am very worried that Joe will be harmed. Sheriff Arpaio is really unimpressed with with the way congress conducts itself. He is the real deal and will truly get rid of this imposter if he can find a way to do it.

  5. You are certainly a ripe crop of losers. LOL

  6. alegalcitizen says:

    It is all a WASTE OF TIME, clearly Congress, whether they believe it or not, has gone ahead & accepted the Muslim Obama as a legal citizens, regardless. Which leaves only one ending result of what needs to happen for our country to be saved from the satan Obama.

  7. This is the stupidest and least thought out website I have ever seen. You need to educate yourselves properly.

    All rhetoric, little fact.

    Way to discredit yourselves!


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