Video: Exposed: Obama’s NSA Pedophiles

Recently, 19-year old Jared Abrahams was convicted of hacking into young girls’ computers, turning on the webcam, and watching them undress, all without the webcam light coming on.

The NSA has been caught listening to our phone calls and reading our emails; so the question is, does the NSA also remotely turn on our webcams?

Of course.

Enter one of the seemingly endless NSA “contractors,” a company ominously calling themselves the “Hacking Team”, revealed in WikiLeaks videos and documents as part of the Spy Files. They sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of spy software to the NSA that can remotely read every single file on your computer—and of course can turn on your webcam without you ever knowing it’s on.

Oh, but the Hacking Team’s software makes Jared Abrahams look like an amateur. The NSA can remotely turn on literally thousands of webcams at a time—streaming live audio as well, all beamed in real time (illegally, mind you)—to the dozens of NSA facilities throughout the world.

But there are no pedophiles among Barack Obama’s illegal NSA spies, are there? Some sicko pulling in $200,000 per year watching your daughter undress?

Well, we know that high salary bureaucrats have been caught over and over again spending all day watching porn.

And we know that TSA agents often stick their hands down children’s pants.

So it would surprise no one to know that NSA pedophiles are watching young girls undress right this very minute.

Perhaps it’s time to put a stop to Obama’s NSA pedophiles.

Spying On Friends Ordered By America’s Dolt-In-Chief

Photo credit: waif69 (Creative Commons)

The National Security Agency (NSA) cannot spy on anyone, friend or foe, unless its activities are authorized by the White House. In short, for the low information voter, Barack Obama had to order it.

Feeling betrayed by a nation she considered a good friend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is very upset that the United States monitored her personal cell phone. Germany has had a long history of sharing information and intelligence with the United States. Allies obviously need a high level of trust in each other. The revelation that Obama’s NSA was spying on NATO ally leaders has dealt a serious blow to that necessary trust.

In addition to being thoroughly unacceptable and in exceptionally poor taste, Obama’s actions may well lead to the dissolution of NATO. European leaders have understandably lost trust in Obama. But don’t look for the mainstream press to report that fact.

Obama is possessed of a strong anti-colonial upbringing. It was first noted when he unceremoniously returned a bust of Winston Churchill loaned by the British to President Bush after 9-11. Obama was classless enough to send it back with a “no thank you” note! By spying on world leaders, he likely seeks to drive a wedge between the United States and her allies. It is his loutish way to fulfill the dream of his true father, Frank Marshal Davis, to get even with the former colonial powers and put the United States in its place. The world’s trust in its greatest nation has been compromised, precisely what Barack Obama hoped to accomplish.

The latest revelations by Edward Snowden have seriously compromised Mr. Obama’s Spite House relationship with foreign leaders. It is highly probable that the private phone numbers of these individuals were provided to the NSA by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Collecting information on American citizens and allied leaders is a waste of time for an agency that is supposed to be protecting this country from external threats. After all, the current concern of the Intelligence community is that Snowden has documents detailing secret cooperation between belligerent nations. American officials don’t know what documents Snowden has, but they are concerned with what hasn’t yet shown up on WikiLeaks.

In a statement aimed at Obama, Chancellor Merkel said “I repeat that spying among friends is not at all acceptable, and that goes for every citizen in Germany.” Remember that American Intelligence Agencies cannot do a thing unless they have been authorized or ordered by the President. Obama owns this latest example of corrupt and boorish behavior lock, stock, and barrel.


Photo credit: waif69 (Creative Commons)

Bradley Manning Seeks Gender Change- On Taxpayer’s Dime

Bradley Manning SC Bradley Manning Seeks Gender Change  On Taxpayers Dime

Pfc. Bradley Manning said Thursday that he wants to live his life as a woman and be known as Chelsea Manning as he begins a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified government information to WikiLeaks.

Less than 24 hours after being sentenced for being the source of one of the biggest classified leaks in U.S. history, Pfc. Manning said he wants to begin hormone therapy and be known by a new name.

“As I transition to the next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me,” he said in a statement made on NBC’s “Today” show. “I am Chelsea Manning.”

Pfc. Manning’s sexuality became a focal point of his defense during the court-martial at Fort Meade, Md.

His defense team argued that the 25-year-old former Army intelligence analyst suffered from gender-identity issues that were largely ignored by commanders who should have removed him from the position in Iraq, where he had access to classified U.S. documents.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal. By Dion Nissenbaum.

Video: Was Michael Hastings Murdered?

Was Michael Hastings murdered?


At least according to a report by Hastings’ good friend, Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs, who received a frantic email hours before Hastings was incinerated after his car supposedly slammed into a tree.

In the email, Hastings describes being investigated by the FBI and needing to go into hiding in order to work on a “big story.”

According to Joseph Biggs, Elise Jordan, the widow of Michael Hastings, not only believes Hastings was murdered, but vows to bring his murderers to justice!

Biggs said the following about the fuming widow:

She’s vowing to take down whoever did this. She’s a fighter.

But didn’t the Los Angeles police department come out within hours stating that there was no foul play? Didn’t the FBI offer a “helping hand” in the accident investigation to help identify Hastings, matching fingerprints they had on file?

Yes and yes.

Although why the FBI were involved when it was merely an accident, why exactly they had Hastings’ fingerprints on file, and how they were able to match fingerprints when Hastings was burned down to the bone is a mystery.

Hastings may or may not have been murdered. But one thing is clear: The narrative of how the accident occurred is a total fabrication.

Here’s how the story goes: On June 18 at 4:30 in the morning, Hastings was traveling at 100 miles an hour in an upper class suburban neighborhood in the 600 block of North Highland Avenue in Los Angeles. Moving at such a high rate of speed, he lost control of the vehicle—a 2013 Mercedes C250 Coupe—and slammed into a palm tree. Upon impact, the car exploded, ejecting the engine and part of the drivetrain several hundred feet, simultaneously bursting into flames.

The claim that Hastings was traveling at 100 miles an hour when he hit the tree is false. This claim was substantiated by a roving local reporter who had a dash cam running. The video shows Hastings’ car blowing through a red light at high speed in a business district several minutes before the crash. The dash cam video is highly suspect. As shown in the above video, the video taken frame-by-frame seems to show an unexplained anomaly, in which the background appears to be in front of the car on one frame.

Whether this video is doctored or not, however, is irrelevant. The vehicle was absolutely not traveling at 100 mph when it hit the tree. There is little damage to the tree or the front of the vehicle, as would be expected from a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, which is probably why they covered up the front of the car with a large sheet once the media began to arrive.  Further, when the engine and drivetrain were ejected, as required by the laws of physics, the engine would be thrown in the general direction the vehicle was traveling. In fact, it was thrown at a ninety degree angle from which the vehicle hit the tree.

If in fact Hastings was murdered—and we are not saying with absolutely certainty that he was—it is likely an explosive device was detonated while Hastings was driving at a normal rate of speed. Or he was placed in the vehicle knocked out or already dead, at which time the bomb was detonated while the vehicle was at rest against the tree.

If Hastings was in the vehicle dead or knocked out while the car was moving, the problem then becomes: how was the vehicle steered toward the tree to make it look like this was the cause of the explosion? As the Huffington Post reported, in interviewing Richard Clarke, a counter terrorism expert under Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Clinton, stated:

There is reason to believe that intelligence agencies for major powers—including the United States—know how to remotely seize control of a car.

This, however, is not news. Car and Driver magazine reported back in their August 2011 issue that hackers could easily commandeer a vehicle:

Currently, there’s nothing to stop anyone with malicious intent and some computer-programming skills from taking command of your vehicle.

If in fact Hastings was murdered, who did it and why?

Just hours before Hastings’ death, he had contacted WikiLeaks requesting legal counsel, stating that he was being investigated by the FBI, which was substantiated by the email to Joseph Biggs. What hasn’t been generally reported is that Biggs stated in an interview with Fox News that the “big story” Hastings was working on had to do with the CIA, in contradiction to the lie perpetrated by the Los Angeles Times  that he was investigating the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell-Jill Kelley love triangle story.

This was debunked by Hastings’ widow herself, telling both Biggs and tweeting out a rebuttal.

The “big story” was in fact our own government, an entity that some say is even more powerful than the President of the United States—our own CIA?

Yes, the same CIA who are famous for making people “disappear.”

Further, not only does the email Hastings sent to Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs contain a reference to the FBI, but the NSA as well!

Was Michael Hastings’ phone tapped? Were they looking at his emails, and did the government find out that Hastings discovered something about the Obama administration that absolutely had to be suppressedso much so that he was murdered?

Hastings had been a thorn in Barack Obama’s side for a long time and had just published a book highly critical of him,  revealing him as an emperor with no clothes. Did the trail of dead bodies that seem to gather around Obama add another victim? Did Barack Hussein Obama’s NSA or CIA, while snooping on every single American, do a little “side job” for him?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Video: The REAL Power In Obama’s White House

Ever hear of a company called The Analysis Corporation? No? Neither did most Americans in 2008. This was strange because in 2008, the company netted $65 million dollars and worked for virtually every government agency that had anything remotely to do with intelligence: The NSA, DHS, FBI, and the rest of the alphabet soup of government agencies whose chief goal was to snoop on people who might pose a threat to the government.

So exactly why in early 2008 did The Analysis Corporation find it necessary to “breach” the passport/birth certificate file of Barack Obama? Remember that? Obama, Clinton’s, and McCain’s passport/birth certificate files being “breached,” but only Obama’s being breached “on three separate occasions.” Keep in mind that in 2008, the primary purpose of The Analysis Corporation (they now go by the name of Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc.) was to keep track of terrorists. The breach was chocked up to a “low level” computer operator having fun looking into the passport files and birth certificates of presidential candidates.  We were told he was “disciplined,” although who he was or what this entailed was never made clear. We wouldn’t find out until much later that someone who holds a very high position in the Obama administration today—John Brennan—headed this “terrorist tracking” company.

When Obama won the election in 2008, the mainstream media quietly forgot about this incident. “Birthers,” as the Left has styled those who care about following the “natural born” requirement of the U.S. Constitution for President, quietly filed this fact away as it became clear that Obama’s grammar school records in Indonesia clearly identified him as an Indonesian citizen. We kept this in mind as Obama refused to provide for a full three years his long-form birth certificate. We kept this fact in mind when virtually everyone who had even a modicum of computer knowledge clearly saw that the long-form PDF birth certificate released on April 27, 2011 was not only a forgery, but a bad forgery—verified by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation.

But a new twist came in this Obama-Brennan relationship.

John Brennan almost from Day One became the de facto Commander-in-Chief as he took over the drone program, when he oversaw literally dozens of secret warswhen he virtually ran the White Housethis unbelievably while Brennan was simply a homeland security and terrorism advisor!

According to the recently published book Benghazi: The Definitive Report,  John Brennan, aside from having the authority to murder American citizens as head of the drone program, has been waging a series of secret wars in North Africa and the Middle East against Al Qaeda and Al-Qaeda-linked groups. How secret? So secret that he and his minions at JSOC, Joint Special Operations Command, operated not only outside the purview of Congress, but outside the purview of the Pentagon and the CIA! Former CIA head David Petraeus wasn’t even aware of Brennan’s secret wars!

According to Benghazi: The Definitive Report, the attack on the Benghazi consulate had nothing to do with, as we were told, an amateurish anti-Muslim YouTube video leading to a “protest turned violent,” but was retaliation for John Brennan’s JSOC attacks on the Libya-based terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia.

If that isn’t shocking enough, Brennan, as an almost de facto President of the United States, was secretly meeting with heads of state! According to top secret cables recently released by Wikileaks, Brennan in 2009 met with none other than the King of Saudi Arabia and then-President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh! And these are just the heads of state that we know of!

Why was Brennan, then a low-level advisor to Barack Hussein Obama, secretly meeting with heads of state? Under what authority was (and probably still is) John Brennan waging secret wars in North Africa and the Middle East? Was this the real reason for the attack on the Benghazi consulate, as Benghazi: The Definitive Report makes clear? Does the intel that came out yesterday that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered via lethal injection after a failed kidnapping attempt make sense in light of Brennan’s illegal involvement in Libya and attack of Ansar al-Sharia?

According to an “exclusive” by the Washington Times yesterday:

According to a March 14 posting on an al Qaeda-linked website, Dhu-al-Bajadin stated that Stevens was given a lethal injection that was overlooked during the autopsy. The “plan was based on abduction and exchange of high-level prisoners,” the terrorist wrote on the prominent jihadist Web forum Ansar al-Mujahideen Network. “However, the operation took another turn, for a reason God only knows, when one of the members of the jihadist cell improvised and followed Plan B.”

Western Journalism reported on this months ago while the mainstream media was still playing pin the tail on the YouTube video! We went further in identifying the “high-level” prisoner as being none other than the Blind Sheikh, the “helpless elderly man” as Obama’s buddy in Egypt (Mohammed Morsi) likes to refer to him as.

Make no bones about it: John Brennan, not Barack Obama, is the real power in the White House. And when calls for a House Select Committee to investigate what really happened in Benghazi are finally answered, we will find John Owen Brennan’s fingerprints all over it.