FBI Files Dig Up Shocking Dirt From Top Obama Adviser’s Past That Could Explain A Lot

FBI files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal key Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s father, maternal grandfather, and father-in-law were hardcore communists.

Jarrett is a senior adviser to President Barack Obama; she has served in the White House during Obama’s entire tenure in office and has been a friend of the family since the early 1990’s.

In a statement released Monday, Judicial Watch reported:

Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows. In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Bowman was also a member of a Communist-sympathizing group called the Association of Internes and Medical Students. After his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman moved to Iran to work, the FBI records show.

The Obama adviser’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was also a communist according to FBI documents obtained by Judicial Watch. The agency considered him a potential Communist saboteur, who was to be arrested in the event of a war with the Soviet Union.

According to Judicial Watch, Jarrett herself is a “liberal extremist” who, like the president, had strong ties to Frank Marshall Davis — a member of the Communist Party with an extensive FBI file.

Obama wrote about his mentor “Frank” (Marshall Davis) in his best-selling memoir Dreams From My Father (2005). He mentioned him 22 times in the book by his first name, with various other references as well. The president wrote about a conversation he had with Davis in the late 70’s as the young man prepared to leave Hawaii to go to college on the Mainland.

Davis warned him that college professors would “train you to forget what it is that you already know. They’ll train you so good, you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that sh-t…”

Dr. Paul Kengor, professor and author of the book The Communist – Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor (2012), notes that Obama took out all overt references to Davis in his audio version of Dreams From My Father (which he narrated) as he prepared to run for president. Kengor writes that the future candidate for the highest office in the land “no doubt feared being tied too closely to a man who joined the Communist Party under Stalin and had been so radical that the federal government placed him on the Security Index [watchlist.]”

The Washington Post reported: “As Obama became a community organizer in college and later grappled with the challenges of race and poverty in Chicago, he visualized Davis and asked, ‘What would Frank do? What would Frank think?’ Kengor wrote.”

It would appear the association with Davis, likely affirmed by Valerie Jarrett (given her family lineage), did shape the president’s view of the role of government. The federal government has undergone its largest expansion since the heydays of the Great Society in the 1960s (and arguably the greatest increase in taxes in over a generation) with Obama at the helm.

Obama stated during his famous interchange with Joe the Plumber during the 2008 campaign regarding tax policy: “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

His words sound akin to “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” said by Karl Marx, a noted communist.

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Valerie Jarrett Killed Hillary Clinton’s Presidency – And Says She Won’t Leave Until The Lights Go Out

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

The New York Post reported today that it was Obama’s Rasputin, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, that leaked the story about Hillary Clinton using a private email server to the press. It seems that there is real bad blood still between the Obama and Clinton camps. Obama seems to be worried that Hillary will not be as far left as he is and will undo some of his agenda if she is elected, so the Left is doing everything it can to destroy her.

President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address during her time as secretary of state, sources tell me.

But she did so through people outside the ­administration, so the story couldn’t be traced to her or the White House.

The Post continues:

Last fall, during the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, Jarrett was heard to complain bitterly that the Clintons were turning congressmen, senators, governors and grass-root party members against Obama by portraying him as an unpopular president who was an albatross around the neck of the party.

Jarrett was said to be livid that most Democrats running for election refused to be seen campaigning with the president. She blamed the Clintons for marginalizing the president and for trying to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from Obama.

And she vowed payback.

It seems that Jarrett has also been holding secret meetings with Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley, both of whom are potential candidates who could challenge Hillary’s quest for the nomination. She has been promising full White House support against a Clinton candidacy. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

But Valerie Jarrett may have other intentions besides just killing Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Presidency of the United States.  In an interview with the New York Times recently, when asked if she would be leaving the White House anytime soon, Jarrett replied, “Oh, my goodness, I intend to stay until the lights go off.”

I think she will stay at least long enough to ensure Iran gets a nuclear weapon.

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Here’s The Reason Valerie Jarrett Is Scared Of Benjamin Netanyahu


We have all seen the White House’s reaction to House Speaker John Boehner inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress on the Iranian nuclear situation. The Obama administration has completely freaked out, lobbing public barrages against Netanyahu and Boehner for “going around the White House and diplomatic protocol.” This is quite humorous for the president who famously said “I have a pen and a phone and can do anything I want”–but that’s for another column.

I’ve written about the Obama administration’s agenda when dealing with Iran. The agenda is to run out the clock and allow Iran to develop, or be on the verge of developing, a nuclear weapon that would threaten the entire Middle East and the world. Israel would especially be in danger.

The real questions are: Who is pushing this agenda? Who is pushing for Iran to go nuclear? And, who is so scared of Netanyahu briefing Congress and the American people on what Iran is up to?

The answer is Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Rasputin. This is where the anger from the White House is coming from.

Most people know she was born in Iran. This in itself does not disqualify her from advising the president, but it does open her agenda to scrutiny. There have been reports that she has been secretly negotiating with Iran on the nuclear issue, but the White House has vehemently denied it.

I, for one, don’t trust a thing this administration says.

Now, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Obama administration has already given Iran eighty percent of what it has demanded in the negotiations.  The “deal” to be reached will leave Iran within months of going nuclear if they decide to move forward. All of the centrifuges will remain under their control.

This “deal” is not a deal, but an appeasement.

The Post reports: “Jerusalem officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the United States will soon strike a deal with the Iranian regime that will leave it with a ‘breakout capacity’ of months during which it can gallop toward a nuclear bomb.”  

This is what Valerie Jarrett is so scared of–that her secret deals with Iran to allow them to go nuclear will become public knowledge. She is scared Netanyahu will tell Congress and the American people what is really going on. We can’t have that, can we?

Why else would the White House be so scared that one of our closest and reliable allies is speaking to a co-equal branch of government?

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What This Camera Captured Is One Of The Creepiest, Weirdest Things In White House History

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

While Americans struggling under a disastrous economy and rampant federal regulation might have plenty of reason to blame the Obama administration, many contend it is not the president but his closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett, who deserves the credit – or blame – for these and other policies.

NBC News recently devoted a segment to the influential woman, during which she discussed a number of issues including Obama’s sagging approval numbers and the assertion that Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch is a staunch advocate for immigration reform.

“We’re going through some tough times now,” she admitted. “But I’ll tell you something that I learned very early in the first campaign is that you can’t look at the daily polls. If we listened to the polls, he would’ve abandoned the race in the middle of the primary season.”

She also shared her assertion that, after two dinner meetings with Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch, she is convinced he is “committed to immigration reform.”

What caught the most attention, especially among her conservative detractors, is not what she said but what NBC’s cameras caught in an otherwise innocuous panning shot of her office. Though the network did not mention it, several sources picked up on an odd picture frame holding a headshot of Jarrett.

NBC News

NBC News

Upon closer inspection, it is clear three figurines are bowing in front of her as though she is their god. Significant conversation resulted among right-wing blogs and other media outlets wondering whether the frame depicted a genuine reflection of her own perceived importance, or if it was simply a lighthearted gag gift as The Blaze posited.

Shortly after the story began gaining traction, Jarrett responded via her Twitter account.

That comment in turn sparked even more criticism from administration opponents.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)


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More Evidence Of Racist Obama Administration

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

I’m sure NBC wants to take this video back!

Where’s Sharpton’s outrage when you need it?

Over the weekend, NBC did a puff piece with Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, that showed the interior of her office and the pictures she had placed there.  One of the photos showed a picture of Jarrett with several figurines of white men bowing down to her.



Are you kidding me?

She responded on Twitter that it was a gag gift and not to worry.

So let me get this straight. If Karl Rove had received a gag gift of black women bowing down to him and he left it in his office to be shown on national TV, albeit accidentally, don’t you think the blogosphere would have exploded with racist rage?

The bottom line is that Obama and his minions have done more to foment hatred between the races in this country than anyone in recent history.  He has pitted race against race and culture against culture.  His people don’t want to save America; they want to get as much as they can before the lights go out.  It’s sickening, folks.

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