Are WalMart’s Pay Raises A Good Thing?

The budding “revolutionary guards” among WalMart employees may be learning a lesson about economics in the real world–a course they were never offered during their substandard public educations.

The pressure from militant employees and union thugs has brought about a series of raises for WalMart workers, which is supposed to be good news. But is it?

Some of these raises will start immediately, and others will follow until all REMAINING workers will see remarkable increases in their salaries; some will be getting $80 per week raises.

Nevertheless, WalMart has not become the largest retailer in the world by voluntarily shrinking its own already razor-thin profit margin. The “hard fought – hard won” raises have a price tag that will be paid by some of the very “revolutionaries” who fought so hard for them.

Since the new pay structure was announced, WalMart has experienced an outbreak of “faulty plumbing” in some of its stores. These suspiciously handy “plumbing failures” have necessitated closing at least five stores due to “ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs.” A review of the listed stores shows that one, in Pico Rivera, California, has been the scene of ongoing employee work stoppages and picketing.

During the widely reported incidents, a worker was quoted as saying she “walked out …missing her afternoon shift, because ‘when we speak out, they cut my hours in retaliation and they have me pull pallets, which is very hard work. I’m a single mom and I can’t afford them cutting my hours.’”

Apparently, she never heard the story of WalMart’s Jonquiere, Quebec store. In 2004, its workers voted to join a union. In response, the company closed the store six months later, citing the union’s requirement that new workers be added and new work rules be imposed. Yes, the union appealed to the Canadian Supreme Court and won, meaning the 190 fired workers may eventually get back pay with interest; but WalMart had made its point. The store has yet to reopen.

This time, WalMart has apparently learned its lesson: Say you’re closing because of plumbing problems, not union rules!

The Pico Rivera store will be closed for at least six months. Has WalMart now added “lessons from the real world” like “don’t tug on Superman’s cape” to its employee benefits package?

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Conservative School Board Member Faces Censure For Expressing Views

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A Tennessee school board member is facing censure for speaking out about the undue influence union groups are having on education policy in the district.

Susan Curlee, a member of the Williamson County School Board in central Tennessee, ran for office last fall out of concern about the progressive agenda being implemented in her daughters’ school–and received stiff opposition from union groups.

She told the Daily Caller, “The local teachers union set up an organization that was called the Williamson Political Action Committee for Education. It sound[s] very benign, very pro-education.”

“If you see someone who is endorsed by Williamson Political Action Committee for Education you must think these people are really for education,” she added. “Actually what they’re for are teachers unions. What they’re for is a very leftist agenda.”

Williamson Strong is another union-backed group, Curlee states, which actively opposed her election. Williamson Strong refuted the claim in an open letter. Curlee filed an ethics complaint against the group in December 2014.

Following her victory, she filed a FOIA request to determine what ties these groups had to the school’s administration. 

The Tennessean reports:

School board member Susan Curlee said [Superintendent Mike] Looney’s involvement in the elections were not apparent until she filed a public records request of email correspondence between Looney and board members, correspondence between Looney and parent group Williamson Strong and correspondence including her name.

Looney offered a public apology to the board members at a March meeting, saying, “The election process was particularly messy. Some of you believe I violated policy. I don’t believe that I’ve violated policy. But I do believe that the lines were blurred, and I could have done a better job at managing the lines.” Nonetheless, he refused to apologize to specific members (like Curlee) regarding his taking sides in the election, saying, “It’s time to move on.”

The board, apparently seeking to address electioneering by school officials and public criticism by board members, voted to add the following provisions to its ethics code:

  • I will refrain from using district resources to actively campaign for any candidate for elected office.
  • I will refrain from public critique of fellow board members.
  • I will refrain from public critique of the superintendent outside of board deliberation.
  • I will take no action that will compromise the Board, the District or administration.

Curlee refuses to comply with the new code of ethics provisions regarding publicly critiquing other members of the board or the superintendent, “This would require me to operate from a completely different standard than that of any other public official…I will never forfeit my first amendment right,” she said.

She added, “The resolution states I did not receive permission from the board chairman prior to my Fox interview, the Daily Caller article or my appearance at the 40th Annual Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionization Conference…”

“My constituents watch Fox News, read The Daily Caller, and listen to talk radio,” she went onto say. “As an elected public official, it is my duty to communicate in venues where my constituents consume news and information.”

The school board resolution against Curlee regarding violating the new ethic provisions reads in part:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Williamson County Schools Board of Education does hereby censure District 12 Board Member, Susan Curlee for repeated violations of the adopted Code of Ethics and the negative impact her actions have brought upon the District; and…

That the Williamson County Schools Board of Education does hereby demand that District 12 Board Member, Susan Curlee cease all public actions negatively impacting the Superintendent, Staff, Teachers, Families, and most importantly, Children of the Williamson County Schools District. 

The board plans to continue to take up the resolution against Curlee at its meeting on Monday, April 20.

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Teachers Unions HATE Accountability, Rebel Against Performance Measurement

lev radin /

It’s all about the children right?

At least that’s what the teachers unions will tell you when they rail against performance measurement in their industry.

I’ve never seen an industry so averse to accountability. Our education system is crumbling, and the teachers unions have a big part to do with that. By refusing to hold bad teachers accountable (and even enabling them), the unions are damaging the future of our country.

Performance testing is a big evil in their eyes. Why should they have to perform like the private sector? They are “owed” tenure, a “living wage,” and “freedom from accountability.”

What a crock of you know what.

In New York, the teachers who are “all about the children” are now threatening to refuse to test students. Yes, you got that right. Teachers are rebelling against accountability by telling their kids they don’t have to take the tests that measure their learning.

Unbelievable, right?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In an aggressive move against testing, the New York State United Teachers Union started robocalling members Thursday with a reminder they can have their children refuse next week’s state exams.  

“This is insanity,” says the robocall’s recording of union president Karen Magee.  “Governor Cuomo is forcing schools to use tests as a hammer…we are fighting back.”

Evan Stone, co-founder of Educators 4 Excellence, which aims to elevate teachers’ voices in policy, said the union should use its influence to improve testing rather than trying to undermine the testing system.  

Our education system has become a seminary for liberal teaching of the socialist religion. ‘Get all you can from government, avoid accountability, lie in order to obtain power, and brainwash the children’ is the new mantra.

Accountability is critical if we are to rid our schools of this cancer. The New York teachers union should be ashamed.

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Obama Administration Teaching Illegal Aliens How To Join Unions To Avoid Deportation

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Boy, these guys are sneaky–the Obama administration, that is. We all know they are attempting to radically change the demographic nature of America in order to get more votes for the Democratic party. The tactic goes something like this—we get you into the country to stay and you vote Democrat forever; deal?

Now we find out that the Obama administration has made more “agreements” with Central American nations to educate their future illegal immigrants to the US on how to join a union in order to avoid future deportation if caught.

Fox News reported recently:

Congressional investigators say they’ve uncovered another attempt by the Obama administration to aid illegal immigrants in the U.S. – this time, by teaching foreign workers lessons on union organizing.

The National Labor Relations Board has entered into agreements with Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines to teach workers from those countries in the United States their rights when it comes to union activity.

The agreements reportedly don’t distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants. But lawmakers are worried it’s part of an effort to shield illegal immigrants specifically, by encouraging them to join a union and get protection.

That means employers could be charged for dismissing an illegal immigrant worker – if the firing is determined to be tied to the worker’s union activity

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, argued illegal immigrant workers could soon learn to exploit the system, creating a catch-22 for businesses.

“They could instead be charged with violating the National Labor Relations Act because someone will claim that they’re doing it because the individual is engaged in unionization activities,” Goodlatte said.

Pretty freaking unbelievable if you ask me. The nerve, right?

So let me get this straight. Obama has stopped deportation of illegals here in the U.S. on his own authority. He is encouraging children to emigrate from Central America to the U.S.

Heck, he’s even flying them on American planes into the U.S. to save them from abuse. Now we find out that once they get here, they can join a union to stop any deportation proceedings. What a deal!

With a president like this, America doesn’t need enemies.

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U.S. Teaching Legal/Illegal Immigrants To Unionize

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The United States has signed agreements with Mexico, the Philippines, and Ecuador to instruct immigrant workers–legal or illegal–about their right to join a union.

Furthermore, the Washington Examiner reports that last month, the United States’ National Labor Relations Board instituted a new policy that will facilitate illegal immigrants obtaining visas:

…if their status impedes [them] from pursuing a labor violation case against a business. The policy gives illegal immigrants living in the U.S. a strong incentive to engage in labor activism, because doing so will make employers reluctant to fire them and potentially get them a visa, and therefore legal status, if they are fired.

The National Labor Relations Board is the enforcement agency created from the National Labor Relations Act, which was passed in 1935 during the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt. The central purpose of the act was to guarantee the right to collective bargaining.

The NLRB’s chief counsel, Richard Griffin, testified before Congress last week that one of the main purposes of the series of bilateral “memorandums of understanding” between the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Philippines is “…to strengthen collaborative efforts to provide foreign business owners doing business in the United States, as well as workers from those countries, with education, guidance and access to information regarding their rights and responsibilities under our statute.”

The Examiner found it strange that, if a primary purpose of these agreements is to help educate foreign business owners about workers’ rights in the United States, why the agreements were with only three countries whose nationals employ relatively few Americans–while two of the three (Mexico and the Philippines) supply a large number of immigrants to the workforce.

One result of these new agreements, according to the Examiner, is: “An employer who fires an illegal immigrant worker — which is required under federal immigration law — can be sanctioned by the board if it decides the worker’s union activism was the real reason for the dismissal.”

Photo credit: tedeytan (Creative Commons)

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