Watch: 2-Time Obama Voter Goes To Trump Rally And ERUPTS On Obama- ‘Donald Trump’s The Man!’

A black man who vote for President Obama twice unleashed his feelings of betrayal by the current White House resident at a Donald Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday.

The man stood in front of the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross and yelled out his opposition to Barack Obama and his support for Trump to be the next President of the United States.

“Obama has failed us,” he said. “It’s time for somebody to make a stand!”

“I never voted before,” the man proclaimed. “And I voted for [Obama] twice. He broke my heart.”

“He broke our hearts, especially black people,” he added. “We ain’t got no jobs!” 

According to the Pew Research Center, the poverty rate among African Americans has increased since Obama became president, from 25.8 to 27.2 percent. Further, the black labor participation rate, at 60.2 percent, is the lowest it has been since 1977.

The man said that Obama had “bamboozled” him, but “He’s not doing it to me no more, because Donald Trump is the man!” 

Many passersby at the Trump rally obviously agreed with what gentlemen was saying.

Exit polling from the 2012 election found that 93 percent of African Americans voted for Obama, along with 71 percent of Hispanics and 73 percent of Asians, according to CNN.

Donald Trump has been pleased to point out that recent polling found him receiving a far greater percentage of the African American vote than any recent Republican candidate for president, though his support with Hispanics looks similar.

The man at Trump’s Saturday rally apparently does not need any more convincing.

“[Trump] is going to make all of us blessed, very successful. He’s going to take back this country…If you all want America great, every last one of you needs to go fight for Donald Trump!”

The Gov’t Just Announced The U.S. Economy Has Set A New Record- And It’s Awful News

Stocks fell Friday following lower-than-expected labor statistics for the month of September.

Though the official unemployment rate remained unchanged at just north of five percent, many critics of the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that figure does not take into account the millions of Americans who have dropped out of the workforce altogether.

One telling number included in the report addresses that growing segment of the population. While August set a record with roughly 94 million individuals older than 16 out of the labor force, that number grew to more than 94.6 million last month.

The nation’s workforce participation rate hit similarly distressing levels in September, marking the lowest percentage — 62.2 — of engaged Americans in nearly four decades. While the news is not good for the nearly 14 million Americans either unemployed or looking for work, it did not come as a surprise to many critics of the Obama administration.

Are you surprised so many Americans have dropped out of the workforce in the Obama economy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Oops: Joe Biden Just Let Something Slip That Obama Definitely Doesn’t Want Talked About

Wage stagnation, income inequality and unemployment are stalking the American economy, Vice President Joseph Biden said Tuesday, contradicting past White House claims of widespread economic recovery.

Biden, who remains a possible candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, said black Americans suffer the most.

“While the unemployment rate for African-Americans has dropped by more than 7 percent since the height of the recession, it is still double the unemployment rate as the rest of the country,” he said. “And over the last 30 years, African-Americans have faced even greater wage stagnation then the rest of the country.”

He said “a basic bargain” has broken down in the United States.

“If you contributed to the success of the enterprise … you got to share in the benefits. If you worked hard and played by the rules, you got to share in the nation’s prosperity,” Biden said.

“The bargain has to be restored,” Biden said. “The people who were once left out have to be brought in.”

“We know that there is a lot more work to do to make the resurgence available to everyone,” he said.

Biden’s remarks followed a theme he has been sounding since Labor Day, citing the fact that the economic recovery of the past seven years hasn’t yet reached the middle class. At the time, Biden described the economic recovery as “devastating for workers.”

Biden made his remarks at a speech during the National Historically Black Colleges And Universities Week Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

h/t: Breitbart

Congress Fiddles While The Economy Burns

Reports that the official unemployment rate has fallen to 5.1 percent may appear to vindicate the policies of easy money, corporate bailouts, and increased government spending. However, even the mainstream media has acknowledged that the official numbers understate the true unemployment rate. This is because the government’s unemployment figures do not include the 94 million Americans who have given up looking for work or who have settled for part-time employment. John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics estimates the real unemployment rate is between 23 and 24 percent.

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, few in Washington, D.C. acknowledge that America’s economic future is endangered by excessive spending, borrowing, taxing, and inflating. Instead, Congress continues to waste taxpayer money on futile attempts to run the economy, run our lives, and run the world.

For example, Congress spent the majority of last week trying to void the Iranian nuclear agreement. This effort was spearheaded by those who think the U.S. should waste trillions of dollars on another no-win Middle East war. Congressional war hawks ignore how America’s hyper-interventionist foreign policy feeds the growing rebellion against the dollar’s world reserve currency status. Of course, the main reason many are seeking an alternative to the dollar is their concern that, unless Congress stops creating — and the Federal Reserve stops monetizing — massive deficits, the U.S. will experience a Greek-like economic crisis.

Despite the clear need to reduce federal spending, many Republicans are trying to cut a deal with the Democrats to increase spending. These alleged conservatives are willing to lift the “sequestration” limits on welfare spending if President Obama and congressional Democrats support lifting the “sequestration” limits on warfare spending. Even sequestration’s miniscule, and largely phony, cuts are unbearable for the military-industrial complex and the rest of the special interests that control our government.

The only positive step toward addressing our economic crisis that the Senate may take this year is finally holding a roll call vote on the Audit the Fed legislation. Even if the audit legislation lacks sufficient support to overcome an expected presidential veto, just having a Senate vote will be a major step forward.

Passage of the Audit the Fed bill would finally allow the American people to know the full truth about the Fed’s operations, including its deals with foreign central banks and Wall Street firms. Revealing the full truth about the Fed will likely increase the number of Americans demanding that Congress end the Fed’s monetary monopoly. This suspicion is confirmed by the hysterical attacks on and outright lies about the audit legislation spread by the Fed and its apologists.

Every day, the American people see evidence that, despite the phony statistics and propaganda emanating from Washington, high unemployment and rising inflation plague the economy. Economic anxiety has led many Americans to support an avowed socialist’s presidential campaign. Perhaps more disturbingly, many other Americans are supporting the campaign of an authoritarian crony capitalist. If there is a major economic collapse, many more Americans — perhaps even a majority — will embrace authoritarianism. An economic crisis could also lead to mob violence and widespread civil unrest, which will be used to justify new police state measures and crackdowns on civil liberties.

Unless the people demand an end to the warfare state, the welfare state, and fiat money, our economy will continue to deteriorate until we are faced with a major crisis. This crisis can only be avoided by rejecting the warfare state, the welfare state, and fiat money. Those of us who know the truth must redouble our efforts to spread the ideas of liberty.

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It’s Back To Dysfunctional Washington

As Congress and their symbiotic bureaucratic, media and lobbyist co-conspirators return to Washington after a month’s vacation, they will find they missed all the explosive summer fun.

It was not pleasurable but the government did detonate the Colorado Gold King Mine in August when the Environmental Protection Agency tested how new procedures could be used to clean-up one of the hundreds of abandoned mines in the American west.

The EPA has been struggling with pollution control since 1980 when newspaper reports of benzene and dioxin traces were found in property owned by a school at Love Canal, New York and Congress established a Superfund under the EPA to clean up the most dangerous chemical waste sites.

Unfortunately, the EPA test turned into 3 million gallons of toxic mustard-tinted sludge containing lead and arsenic spilling into a river system extending into New Mexico and Utah. Unable to cleanse its own 1,300 sites, the EPA immediately changed the subject by issuing a new regulation ordering the private sector to clean up methane gas emissions, threatening recovery in the oil business.

True, much in Washington was less dramatic as the bureaucracy turned out millions and millions of checks to Social Security and government retirees, Medicare health enrollees, veterans, students, farmers, subsidized businesses, states, contractors, employees, researchers, and grant recipients. While sending checks is pretty simple, the fraud and error rates totaled 12 percent, with improper payments for seven Health and Human Services programs alone announced at $78 billion for 2014.

One of my first experiences in government was during the 1980s, on a visit to the Federal Aviation Administration. I was viewing its plans for a massive new mechanized air traffic control system and its need for more flexible personnel rules. Three decades later this August, FAA was finally installing new software. Unfortunately, this failed and cancelled 476 airline flights.

My old agency, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, announced that the number of hacked personnel and security clearance files increased from 18 to 22 million, which national intelligence head James Clapper said not only increased exposure risks, but that future hackers could change information to make the guilty appear harmless and the innocent compromised.

At the same time, the Internal Revenue Service found that 610,000 tax files had also been hacked.

Housing and Urban Development Inspector General David Montoya reported 25,000 low income public housing tenants were richer than allowed, one earning $497,000 a year. After setting the destruction of the Islamic State as a presidential priority, the summer found only 54 moderates graduating from the “train and equip” program to confront ISIL in Syria, although 72 more were promised soon.

Worse, five of the New Syria Force’s graduates were captured by an al-Qaeda affiliate and nominal ISIL opponent al Nusra soon after they arrived in Syria. The force has degraded since with many of their U.S. arms now in enemy hands.

Meanwhile, the economy struggled to exceed the anemic 2 percent growth against historic recoveries twice that rate. The administration’s solution was to increase the minimum wage and get tough on business. During the summer doldrums, Wendy’s restaurants announced higher minimums would cause them to cut jobs and increase automation. Likewise, investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods estimated that “Since 2009, 49 financial institutions have paid various government entities and private plaintiffs nearly $190 billion in fines and settlements” with only one conviction. How many jobs could have been created with $190 billion?

Following last month’s embarrassment over 30 years of National Institutes of Health advice against cholesterol and fats proving wrong, a Columbia University study questioned the national Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommending breakfasts to reduce weight, finding the extra meal actually increased heaviness in overweight people.
A recent study in the journal PLOS Biology reported half of all such biomedical studies are flawed.

And all of this governmental incompetence happened over just one month.

What will Congress do? The leadership plans the old Kabuki routine of a stop-gap funding bill or a continuing resolution before the end of the September fiscal year and last minute increases in the debt limit and highway trust fund with no real reform. The leadership has promised that there will be no government shutdown and no debt default but the presidential aspirants and many back-benchers in both parties are threatening to do both.

The nation’s top public administration professor, Paul Light, concludes the national government cannot faithfully execute its laws. The national government is doing everything and nothing works. No wonder Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are toping the polls.

No one seems to care that the bloated ossified national government is simply dysfunctional. The administrative state is imploding and the only solutions are socialists more of the same, old statist bureaucracy or a blonde autocrat on a white horse promising personal benevolent authoritarianism.

Donald Devine is senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies, the author of “America’s Way Back: Reconciling Freedom, Tradition and Constitution”, and was Ronald Reagan’s director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during his first term.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by