Video: Census Bureau Faked Employment Numbers During 2012 Election?

Ben Swann takes a look at allegations to first surface in the New York Post that Census Bureau employees may have faked data to improve the nation’s unemployment rate during the final month of the 2012 Presidential campaign…

Obamacare Will NOT Lead To Single-Payer

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Rush insists that the “problems” with Obamacare are, if not exactly planned, welcomed by Barack Obama as a way to collapse our entire medical health insurance system. His reasoning holds that Obama believes the details surrounding this disaster are unimportant as long as they lead to Americans getting on their knees to beg him to “fix” his problem.  The theory holds that when we crawl to our King, tears in our eyes, frightened half out of our minds, we won’t care what he does so long as it “makes the pain go away.”

In the general state of malaise we live in these days, it’s easy to agree with this. After all, we know that Obama hates America and would do anything to destroy our nation. Nevertheless, hating America and having the means to destroy America are two different things.

If Obamacare had the support of Americans from the beginning – say, even 53/47 in favor instead of today’s 55/45 against — this theory might stand up. This would indicate that there is a thirst for socialized medicine that could serve as a launching point for any retooled version of Obamacare the King could serve up; but this is clearly not the case.

The 53% are being proven correct every day.  At this point, even some of Obama’s most ardent supporters are backtracking. The ranks of those opposed to this monster are growing while support is waning.

Having seen firsthand what Obamacare really is, it’s very difficult to envision Americans crawling to Obama, begging him for a “new and better” government-run healthcare plan.

Another take on Obamacare is that we should aim to repeal it because it can never be de-funded. Sounds nice; but we have already tried and failed numerous times. The only way Obamacare will be repealed is by the Democrats; conservatives just don’t have enough power to get this done. Therefore, using scarce resources to only try to repeal this law doesn’t seem to be the best way to go.  The alternative to repeal is de-fund, but that approach is panned as impossible since Obama will merely raise taxes if need be to fund it.

This would be reasonable, except that we already have Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, and dozens of other programs that have to be funded; and the real unemployment rate (U6) is over 13%. Moreover, the government has just announced taking in $2.7 Trillion, and even that is not enough. Where would this new tax money come from?

What’s the answer? Keep up the pressure, and keep praying for God’s help.        

Video: Is Fraud the New Norm?

With 47 Million Americans on Food Stamps, 13 Million on Welfare, and 5.6 Million receiving unemployment benefits, there are some enterprising fraudsters selling food stamps for cash. If and when ever gets up and running, there are hackers in the shadows ready to steal unsuspecting applicants’ personal information by creating phony websites. These stories and more are on

Believing the Lies Liars Tell Us

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If you trust a liar, don’t be shocked if he lies to you.

I find that politicians who win are often the ones best at telling voters lies they want to believe. Often, it doesn’t matter if the lies are so outrageous that no logical thinker would believe them. If they are lies that appeal to the listeners, the listeners will swallow them like honey that hides the taste of the cyanide it is mixed with.

President Obama was able to say a lot of lies that the press allowed him to tell. Even when they are proven to be lies, the press and Democrats still support him and even justify the lies. If he had told people the truth about Obamacare at the start, it would have never passed. Since dictators like to use nationalized health care to make the people slaves to the government, those who opposed Obamacare should have used the truth to prevent it from being signed into law. Those who wanted to use the Constitution to defeat Obamacare could have pointed out that Obama is not a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution. That means that Obama is not eligible to be President, and what he signs into law can’t be enforced since the legitimate President never signed it into law. I’ll use that argument to try and avoid the penalty for not buying health insurance from an exchange. If I’m successful and the general public finds out, look for chaos to ensue. The ones I have written to discuss the illegality of Obamacare who don’t acknowledge that I exist will be begging me to come on so they can attack me before millions of listeners and viewers. It should be fun.

Often, people consider the truth precious. That is why they use it sparingly. Politicians are expected to lie to us. But that doesn’t make them liars. A liar is someone who lies out of force of habit. Many who tells lies find it painful to tell a lie. There is no apparent pain when a liar lies. Did you really expect to keep your doctor, insurance plan, and premium rate just because Obama told you so? Who could believe him when he said he didn’t know there would be so many problems with the website? Information that makes Obamacare look terrible is now being discovered when it may be too late to do away with Obamacare.

What is worse than a liar is someone who attacks the truth in an attempt to make a lie seem like the truth. Satan used that tactic to cause the downfall of man. When he offered the forbidden fruit to Eve as something that would make her as wise as God, she told him the day she ate it that she would die. He told her she wouldn’t die. He meant she wouldn’t die that day. He knew she would eventually die. But he didn’t want her to know that. If she hadn’t eaten the fruit and mankind had never sinned, Adam and Eve might be alive today (barring deadly accidents.)

Another person I have no respect for is someone who makes things worse, who blames others for the problems. Our economy was made worse by Democrats and their Republican allies who passed legislation, like what caused the housing collapse that brought on the last recession many say is still going on. For all I know, Obama, when he was in the Senate, may have voted for disastrous legislation. But he doesn’t want people to find that out, or else he would be partly blamed for the collapse. He is almost like a bully who uses your fist to hit yourself in the face and asks you why you are hitting yourself. Of course, insurance premiums increased too much. When they invest in the private economy to keep premiums from increasing too much, and the economy is bad, you should expect higher premiums. If unemployment were below 3%, and the economy was growing at 10% annually, insurance companies could afford to offer lower premiums. But Obama may have never wanted a good economy, for fear the public would never want to buy into a health care system that was sold as an affordable Volkswagen (but was actually a Mercedes with a Mercedes price tag.)

Among the brain-dead, a half-wit is considered a genius. That is why I often refer to Obama as the half-wit genius. But when the brain-dead defend the half-wit genius and discard the truth to embrace lies, I hope and pray that there are enough people in the nation to prevent the President from getting his way when it is destructive to America. I’m just afraid that the powerful bird of truth will be devoured by liars and end up in the toilet to be flushed away.


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Cyberspace Just Got Hijacked by Socialists


This week I took time out from my regular schedule to swim among the geeks. I traveled to the Las Vegas Convention Center and wandered the halls of a technology conference. While I was there, I listened to at least 30 speakers and talked with participants ranging from the hardcore hackers and spammers to run-of-the-mill web masters.

Tech people are mysterious. Many are more comfortable with machines than people. They communicate using words most Americans will never understand. But they’re also admirable. Most are smart and hardworking – and many build amazing companies to solve problems that have long plagued humankind.

However, it’s also clear to me that this talented and savvy group of thinkers and entrepreneurs has sadly accepted what I will call, for lack of a better term, the hardcore, leftwing politics of Obama. Never in my life have I seen such smart people with so little understanding of government and economics.

The first keynote speaker – noted internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis – was no exception. Calacanis is well-known as the chief executive and founder of And he gave a brilliant speech. His grasp of technology issues is unparalleled. He’s truly a visionary, and he has an amazing telescope into the future.

Calacanis spoke passionately about how technology startups are improving life and changing the world. But just as he should have been ending his speech, he launched into a rant that showed how this brilliant technologist has no understanding of our free economy.

Calacanis said, and I paraphrase…

“The technology business is destroying America’s jobs. Soon robotics will destroy what jobs the internet hasn’t killed. I think the solution to this problem is for the government to pay every American $2,000 a month. That way, when unemployment spikes above 20% because of technology, we won’t be overcome by riots in the streets. Let’s just give every American this living wage whether they work or not.”

Unfortunately, Calacanis is way out of his league here. He sounds like a buggy whip salesman worried about the horseless carriage.  The truth is, technology has been relentlessly destroying jobs throughout history. So this isn’t a new phenomenon. For example, we no longer need livery stables, telegraph and telephone operators, blanket weavers, or typewriter repairmen. The list of jobs destroyed by technology is nearly endless.

Calacanis is also clearly unfamiliar with the creative destruction described by economist Joseph Schumpeter – the idea that economic development arises out of the destruction of some prior economic order. Creative destruction is being unleashed on our free economy by technology firms, but it’s not going to put millions of people out of work for good.

Technology also creates jobs as its destroying them. Just think: How many search engine optimization positions existed twenty years ago?

So the solution isn’t paying people to not work. Payment for no work degrades character and leads to dependency and aimlessness. The solution is to allow a wealthier society to encourage more people to engage in nonprofit and charity work, higher learning, the arts, music and research. Create incentives for young people to better themselves. Perhaps they could earn $2,000 a month working with disadvantaged youths as opposed to spending the day playing videogames or doing nothing.

Sadly, it seems that mushy-headed thinking is truly alive and well outside of Washington, D.C. Heck, even the geeks have trouble with basic economics.

Your eyes on the Hill,  Floyd Brown

This commentary originally appeared at and is re-published here with permission

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