Video: PROOF Obama Is A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Barack Obama has gorged his administration with Muslim Brotherhood members.

Obama openly backed the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt.  And Obama’s minions are plotting their return to power.

The Muslim Brotherhood front group, Council on American Islamic Relations—found to have funneled millions of dollars to the terrorist group Hamas—have met with White House officials hundreds of times.

The most pernicious act, however, of this Quran-toting President, Barack Hussein Obama—revealed in a classified State Department memo this week—is that Muslim Brotherhood members are regularly given VIP treatment at airports, not being subject to the TSA’s unconstitutional searches. No body scanners, no invasive searches, no Muslim Brotherhood members’ children having TSA agents stick their hands down their pants. Their treatment has been likened to that given to Saudi royalty!

Americans are Obama’s enemy. The Muslim Brotherhood are his allies. And the incontrovertible fact, as proclaimed widely throughout Egypt and screamed out in front page newspaper headlines, is that “Barack Hussein Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!”

Video: Exposed: Obama’s NSA Pedophiles

Recently, 19-year old Jared Abrahams was convicted of hacking into young girls’ computers, turning on the webcam, and watching them undress, all without the webcam light coming on.

The NSA has been caught listening to our phone calls and reading our emails; so the question is, does the NSA also remotely turn on our webcams?

Of course.

Enter one of the seemingly endless NSA “contractors,” a company ominously calling themselves the “Hacking Team”, revealed in WikiLeaks videos and documents as part of the Spy Files. They sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of spy software to the NSA that can remotely read every single file on your computer—and of course can turn on your webcam without you ever knowing it’s on.

Oh, but the Hacking Team’s software makes Jared Abrahams look like an amateur. The NSA can remotely turn on literally thousands of webcams at a time—streaming live audio as well, all beamed in real time (illegally, mind you)—to the dozens of NSA facilities throughout the world.

But there are no pedophiles among Barack Obama’s illegal NSA spies, are there? Some sicko pulling in $200,000 per year watching your daughter undress?

Well, we know that high salary bureaucrats have been caught over and over again spending all day watching porn.

And we know that TSA agents often stick their hands down children’s pants.

So it would surprise no one to know that NSA pedophiles are watching young girls undress right this very minute.

Perhaps it’s time to put a stop to Obama’s NSA pedophiles.

TSA Forces Elderly Woman To Remove Prosthetic Breast

TSA employees 3 SC

More than two dozen complaints recently surfaced against Transportation Security Administration personnel at one airport. Each of the complainants suffers some disability and were allegedly mistreated by agents as they attempted to board a plane at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Ariz.

One of the most egregious examples involves an octogenarian in a wheelchair who was forced to disrobe after a metal detector alerted staff of a possible issue. Despite assuring agents that she was no threat, staff members made the breast cancer survivor remove her prosthetic breast for inspection.

The 82-year-old was left completely exposed and vulnerable, leading her family to express their outrage.

According to one grandchild, the woman “posed absolutely no risk whatsoever to anyone’s safety and should not have been subjected to such invasive … treatment.” That sentiment was included in a formal letter of complaint that concluded that such “degrading treatment is more appropriate for prisoners.”

The most outrageous aspect of this incident is how incredibly common such abuses are — especially within Sky Harbor. With complaints totaling more than twice the national average in 2012, the airport also saw a more than twofold increase compared to the previous year. At least eight of those complaints were filed by breast cancer survivors and followed a similar narrative.

Local media began looking into the airport following an accusation that TSA agents forced an injured Marine to walk on his prosthetic legs through the airport terminal’s body scanner. Numerous other complaints continue to pour in from across the nation, many of which allege that agents blatantly ignore a passenger’s expectation of privacy, often through degrading and demeaning tactics.

The agency’s typical response to such accusations is to send an impersonal apology and close the case without further review. Even its own website, however, clearly states: “[p]assengers with prostheses can be screened without removing them.”

While tasked with spotting potential threats after 9/11, TSA agents quickly gained a reputation for their invasive policies. Additionally, the agency routinely eschews common sense by targeting almost everyone except those who look and act like the terrorists responsible for that attack.

Defined by an abuse of power and lack of critical thinking, the TSA is truly at home within our federal government.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Air Marshal Nabbed For Taking Upskirt Pics While On Duty

TSA Body Scan SC

Federal employees across the nation were relieved earlier this week when an ongoing government shutdown came to an end. At least one worker, a federal air marshal on board a plane in Nashville, Tenn., did not have long to celebrate, however.

As passengers boarded Southwest Flight 3132, Adam Bartsch was apparently more interested in investigating women’s undergarments than potential threats.

A witness accused the Transportation Security Administration employee of surreptitiously snapping photographs from underneath female passengers’ skirts with his mobile phone. He was arrested at the scene and, according to his superiors, is under investigation and will receive either a suspension or termination for his actions. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct and will make his first court appearance in less than a month.

Assistant Supervisory Air Marshal in Charge Michael Pascarella said the “TSA does not tolerate criminal behavior.” Apparently, it is only appropriate for TSA staff to forcibly take nude photographs of passengers as they move through an airport’s security checkpoint.

Despite the sometimes controversial methods used by the agency, Bartsch’s behavior does stand out. While his nefarious deed was ultimately exposed by a watchful passerby, one wonders how many times he has successfully added images to his secret stash.

Put on planes to instill an extra measure of safety, the presence of this air marshal merely created more victims.

As in any agency or organization, there are certainly a few bad seeds who do not define the larger whole. Given the rampant violation of personal privacy in which the TSA routinely engages, though, some of its employees might have a hard time identifying which line they are not permitted to cross.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Video: TSA Loudspeakers Threaten Travelers With Arrest For Joking About Security

Travelers who crack jokes about the TSA’s ludicrous security procedures could face arrest, according to a new loudspeaker warning being broadcast at airports in the U.S.