Washington Times Columnist to Obama: Resign!

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

The pages of The Washington Times today reflect the nation’s disenchantment with Barack Obama’s presidency. The op-ed section contains an article by Jeffrey T. Kuhner, president of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal, entitled, “Don’t Go on Vacation — Just GO.”

Last September, Kuhner called for Obama’s impeachment. This year, he’s taken a new tack: Telling Obama to quit:

Mr. Obama is the most arrogant, self-absorbed and self-obsessed president in U.S. history. Nothing is ever his fault. He blames everyone and everything for America’s economic woes – Tea Partyers, Wall Street, Japanese earthquakes, insurance executives, oil companies, millionaires and corporate jet owners. He lashes out at imaginary enemies without ever taking personal responsibility. In his mind, he is – and always will be – the Anointed One.

There is only one solution: Drive him from office. Americans should forge a mass grassroots movement demanding that Mr. Obama step down – immediately. Through bumper stickers, picket signs, posters, T-shirts and rallies, tens of millions of citizens should express the same message: Leave. It is highly unlikely he will step aside, but such a movement would cripple the president’s authority and possibly blunt him from doing further harm. It also would puncture his boundless ego. A widespread manifestation of no confidence would break him – politically, morally and psychologically – in order to save America. Mr. Obama is out of his depth. He lacks the character, intelligence, skills and experience – the basic competence – to be the leader of the free world.

Resign, Mr. President.

Of course, Obama resigning is as likely to occur as Bill Clinton entering a monastery; they both love the thrill they get from their self-indulgent pursuits too much to forsake them for their own good, much less the nation’s. However, there is some value in his analysis.

A growing number of Democrats are sick of Obama, too. Contrary to what some people believe, political parties are not primarily dedicated to promoting ideals or ideologies. They are dedicated to power: getting it, exercising it, keeping it, and denying it to their enemies. Democrats understand this better than Republicans, in part because Democrats are the statist party, in part because Republicans believe in the transcendent values the Left denies. Democrats are happy Obama is president; they generally agree with him even when they are afraid to say so; and they hope he will be re-elected in 2012. But they saw the monumental butt-thumping the American people gave them in 2010, and they aren’t willing….

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Washington Times Columnist Raises Impeachment Over Libya

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Once again, the conservative movement is trying to play catch-up to this website. First, this author discovered that Barack Obama hauled Arizona before the United Nations over its immigration law. Some big media outlets eventually caught up — albeit without giving a shred of credit. Then they took notice of our expose that Obama considers Card Check an inalienable human right. The conservative media began to pick up on Obama’s decision to end-run the Constitution months after this author wrote multiple articles revealing Obama’s plan to rule by executive fiat in 2011.

Now, conservatives are getting a glimmer that perhaps there is something a wee bit unacceptable about Obama’s war-by-decree on Libya. Steadfast conservatives have opposed the war from its inception, but the president’s blatant defiance of the War Powers Resolution has swelled the number of those enlisted to fight for the Constitution.

Eugene Windchy wrote in Tuesday’s edition of The Washington Times it may be time to impeach Barack Obama over his unconstitutional adventure in northern Africa.

Windchy begins with a necessary examination of the falsified history neo-fascists use to justify a president’s “right” to initiate war….

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Obama Stonewalls; More Proof of Unequal Justice for Conservatives

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

Barack Obama has provided yet more proof that only his administration’s allies enjoy the equal protection of the law; conservatives should expect no right to justice in Obama’s America. We have learned, from firsthand testimony, that civil rights protections do not apply when Black Panthers deny white citizens the right to vote. We have seen that immigration laws do not apply in Arizona. And the president has made clear he feels his administration will ignore court decrees and impose ObamaCare. Now those on Obama’s enemies list cannot expect to receive their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. FOIA allows private citizens access to government documents, which are often expose treasure trove of government corruption. J. Christian Adams, who blew the whistle on the Justice Department’s racialist justice, reveals that Obama promptly filled some FOIA requests:

  • Gerry Hebert, noted free speech opponent, partisan liberal, and former career Voting Section lawyer who testified against now-Senator Jeff Sessions when he was nominated to the federal judiciary. Same day service.
  • Kristen Clarke, NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Clarke sought the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther party. Same day service.
  • Ari Shapiro of National Public Radio. Five day service.
  • Nicholas Espiritu of the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. Next day service.
  • Eugene Lee of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center. Three day service.
  • Edward DuBose, president of Georgia NAACP. Same day service.
  • Raul Arroyo-Mendoza of the Advancement Project. Same day service.
  • Nina Perales of the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund. Two day service.

Others did not enjoy the same treatment….

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