WATCH How Judge Napolitano Just Nuked Obama’s Pro-Amnesty Argument As ‘Weird, Bizarre’

Judge Napolitano

One week after a federal judge in Texas blocked implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, the administration officially asked that same judge to admit his injunction was wrong and to issue a stay on his own decision.

Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that allowing Obama’s unilateral action to defer deportations for millions of illegal immigrants to proceed would cause “irreparable harm” to the states.

Obama’s lawyers on Monday shot back that blocking the president’s amnesty orders would cause “irreparable harm” to the federal government’s effort to do its duty. Part of that supposed duty, as Judge Andrew Napolitano notes about the administration’s position, is to help illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers and work visas, as Obama has repeatedly promised he would.

“The government wants to break the law so it can help other law breakers stay here,” [Napolitano] stated. “I have never heard the government make an argument like that.”

You can watch the “Fox and Friends” segment with the network’s Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, by clicking on the video above.

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Trey Gowdy Reacts To Judge’s Anti-Amnesty Ruling

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As Western Journalism reported Tuesday, a Texas federal judge issued a temporary block on certain aspects of Barack Obama’s executive action regarding illegal immigration. With millions of illegals set to enjoy de facto amnesty beginning this week, Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling came just days before the controversial order went into effect.

Hanen determined that a porous border and lax security “has exacerbated illegal immigration into this country,” a phenomenon that increasingly taxes resources among the states forced to receive these uninvited residents.

The judge responded to protests by more than half of all U.S. states in ruling that Obama’s order should face further review before being implemented.

“It is preferable to have the legality of these actions determined before the fates of over four million individuals are decided,” Hanen wrote. “An injunction is the only way to accomplish that goal.”

The decision led the Obama administration to delay issuing preferred status to the millions who would benefit from the executive order. South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, a frequent Obama critic and chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee, shared his thoughts on Hanen’s ruling.

He called the decision a “victory for the rule of law,” explaining that Obama’s unilateral order deserved the scrutiny it received.

“The President’s extra-constitutional actions were rooted in political expediency and were devoid of a serious legal underpinning,” Gowdy stated. “This is not and never was about immigration law – as evidenced by the President’s consistent admission that he lacked the legal authority to do precisely what he did.”

While he acknowledged the legitimacy of prosecutorial discretion, Gowdy concluded that it is not “a synonym for anarchy wherein the executive branch can pick and choose portions of laws to enforce and ignore.”

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

This Photo Of Chris Kyle’s Accused Killer Is Raising A Huge Question About His Motive

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff's Department

Jury selection is continuing for a second day in the murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh, the 27-year-old former Marine accused of killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle at a gun range near Chalk Mountain, Texas, in February 2013.

After four tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle had returned to the United States and tried to help troubled veterans by taking them to shooting ranges where he could work and talk with them as a form of therapy.

It was during one such outing that the Navy SEAL known as America’s deadliest sniper, along with his friend Chad Littlefield, were shot and killed, allegedly by Routh, who suddenly turned on the pair and began firing.

Routh has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, with his legal team indicating it will use a diagnosis of PTSD — Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — in the accused killer’s defense.

But did the former Marine snap and start shooting, or was there something else behind the killing of one of America’s celebrated military heroes?

Chris Kyle’s widow and others are now questioning whether PTSD actually played a part in Routh’s actions, especially in light of new information dug up by a veterans’ organization.

As Business Insider reports: “‘Someone taking the lives of two people that were there to help them — that’s not PTSD, in my opinion,’ Kyle’s widow, Taya, told ABC News.”

And as Michele Hickford reports on the Allen West website, The Warfighter Foundation, a non-profit veterans group, has obtained information from the military showing that “it is highly unlikely Routh suffered from PTSD because he never served in battle.”

From The Warfighter Foundation:

“Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007…with no significant events. No combat experience.

Let me say that again, he NEVER SAW COMBAT or any aspect of traumatic events associated with a combat deployment (i.e. incoming mortar or rocket fire). He never left the base, EVER.”

The post on the Allen West site also notes that Routh reportedly served as a prison guard overseeing Muslim terrorists captured on the battlefield. According to a noted watchdog on Islamist extremism, Walid Shoebat, that interaction could have led to Routh’s becoming sympathetic to the prisoners’ point of view.

Making it clear that there is no proof of Routh’s alignment with or possible conversion to Islam, Shoebat does say:

“During a phone call with his father, Routh expressed sympathy for the detainees and discontent over how the US was conducting the war as well as his reluctance to engage in combat” and “While working as a guard at Balad Air Base, Routh laments his [Muslim] prisoners’ poor living conditions.”

Another interesting fact noted on the West website is what one sees on the booking photo of Eddie Ray Routh when he was charged with killing Chris Kyle.

That picture from the Erath County, Texas, Sheriff’s Department shows the suspect with facial hair similar to that worn by many devout Muslim men.

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff's Department

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff’s Department

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Watch: What Defiant Rick Perry Just Said About His Indictment Shows Why He’s Texas Tough


Rick Perry may no longer be the governor of Texas, but he’s still very much in the legal spotlight in the Lone Star State…and still moving ahead with plans for a possible 2016 presidential run.

That bright legal spotlight following Perry has to do with his felony indictment that a judge has once again refused to dismiss. That indictment, which Perry claims amounts to the “criminalization of politics,” was filed after the then-governor pulled state funding from a county district attorney after her refusal to leave office following a drunk-driving conviction.

In an appearance on “Hannity” Wednesday night, Perry told the Fox News host that he’s not worried about the indictment and wears it as a “badge of honor,” saying the Constitution will ultimately protect him.

You can see why Rick Perry said that — and what else the former governor told Sean Hannity about his legal troubles — by clicking on the video above.

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Rick Perry’s Gift To Texas’ Governor-Elect…A Bible Verse?


For this week’s commentary, I just want to say that I love Jesus Christ! He is not only the greatest Teacher to ever live, but also the best political leader.

His statutes and judgments were always perfect! People, not himself, were always the top of His priority. He knew when to give harsh critique of the self righteous, and when to give necessary justice in times of political hypocrisy.  He acknowledged the need and legitimacy of the state when He taught “Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”  Then He limited that political power by saying “Render unto God, that which is God’s!”  He distinguished the two powers, placing the emphasis on God’s authority.

This January, part of that biblical, civil government authority was passed from one governor to another in the state of Texas.

Outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, while keeping in tradition of the state of Texas, handed over a very coveted copy of the Bible to Governor-elect Greg Abbott. As has been tradition in Texas, Perry underlined a scripture inside of the book for the incoming governor to meditate on.

First of all, I want to compliment the tradition of the state of Texas–and secondly, compliment the verse that Governor Rick Perry chose to pass along.  I am so grateful for the former governor’s decision to keep this tradition alive.  I believe it is traditions like this that cause these United States to remain a Republic, where authority is derived from our Creator and that all law is subject to the laws He has given us in Nature and the Bible.

The purpose of government in the U.S. is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence: “…that to secure these (God-given) rights…  governments are instituted among men.”

Don’t you wish every governor in this Union would subscribe to the American View of Government: “there is a Creator God; our God-given rights come from Him; and the purpose – the only purpose – of government is to protect our God-given rights”?

This American View can very easily be extracted from Governor Perry’s admonishing Scripture…

“But Jesus called them unto Him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20: 25-28)


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