Student Fights Back After School Official And 3 Armed Campus Police Stop Her From Displaying These Signs

A Texas college student filed a First Amendment lawsuit against her school last week after she was told she would need “special permission” to collect signatures for a new student organization and display her conservative-leaning signs.

Fox News reported that the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is aiding student Nicole Sanders in a lawsuit against Blinn College, a community college located about 75 miles west of Houston in Brenham, Texas.

Sanders’ lawsuit challenges Blinn’s policy of restricting expression to a “Free Speech Area” (seen below) unless one obtains a permit, which entails going through a lengthy process, according to the lawsuit.

The Blinn student wanted to distribute a small card to students explaining constitutional rights, as she was trying to start a Young Americans for Liberty (YAF) chapter on campus.


Image credit: FIRE

The 24-year-old student was also prohibited from displaying the two signs below–except in the pre-designated area. One reads “Defend Gun Rights On Campus,” and another reads “LOL,” with the ‘O’ as the Obama campaign logo.


Image credit: FIRE



From Fox News:

Sanders claims a college official accompanied by three armed campus police officers approached and said someone had complained that their display was offensive and that they wouldn’t be allowed to do it again unless they got ‘special permission.’

According to Sanders, the official added that it was unlikely such permission would be granted to advocate for gun rights.

“When you have to get a permit before you can speak, it shuts down ideas – everything gets censored through the administrators,” Sanders told Fox News.

“[P]ublic colleges like Blinn are bound by the First Amendment, which gives all citizens—including college students—the right to speak out on the issues they are passionate about, whether gun rights or gay rights,” FIRE associate director of litigation Catherine Sevcenko said in a statement.

“Blinn College thinks it’s acceptable to have a free speech zone that is the size of a parking spot. But the Constitution’s free speech zone is the size of the United States,” added Sevcenko. “This case is yet another example of college administrators trying to quarantine the First Amendment.”

The suit also asserts her ceramics professor, David Peck, tried to intimidate her into not suing the school.

Blinn spokesman Jeff Tilley told Fox News that the school is taking a look at its policies. “We certainly will take this opportunity to evaluate our policies as they are written and as they are applied by faculty and staff,” Tilley said.

We will evaluate whether any misunderstandings may have occurred. Because of our commitment to our students and to the law, we are confident that we will be able to resolve any concerns that have been raised.

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Another Domino Falls For Anti-Fossil Fuel Crusaders

Throughout the United States, especially in communities with existing or potential oil-and-gas development, outside groups have moved in with a vengeance and agitated the population—resulting in bans against all exploration for hydrocarbons and/or the use of hydraulic fracturing. Expensive lawsuits have been filed, and courts have repeatedly declared such bans as “unconstitutional.” The newest domino to fall is in Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott, on May 18, signed House Bill 40 (HB40)—also known as the Denton Fracking Bill—which clarifies that an “oil and gas operation is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state.”

As was the case in Mora County, New Mexico, the Pennsylvania-based Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund participated in pushing Denton, Texas’ fracking ban—passed in November by 59 percent of the voters. In Mora County, a federal judge declared its drilling ban “unconstitutional.” Courts have handed down similar decisions against attempts to ban fracking in Colorado and Ohio. But the Texas legislature didn’t wait for the courts to decide in the challenges to the Denton ban.

Lawmakers introduced a total of 11 bills aimed at confirming that regulating oil-and-gas activity is the province of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality and the Texas Railroad Commission. HB40 emerged as the final word—making Texas the first state to pass specific legislation limiting, not eliminating, local control. The Oklahoma legislature has passed a similar bill, and Governor Mary Fallin is expected to sign it. In New Mexico, the House passed a preemption bill–but it was never brought up for a vote in the Senate.

The Texas law allows communities to impose commercially reasonable ordinances that regulate above ground oil-and-gas activity such as traffic noise, lights, and setbacks—but do not “effectively” prohibit resource extraction.

Denton, Texas, sits on top of one of Texas’ biggest natural gas reserves: the rich Barnett Shale— producing $1 billion in mineral wealth, according to the Associated Press, and pumping more than $30 million into city bank accounts.

In Texas, thanks to fracking, according to the Wall Street Journal, oil production has tripled in the past five years. The increase benefits Texas by providing the state with almost $6 billion worth of revenue in fiscal year 2014 through severance taxes. But it is not just fracking—which has been done safely and successfully for the past 65 years—that has created the new American energy abundance. It is fracking combined with horizontal drilling. But horizontal drilling doesn’t sound bad, and fracking does. Plus, the general population doesn’t know what fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, really is—making it easy to scare the public with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Supporters of the ban try to claim that it is not a drilling ban, but just a fracking ban. However, since the natural resource underneath Denton is shale gas—meaning natural gas is trapped in tight little pockets within the rock—the shale must be fractured to allow the gas to flow out. Conventional drilling methods don’t work with shale. A ban on fracking is a ban on drilling.

While the Legislature has acted and the Governor has signed HB40, we likely haven’t heard the last of municipal fracking bans—despite courts repeatedly shooting them down.

Earthjustice attorney Deborah Goldberg, in a story on the Texas legislation, says the people of Denton are not ready to give up yet: “We have been proud to represent the proponents of Denton’s ban and we know they will regroup and fight back against this legislative over-reach.”

When Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signs its “preemption” bill into law, it will be the next domino to fall.

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What Al Sharpton Just Wrote About Horrific Texas Flooding Causes Tsunami Of Outrage

The wrath of God? That explains why Texas has been so hard hit by deadly, devastating floods and tornadoes?

As Western Journalism reported on Wednesday, some Muslims took to Twitter to blame the horrific weather in Texas on the recent contest to draw Muhammad — an event that, as these finger-wagging Islamic critics claim, brought the vengeance of Allah raining down upon the Lone Star State…literally. At least fifteen people in Texas have died as storm waters ravage a number of communities where hundreds of homes and businesses have been washed away.

Now, hot on the heels of the tweets suggesting that a vengeful Allah is angry with Texans, Al Sharpton has weighed in with his own tweet about God and the terrible weather that continues to wreak havoc and take lives. The Rev. Sharpton, in preparation for his Wednesday radio show, asked his close to half-a-million Twitter followers to respond to his question of the day (QOTD).


Without suggesting that the controversial draw Muhammad contest was responsible for “God’s rebuke,” Sharpton nonetheless implied that the horrors being visited upon the citizens of Texas were either the result of the Almighty’s admonition over some unidentified behavior or “climate control” — whatever that means (possibly some conspiracy theory about weather manipulation or an incorrect reference to “climate change”).

Twitter users were quick to react, providing their own “rebuke” to the Baptist minister who so often preaches a racially charged sermon of divisiveness.










h/t: The Blaze

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Wow: Islamists Just Blamed The Texas Flooding On Something Infuriating

Image for representational purposes only.

As major flooding and severe weather surged through Texas and Oklahoma over the last several days, Islamists and ISIS supporters took to Twitter to identify the natural disasters as acts of Allah.

The torrential rains and subsequent flooding are responsible for the deaths of at least 21 people in Texas and Oklahoma and another 14 in northern Mexico.

ISIS supporters linked the floods to Allah’s wrath for the Draw the Prophet cartoon contest, which took place in Dallas earlier this month. Two ISIS jihadists were shot and killed when they sought to carry out an attack against those attending the event.

This Islamist tweets Bismillah [“In the name of Allah”] and then highlights the deaths that have been caused by the flooding.

Tweet - Flooding ISISThe person who tweeted the above does not seem concerned that the city hardest hit was Houston, which is over 230 miles south of Dallas. And certainly the state of Oklahoma and the country of Mexico had no connection to the contest.

Tweet - Flooding ISIS II

If what this ISIS supporter writes is true, what meaning are Americans to draw from the natural disasters, such as earthquakes, that frequent the Middle East, sometimes killing thousands? Or what about the tsunami that struck the most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, in 2004? The total dead from that disaster was over 230,000. What punishment was in play in these instances?

This follower appears to be mixing his Near Eastern and Middle Eastern religions:

Twitter Flooding ISIS IIIMany may believe these folks’ understanding of the ways of Allah needs to be thought through a little more.

h/t: Gateway Pundit

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What Was Just Discovered About One Dead Waco Biker Might Destroy Cops’ Claims

Image for representational purposes only. 

The tragic Waco shootout that left nine bikers dead this month has sparked national conversations from the perceived differences in how the media treat black and white criminals to speculation regarding the gang affiliation of those involved. As KTVT pointed out, local law enforcement insisted that each of the bikers killed in the incident were gang members. That assertion, however, is being vehemently disputed by the family of at least one who died that day.

According to the son of Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, a 65-year-old biker killed in the shootings, he was not an outlaw but was, however, a decorated veteran. The Marine reportedly earned a Purple Heart among other prestigious military commendations following four years of active duty service during the Vietnam War.


Further contradicting police reports, the Associated Press reviewed relevant court records and discovered that Rodriguez has no criminal record of any kind.

Rodriguez’s family confirmed he previously belonged to two biker clubs that have since disbanded. At the time of the shooting, however, he was not affiliated with any such organization.

His son said the veteran led a peaceful existence; however, plenty of social media users are not as willing to ignore the possibility that Rodriguez’s actions that day could have contributed to his death.

One comment insisted that “he chose to be there,” adding that “you are the friends you keep,” while another is not swayed by Rodriguez’s military history, concluding that “he chose his life now not because of then.”

As for the glowing depiction being presented by those closest to him, one Twitter user asserted that “families tend to say things like that.”

Military service, no matter how honorable, does not necessarily preclude one from later committing despicable acts, one commenter pointed out.

“Jeffrey Dahmer, Lee Harvey Oswald, ‘Son of Sam’ and Timothy McVeigh all served in the military too,” he wrote, “so what?”

Do you believe this biker was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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