Watch: Robbery Suspect Takes Woman Hostage, Had NO Idea What This Cop Has In Store For Him

A robbery suspect turned hostage taker was shot dead Friday by officers in Irving, Texas.

The event that unfolded, however, seems more reminiscent of the ending scene from Die Hard than something you’d actually expect to witness in real life.

As reported by KDFW, it all started when an armed suspect attempted to rob the Cash Store, a business which had been the target of several robberies in the past. Being informed of the robbery in progress, two uniformed officers arrived quickly to the scene, apparently taking the suspect by surprise.

In desperation, the thief took one woman hostage and threatened her with a handgun if the responding officers got involved. As the suspect attempted to place the hostage into a car, the officers reacted quickly, landing at least one head shot on the suspect, killing him instantly.

Even after being released by the suspect, the hostage seemed to be in a state of shock, as it took her several seconds to become aware that she was free from her captor. Thankfully she was not harmed in the incident and seems to be doing well.

According to former police officer and criminal defense attorney Pete Shulte, while most officers would not have taken such a risky shot, the officers involved reacted incredibly well to a split-second opportunity.

“I think the officer in this situation, although many officers would not have taken the shot, he’s a hero,” Shulte said. “He stopped the situation.”

Had the suspect been successful in fleeing with the victim, the situation may have ended much worse. Thankfully, the officers on scene were well trained and well armed to prevent the situation from ending in tragedy.

Watch: Man Stands At Rubio Rally, Screams Five Words – And Does Not Get The Response He Wanted

Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio was forced to face off against a heckler at a recent campaign rally in Texas.

Shortly after Rubio took the stage, a man stood up and voiced his opinion of the Florida senator, only to be drowned out by the roar of Rubio supporters around him.

“Marco Rubio is owned by Jews!,” the heckler alleged. “Jews and Freemasons!”

In short order, another attendee slammed the interrupting man back into his seat. His outburst was seamlessly replaced with a chant — “Marco! Marco!” — from the enthusiastic crowd.

“We’ll let them take care of that,” Rubio said of the responding local police officers. “That has never happened before.”

Amid laughter throughout the audience, a few taunts aimed at the heckler were audible.

“See you later,” one individual said as Dallas cops escorted the man out of the venue.

Others expressed their support for the candidate.

“Don’t worry about it,” an attendee said.

“We love some Marco,” another added.

Referencing a less-than-flattering moment from his delivery of the GOP response to Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address, Rubio quipped, “Guys, if it happens again, I’m just going to take a sip of water.”

Transitioning back into his prepared speech, Rubio tied the man’s outburst into his depiction of America as a uniquely free nation. “This is the greatest country in the history of the world,” he declared. “People can say outrageous things and not go to jail because we are a free people.”


Watch: Texas BBQ Joint’s New Sign May Make It Every Liberal’s Least Favorite Restaurant

In some states and cities, it’s a crime to bring a gun to dinner. Occasionally, restaurants have stickers on their door windows that read “no firearms allowed” or have “no guns” depictions without wording by marking through the firearm image with red lines. These signs may make some people think twice about bringing a firearm inside the restaurant, worried perhaps there may be criminal penalties for bringing a gun inside the eatery.


Leave it to Texas to blatantly object to the practice of prohibiting firearms in dining establishments. In fact, Brooks’ Place, a BBQ restaurant in Cypress, Texas, placed a sticker inside their windows that has an image of a firearm and a caption below that reads, “Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.” The sign is colored in green, encouraging the open carry legislation recently passed in The Lone Star State.


Going one step further, Brooks’ Place, and its owner Trent Brooks offers a 10 percent discount for patrons who bring in their holstered weapons exercising their open carry freedoms. Texans owe the right to open carry inside restaurants largely to Dr. Susan-Gratia Hupp who survived a 1991 massacre inside a Texas restaurant where a gunman killed both of her parents.


Hupp testified before Congress and all over the nation that she was, in fact, carrying her weapon concealed but the law required her to keep her gun in her car and not bring it into the restaurant. She testified that she would likely have been able to defend herself and keep her parents alive if she allowed by law to bring her gun inside the restaurant. Hupp’s testimony eventually influenced the then governor, George W. Bush, to sign into law permission for qualified Americans to carry concealed firearms for self-defense.

Texas Official Has Brutal Message For Everyone Saying ‘Happy Holidays,’ Immediately Sparks Controversy

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller touched off a Dickens of a fuss on Facebook as he let the world know how to greet him during the Christmas season.

“If one more person says Happy Holidays to me I just might slap them. Either tell me Merry Christmas or just don’t say anything,” Miller wrote Wednesday in a Facebook post that was liked by more than 9,000 and fans and shared more than 5,000 times.


The post was accompanied with an image of a cowboy on a steer riding under a pharmacy sign that said, “We will never take the Christ out of Christmas.”

By taking his private feelings public, Miller asked for the deluge of disagreements that followed. “Mean-spirited” and “bigotry” were among the remarks aimed at Miller.

“Be thankful someone says something nice to you at all,” replied Carole Jones.

“As long as the rules are fair—which means that if you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to me, I get to slap you because you didn’t say Happy Chanukah,” wrote Ken Levy.

Many comments, including those from the Texas Democratic Party, wished Miller “Happy Holidays.”

Miller replied to several commenters, in some cases wishing people, “Merry Christmas.”

When one poster asked if he had ever heard of First Amendment rights, Miller replied: “I am quite fond of it. I also like the 2nd. How about you?”

Miller seemed undeterred by his detractors, as seen by the message he posted Thursday.

“We are just a few days away from welcoming the birth of our savior. As we prepare for Christmas and the joy that accompanies it, I pray that you will thank God for the blessings that come with living in ‘one nation under God.’ Merry Christmas and may God bless you, your family, our great state, and the United States of America,” he wrote.

h/t: Houston Chronicle

A Texas School Just Made A Huge Move That’d Only Happen In Texas- Liberals Will Be Furious

A Texas school district voted on Wednesday to arm some of its staff members, in light of multiple high-profile mass shootings.

Keene Independent School District Superintendent Ricky Stephens said a “select few” will participate in the program, which is entirely voluntary. Teachers will carry guns in each of the districts four campuses, located approximately 30 miles south of Fort Worth. 

The Keene ISD school board approved the change on Wednesday night in a 6-1 vote.

“If you’d asked me nine years ago, 10 years ago, whether I ever would’ve been for it, I would’ve said ‘no,’” Stephens said, a local ABC News affiliate reported.

“That old mentality of ‘it can’t happen here’ has started to leave a lot of small towns,” he added. 

“We’re going to do a minimum of 80 hours a year of training,” said Keene ISD Police Chief Tim Kosar. “We’ll do it at least quarterly, and three of four times [that] we train a year will be at a range.”

“It’s tough, I mean, it’s scary just thinking about guns in school period,” Kevon Brown, a parent of a Keene ISD student told WFAA. “I don’t think there should be guns in school at all.”

Michelle McCormick, a fourth and eighth grade parent, says it is “terrible we have to do this,” but necessary.

“It does shock me,” she said. “But I have to tell you I’m for it.”

“It could still turn into a gun fight no matter who has the gun, or children could get the gun,” Tanya Manuel, another parent told Fox 4. “I mean, it doesn’t matter. It just scares me still.”

For security reasons, Stephen would not say how many teachers will be participating in the program, which may be implemented by early next year.

h/t: TheBlaze