Site Of Star Wars Filming Now A Way-Station For Jihadists

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A Tunisian town which provided the backdrop for Luke Skywalker’s home in the original Star Wars movie, known today as Star Wars IV: A New Hope, is now a site of unrest as violence has overtaken the surrounding area.

CNN explains what happened to the city of Tataouine, the location where George Lucas filmed the scenes for Skywalker’s home in Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine:

The desert and dun-colored cliffs around the town of Tataouine were once the backdrop for the movie “Star Wars,” much of which was filmed in this neglected corner of Tunisia in 1976. This struggling town on the fringes of the Sahara still draws a few fans of the movie but now finds itself part of a real conflict, as a way-station for jihadists crossing the Libyan border 60 miles to the east.

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Last week, a jihadist cell stormed the Bardo Museum in the capital of Tunis, killing 20 tourists and one policeman, the deadliest attack to ever take place on Tunisian soil. News24 reported Tuesday that the leader of the cell was arrested. The news outlet pointed out that two of the terrorists were killed during the attack by authorities, while the other is still at large.

Prior to the museum attack, three men were arrested trying to link up with a jihadist group. The men have since been taken to Tunis for interrogation, according to CNN.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out the scenes depicting Tatooine in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set to premiere at the end of this year, were filmed in Abu Dhabi rather than Tataouine because of the unrest in Tunisia.

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Watch: Did Alert Passengers Just Stop This ‘Jihad’ Shouting Man From Causing Airline Disaster?

Image Credit: The Daily Mail

On a late-night flight Monday bound for Denver from Dulles International Airport in suburban Washington, there was a terrifying incident described by one passenger as “the scariest moment in my life.”

Investigators say that, shortly after takeoff, a passenger jumped out of his seat and charged toward the cockpit of United Flight 1074. And what the man shouted as he rushed forward added to the fear that a possible terrorist might be about to hijack or take down the plane.

CNN reports that authorities are still investigating the incident and haven’t officially released many details. However, the network quotes an unnamed source who confirms what several passengers have recounted:

“…a passenger ran toward the cockpit screaming ‘jihad, jihad,’ according to a government official with direct knowledge of the incident.”

Alert, quick-thinking passengers among the 33 on board the aircraft tackled and subdued the agitated man who, according to pilots, was “acting violently.” It’s not known whether one of those individuals who pinned the man may have been an air marshal.

Other passengers caught the frightening action in photos as well as on a video purportedly showing the subdued man crying and yelling as he frantically apologized, his face apparently bloodied and pressed to the floor of the plane.

You can watch that remarkable video by clicking above.

According to The Daily Mail, investigators found no weapons on the man or on board the aircraft, which returned safely to Dulles where the suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for evaluation.

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Terrorists At Guantanamo Just Got This Great Perk…


Some of the worst terrorists at Guantanamo Bay are now able to enjoy Skype video chat visits with their families, according to Judicial Watch. Apparently, it is part of a program to expand privileges for the inmates.

So who exactly is getting this nice little perk at Gitmo?

Abu Faraj al-Libi, former No. 3 in al-Qaeda, has been able to Skype with his family. Al-Libi, who was captured in 2005, had long ties with notorious al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and served as operational chief of al-Qaeda.

He’s not the only high-level terrorist getting to Skype. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, another al-Qaeda operative, was behind the bombing of the destroyer USS Cole in 2000. Seventeen American sailors were killed and dozens more were injured. According to Judicial Watch, al-Nashiri’s DOD file describes him as “one of Al Qaeda’s most skilled, capable and prolific operational coordinators.”

Further, according to Judicial Watch:

Since Obama moved into the White House privileges have vastly expanded for the terrorists incarcerated at Gitmo. In 2009 Judicial Watch, which has regularly traveled to Gitmo to cover the terrorists’ military trials, reported that U.S. taxpayers bought the captives high-tech laptops and computer lessons. That brilliant idea is part of a plan to reintroduce the prisoners into a modern society when the president fulfills his campaign promise of releasing them. They have been taught to send electronic mail and have received language and basic user skills training to help them find jobs when the [sic] leave the military prison.

Judicial Watch went on:

Last year was an especially good one for terrorist rights at Gitmo. The administration actually let 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) dispatch propaganda from his Gitmo jail cell, undoubtedly aiding and abetting more terrorism.

If that were not enough, now authorities let detainees go to “Business School Behind Bars,” with an al-Qaeda financier as self-appointed dean of students.

Has the treatment of the terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay gone far enough? What perks do you think will be offered next to the prisoners? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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Another Domino Falls In The Middle East–And Iran Grows Stronger


While Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is coming to Washington to speak to the U.S. Congress on the Iranian threat, the Obama administration continues to essentially allow Iran to go nuclear and cement its hold across much of the Middle East. This past week, we have heard the news that the pro-American government in Yemen, with whom we had extensive counter-terror cooperation militarily, has fallen. A Shiite group with ties to, you guessed it, Iran, has taken control of the capital.

The terrorists who conducted the Paris attacks recently against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were trained and financed by Al Qaeda in Yemen.  The administration considers the Sunni AQAP, Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, to be one of the most dangerous threats to the security of the United States.

In an even more bizarre twist, the adminstration has signaled that they want to work with the new Shiite-based movement in Yemen against AQAP, a common enemy.  The Washington Post reported: “In a measure of U.S. concern over the crisis, officials also signaled for the first time a willingness to open talks with Houthi leaders, despite their suspected ties to Iran and antipathy toward the United States.”

WND reports: “The prospect of further U.S. cooperation – even behind the scenes – with the Houthis also may be emerging given the increasing effort by the U.S. to reach an accommodation with Iran on its nuclear program.”

So there we have it. In spite of Obama’s assurances in the state of the union address that we were decimating Al Qaeda, it turns out that AQAP is still very dangerous and the threat is growing. We also now know that in its desperation to get a deal with Iran, Obama wants to team up with Shiite Muslim groups from Iran that just overthrew a key U.S. ally in the fight against terrorism, or the War on Terror, or whatever you want to call it. (Obama certainly won’t call it that.)

I hope we can survive the next two years of this man’s presidency.  

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Time to Fire Eric Holder

Susan Stamper Brown,

During a recent speech at the American Constitution Society (ACS), United States Attorney General Eric Holder lauded our American civilian court system as “our most effective terror-fighting weapon.” Holder’s address, along with his whole attorney general career, reflects a flawed ideology that believes wrapping enemy combatants in the American flag will somehow steer them towards full disclosure.

We are fooling ourselves to believe our enemies aren’t smart enough to use habeas corpus against us — which the Constitution does not extend to non-citizens held outside U.S. boundaries. While the good cop routine might work on some of the more impressionable, the determined fanatics will take advantage of the situation. Sometimes you need a “Jack Bauer” to intervene to make these people sweat.

Holder’s implied moral high ground originates from the assumption that captured enemy combatants will be mistreated – unless they are blanketed by the security of our Constitution. Holder fails to recognize that our military is bound by the same Constitution, as well as the Geneva Convention.

The last time I checked, those who strayed away from their obligations to constitutional rule of law were duly convicted of crimes. Their actions, along with those of Attorney General Holder, do nothing but undermine the efforts of so many charged with keeping the rest of us safe from the criminals they imprison.

A lack of confidence in the military tribunal system seems to pervade the Justice Department under Holder as service members assigned to Guantanamo Bay do their duty honorably and faithfully, every day.

Case in point is the recent indictment of….

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