Islamic State Predicted Wave Of Terror Attacks; US Could Be Next On July 4th

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak thinks that Islamic State is not strong and could be defeated in two days. Barak said this during an interview about the nuclear negotiations with Oksana Boyko in her Worlds Apart show on RT Television.

“Technically speaking they are not strong. Some 30,000 – 40,000 people. Their vehicle is a Toyota pickup and some machine gun on it,” Barak said about ISIS’ military might.

“I think that with a slightly more coordinated effort ISIS could be suppressed. It’s not easy, but it’s not something inconceivable, they are not giant,” Barak added.

Just below those quotes from the interview with the former Israeli Prime Minister, RT News advertised two links to other articles about ISIS.

One headline read “‘Dirty bomb': ISIS has enough material to build WMD, Australian intelligence warns“; and the other headline warned “‘2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone’: Iraq reveals number of US arms falling into ISIS hands.”

The second article contained a link to an interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Iraqi state television. “In the collapse of Mosul, we lost a lot of weapons,” Abadi said in the interview. “We lost 2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone.”

It is also known that ISIS seized a vast number of US-made M-1 Abrams tanks and Russian-made T-55 tanks. Islamic State has reportedly started moving at least some of the seized heavy weaponry to Syria.

A short while after Barak made his statements, Islamic State terrorists attacked targets on three continents, killing more than a hundred people in Tunisia, Kuwait, France, and Somalia.

Thirty-seven European tourists were killed on Friday by a smiling lone gunman at a Tunisian seaside resort, causing panic and a mass exodus of tourists from Tunisia. In Kuwait, a Saudi ISIS terrorist entered a Shiite mosque where 2000 Muslims were praying and blew himself up. Twenty-seven worshipers were killed in the blast.

Meanwhile in France, an ISIS terrorist working for a delivery company beheaded his boss before ramming his car into a US-owned warehouse containing gas canisters. He was arrested before he could blow up the entire stock of flammable chemicals at the complex. Police later found the head of the 54-year-old employer of the terrorist dangling from a fence at the entrance of the factory. The head was framed by two black ISIS flags with texts about Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.

In Somalia, 30 soldiers from Burundi who were serving in the peace-keeping force in the country were killed by al-Shabaab terrorists when their base was overrun by the ISIS affiliate.

At the same time, British police foiled an ISIS terror attack during an Armed Forces Day parade in south London. ISIS also distributed fliers in Jerusalem warning Christians to leave the city before the end of Ramadan. In the United States, security forces were put on high alert ahead of next week’s Independence Day after police arrested a number of ISIS supporters. More arrests are expected this week.

A less-reported ISIS massacre took place in the Syrian city of Kobani on Thursday and Friday when the Islamic State launched a surprise attack on Kurdish YPG forces controlling the city that they took over from ISIS in January. ISIS fighters disguised as Kurdish YPG soldiers entered the city on Thursday and immediately killed 18 civilians, among them women and children, who were shot at close range. Most civilians were executed in their homes, and others died as a result of rocket and sniper fire in the streets of Kobani.

In total, 506 civilians in the Kobani area were killed and wounded by Islamic State forces on Thursday and Friday. A local journalist told AFP that ISIS didn’t want to take over the town but came “to kill the highest number of civilians in the ugliest way possible.”

The killings in Kobani were the second largest massacre in Syria by the Islamic State since the organization’s massacre of 930 members of the Shaitat tribe in the eastern Deir Ezzor province in August 2014.

On Saturday, Kurds succeeded in driving ISIS fighters out of Kobani for the second time this year; but analysts warn there is also “a sense that, even as the Islamic State’s forces appear to be on the run, the group is operating with a new pragmatism or sophistication that ultimately could make it even more difficult to defeat.”

An US intelligence official “cautioned some setbacks for the Islamic State could be attributed to commanders deciding to cut their losses and fight another day, and warned against confusing the appearance of vulnerability with definite weakness,” VOA news reported.

As Friday’s wave of attacks showed, defeating Islamic State will not be an easy matter. The organization enjoys widespread support among Islamists all over the world and is expanding its operations to countries outside the Middle East.

Islamic State knows exactly what it is doing and predicted a wave of attacks during the month-long Muslim fast Ramadan last Tuesday when ISIS Spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani urged ISIS supporters to attack Western targets.

Allah may increase the reward of a shahid (martyr) tenfold in Ramadan in comparison to other months.

So, O Muslims embark and hasten towards jihad. And O mujahidin (resistance fighters) everywhere, rush and move to make Ramadan a month of disaster for the kuffar (unbelievers).

One group of non-Muslims that has been targeted by the Islamic State before understood the urgency of these threats and decided not to wait for the next ISIS massacre.

The Yezidi minority in northern Iraq is on the move again and has planned a mass exodus from ISIS-controlled territory to Bulgaria. They are now stuck on the Turkish border and are calling upon the world to prevent a new genocide, Dr. Phyllis Chesler reported at Breibart.

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Wave Of Terror Hits Israel After It Gives In To Obama’s Demand For Trust-Building Measures With Palestinians

As is typical during the Muslim fast, Ramadan, Israel is witnessing a surge in Palestinian terror attacks.

Last Friday, a Palestinian terrorist gunned down two Israeli men near the Israeli settlement of Dolev in Samaria (Northern West Bank).

Danny Gonen, 25, an electrical engineering student from Lod and the eldest of five siblings, was shot several times at point blank range and was killed. His friend, Netanel Hadad, was moderately injured. The lone gunman flagged down their car, asking for assistance as they drove slowly on a gravel path from the Ein Buvin spring where they had been swimming. When they got out of the car to help him, the Palestinian pulled out a gun and murdered Gonen in cold blood before wounding his friend.

Gonen was buried on Sunday. A thousand people attended his funeral, among them his wounded friend.

On Sunday, a Palestinian terrorist critically wounded an officer of the Israeli Border Police at the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist stabbed the officer in his neck and chest after approaching him from behind. The officer who managed to pull out his gun and kill his attacker was taken to the Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and is reportedly on life support. Later, a video was released showing the dying Palestinian terrorist from a town in the Hebron area.

Arutz Sheva reported:

The man is lying on the sidewalk, gravely injured, and is approached by a Muslim woman who was videotaping the event, and another Arabic-speaking man, who kneels at his side and gently touches him. The man asks the terrorist where he is from, and he answers “Sa’ir,” – a town near Hevron.

The woman then offers a prayer for Allah to accept the man’s “martyrdom,” and repeatedly says “praise be to Allah.” At one point she pans the camera over to the dying terrorist’s hand, to show him pointing his finger – a gesture (originally taken from Judaism) co-opted by Islamists to express their belief in monotheism, and commonly used by jihadists planning to be “martyred.”

The Damascus Gate where the stabbing occurred is where thousands of Palestinian Muslims enter the Old City during Ramadan to pray in the El Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

Later on Sunday, scores of Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli security forces near Damascus Gate and at buses in the Jerusalem area.

The new wave of Palestinian terror against Jews began after Israel took a series of steps designed to change the atmosphere in its relations with the Palestinian Authority. This was done after US President Barack Obama — in an interview with Al-Arabiya in May — had called upon the Israeli government to rebuild trust with the Palestinians. At the same time, the President didn’t demand similar trust-building gestures from the Palestinian Authority

Among the measures Israel took to make life easier for the Palestinians was the doubling of the water supplies to Gaza, the easing of the ban on the sale of produce from Gaza to Israel, and several measures that make travelling from the West Bank to Israel and Jerusalem easier for Palestinians.

For example, Israel now allows the use of shuttle buses from cities in the West Bank to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem without special permits. Israel also allows armed Palestinian policemen to operate in communities around Jerusalem and lets Palestinian doctors who work in Israeli hospitals drive their own vehicles with Palestinian license plates into the country for the first time since the start of the Second Intifada.

As has happened every time Israel has lifted restrictions on Palestinian travel within the so called ‘Green Line’ (1948 Armistice lines), the measures were answered by more terror.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu addressed the surge in terror attacks during his opening remarks at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting:

I would like to send condolences to the family of the late Danny Gonen, who was murdered by a reprehensible killer. I would also like to send my wishes for a quick recovery to Natanel Hadad.

The security forces are now taking vigorous action to apprehend the murderer, of course to bring him to trial and punish him to the fullest extent of the law. The relative quiet in Judea and Samaria must not mislead anyone. There are attempted terrorist attacks all the time; unfortunately, some of them succeed. The reason that most do not succeed is because of very accelerated action by the IDF and ISA and other elements on behalf of the State of Israel.

Netanyahu then criticized the international community for ignoring Israel’s security needs in the current proposals for a solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

The need to thwart these (terror) attacks is constant but in the international proposals being made to us, which – in effect – they are trying to force on us, there is no reference to the security needs of the State of Israel and our other national interests. They are simply trying to push us into accepting indefensible borders while completely ignoring what will be on the other side of the border. Of course, this will lead to the results that we see and that we experience from the Gaza Strip and from Lebanon. We will not allow this to happen.

The way to reach agreements is only through bilateral negotiations, and we strongly reject attempts to force international diktat on us in regard to both security and peace. Peace will be achieved only through direct negotiations between the parties that will take into account our national interests, especially security.

Netanyahu made his comments hours before meeting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. France is preparing a UN Security Council resolution that would force a timetable for a withdrawal from the West Bank on Israel.

UPDATE: After the wave of terror attacks by Palestinians on Sunday, Israel annulled some of the trust-building measures.

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Terrorists Wanted To Behead Her, And How She Just Responded Proves They Haven’t Won

In a Breitbart editorial published Friday, American Freedom Defense Initiative President Pamela Geller addressed the public calls for her execution following an event many Muslims found disrespectful. A ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest Geller organized earlier this year in Garland, Texas, was cut short when two protesters opened fire and were ultimately killed by police.

Geller has since been targeted by extremist Muslims who believe she should be beheaded for her role in planning the heretical event. Nevertheless, she insisted that the threats have not caused her to back down from her firmly held positions.

“I am the Islamic State’s target,” she wrote, “because I am, unlike most of the mainstream media, refusing to bow down to them and submit to their dictates. They want to make an example out of me in order to frighten the rest of the US into silence and submission – that is, to frighten those who have not already submitted.”

She acknowledged that the direct threats are scary, though she maintains that “it is far scarier to do nothing.”

According to Geller, the time has come for Americans who love freedom to stand up for our constitutional rights.

“This is a showdown for American freedom,” she asserted. “Will we stand against this savagery, or bow down to them and silence ourselves?”

Sounding the alarm for immediate action, Geller pointed out the fact that homegrown terrorists have been linked to flourishing mosques across America.

“Several surveys have shown that 80% of mosques in the U.S. teach hatred of infidels and the necessity to replace the Constitution with sharia,” she wrote. “No one cares.”

In fact, she criticized certain media outlets for manipulating the facts in reporting the Garland shooting with an apparent goal of downplaying the subsequent threats made against her. It appears from the reader comments left in response to her editorial, however, that there are plenty of Americans willing to join in her fight.

In response to a critical comment, one reader wrote:

You obviously don’t understand! We are ALREADY IN DANGER! She is simply trying to make everyone aware of said danger, even naïve uninformed fools like you.

Does radical Islam threaten America? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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ISIS Fighter Shares Selfie Picture. This Is How The U.S. Air Force Responded.

Image for representational purposes only.

According to a recent Air Force Times report, at least one successful air strike against ISIS was facilitated by a terrorist’s infatuation with social media. U.S. Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle recently shared details of that mission during a recent speech.

He explained a few airmen were looking through social media channels “and they see some moron standing at this command.”

Researching further, they were able to find him “bragging about command in control capabilities for Daesh, ISIL, and these guys go, ‘Ah, we got an in.’”

After some diligent research and analysis, the Air Force was able to pinpoint the location of the command, sending out fighter jets less than 24 hours after they first found the incriminating post.

“It was incredible work,” Carlisle said, “and incredible airmen doing this sort of thing.”

He explained that three guided bombs dropped on the building were able to take out the target completely.

“Through social media,” he emphasized. “It was a post on social media. Bombs on target in 22 hours.”

It has likewise been through social media that ridicule of the terrorist involved has since spread.


“I love when the bad guys are stupid,” wrote one Twitter use.

Another declared that “we need more dumb daesh like him!”

While most seemed to agree with social commentators who declared the raid a “feel-good story,” at least one wondered why it took as long as it did.

“How far up the chain of command did this sortie have to go to be micromanaged by the WH?” the critic wondered.

Do you want to see the military take advantage of ISIS mistakes like this in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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This Awesome New Air Force Weapon Will Take Out The Enemy Before They Know What Hit ‘Em

The cruise missiles so often used to destroy ISIS installations and other enemy targets descend like a flash out of the sky, traveling up to 600mph as they approach unsuspecting terrorist compounds, hideouts, and ammo storage facilities. But the impressive speed at which a cruise missile is propelled will seem like a proverbial stroll in the park when an awesome new generation of hypersonic “birds” take flight as an operating Air Force weapon system.

The website reveals updated details of the progress the Air Force is making in the development of the X-51, the hypersonic air vehicle that’s expected to be in service within the next decade. Though it’s known as the “Waverider,” the X-51 certainly doesn’t “ride the waves” in a conventional sense — it travels far above water or land as it reaches speeds up to Mach 5 — many times faster than the speed of sound.

The secret to the X-51 Waverider’s remarkable speed lies in its advanced scramjet technology, which has reportedly been in development since at least 2004. According to the Air Force chief scientist working on the program, Mica Endsley, a successful test flight in 2013 showed the technology is workable at an exceptionally high speed. “A B-52H Stratofortress carried the X-51A on its wing before it was released at 50,000 feet and accelerated up to Mach 4.8 in 26 seconds. As the scramjet climbed to 60,000 feet it accelerated to Mach 5.1.”

That kind of speed means the Waverider could conceivably travel across the United States — sea to shining sea — in about thirty minutes. It could scream across the Atlantic in close to an hour.

As reports about the proof-of-concept test flight a couple of years ago:

“It showed that you could get a scramjet engine, launch it off an aircraft and it could go hypersonic. It was able to go more than Mach 5 until it ran out of fuel. It was a very successful test of an airborne hypersonic weapons system,” Endsley said.

The complex challenge that lies ahead for the X-51 program involves producing materials and building equipment that can withstand the tremendous forces and pressures of hypersonic flight. Pentagon officials are said to be enthusiastic about the scramjet technology because the U.S. military would be able to have air delivery systems that cost less and require fewer parts than conventional turbine engines.

An animation recently released by the Air Force shows a conceptual rendering of what the X-51 might look like on a future mission. You can get a glimpse of the possible future of America’s military might by clicking on the video above.

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