Shocking New Report Claims Obama Lied About Bin Laden Death Raid For This Appalling Reason

As might be expected, defenders of the Obama White House are pushing back vigorously against a report by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claiming that the president lied about circumstances surrounding the 2011 raid that resulted in the death of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. Writing in the London Review of Books, Hersh reveals that Obama rushed into the media spotlight to claim primary credit for the success of the raid by Navy SEALs, without acknowledging the key role of Pakistani special forces in the extremely dangerous mission.

According to an article in The Daily Mail:

The former New York Times reporter quotes former American and Pakistani intelligence sources, as well as Navy SEALs as he claims that the White House and CIA repeatedly lied to the public about nearly every aspect of the bin Laden raid.

He says ‘high-level lying’ and ‘bypassing the chain of command’ is standard fare in U.S. counter-terrorism and those who stand up to the White ‘say no’ to the consensus are usually phased out.

The Daily Mail report notes that Hersh makes a number of explosive claims in his piece that has sent the Obama administration into high-defense mode. Among them:
– The Pakistanis had been essentially holding bin Laden captive at the Abbottabad compound for years.
– The CIA learned of bin Laden’s location from a Pakistani intelligence official who tipped off American operatives hoping to claim the $25million bounty on the terror leader — not from interrogation of an al-Qaeda courier.
– There was no firefight during the SEAL raid — the only shots fired were those that killed bin Laden, whom Hersh described as a feeble, unarmed man.

In reporting on the startling claims by Seymour Hersh, CNN notes: “A former senior CIA official at time of the bin Laden raid told CNN on Monday that ‘this account is complete and utter fiction.’”

As of this writing, the White House had not yet formally responded to Hersh’s claims that a boastful President Obama allegedly lied about the bin Laden raid. However, as CNN pointed out, “at least one former administration official was out Monday morning vehemently rebutting Hersh’s claims. CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell dismissed the report in an interview on CBS’ ‘This Morning,’ calling it ‘all wrong.’”

One can certainly see why administration sources and others in the military and intelligence communities involved in the planning or execution of the raid that led to bin Laden’s death would be adamantly defending the initial story of how the operation took place. The CNN report on Hersh’s piece points out an especially damning claim regarding the U.S. Command-in-Chief:

“Hersh also alleges Obama’s speech announcing the successful mission was ‘put together in a rush,’ not vetted or cleared by national security officials and created ‘chaos in the weeks following.’”

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SFC Christopher Speer Is Dead; Omar Khadr Is Free

A Canadian judge ruled this week that Omar Khadr poses no public safety threat. Tell that to the children of Sergeant First Class Christopher J. Speer and the surviving American soldiers who valiantly fought Khadr on the battlefield.

In 2012, Khadr pleaded guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty to five charges related to the killing of Speer, a 28-year-old medic with the U.S. Special Forces. This young American hero died in Afghanistan in 2002 during an ambush by al-Qaida operatives. Just days before he gave his life, Speer had fearlessly walked onto a minefield to rescue two wounded Afghan children. It was Khadr, born and bred an Islamic jihadist by his terrorist father, who lobbed the fatal grenade in the war zone. Another American soldier, SFC Layne Morris, survived the attack, but was blinded in one eye for life.

In a sealed plea deal at Guantanamo Bay, Khadr admitted to throwing the grenade. He admitted to attempted murder, conspiracy, spying, and providing material support to terrorism. He signed a 50-paragraph stipulation that classified him as an “enemy belligerent because he has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States and its coalition partners” and documented his family’s intimate association and friendship with al-Qaida leaders Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Muhammad Atef.

Don’t believe the international human rights bleeding hearts. The Khadr family is rightfully known as Canada’s First Family of Terror. This so-called “child soldier” and “good kid” was a full-blown Muslim soldier of jihad; he trained one-on-one in weaponry, explosives, and Jew hatred. A then-teenage Khadr bragged to a U.S. official “that the proudest moment of his life was constructing and planting IEDs” to “kill U.S. forces.”

Gloating over the Alberta judge’s decision to let Khadr loose, his radical leftwing lawyer railed against Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a “bigot.” His fan club thinks he deserves a medal. No, really. A Toronto Sun columnist argued last week that the jihadist “deserves some kind of recognition” along the lines of the country’s “Order of Canada” for “the dignity and stoicism with which he’s borne the mingy behaviour of Canada’s governments.”

Disgusting. This deification of an al-Qaida-trained murderer is a slap in the face to every American soldier and every military family that has sacrificed to combat Islamic jihad.

But don’t look for our government to raise its voice in protest. It is because of jihad-coddler Barack Obama, working quietly to empty Gitmo, that Khadr found his way back to Canada in the first place. The White House surreptitiously released the killer and flew him home as American citizens were distracted by the 2012 midterm elections. Now, despite opposition from Canada’s conservative government, Khadr’s out on bail while appealing his U.S. war-crimes convictions.

The “progressive” Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City has been at the forefront of pressing for Khadr’s release. CCR also crusaded successfully for the release of Gitmo jihadist Abu Sufian bin Qumu — now the lead suspect in the bloody attack on our consulate in Benghazi — whom the Obama administration has yet to bring to justice.

Retired Sgt. Morris, the blinded survivor of Khadr’s grenade attack, sees more clearly than feckless apologists for Gitmo killers and recidivists. The cheerleaders for Muslim vigilantes “ignore the facts of Omar Khadr’s life, his history and the terrible choices Omar Khadr made to get him to the spot he is in now,” Morris told The National Post last week. “The Obama administration, in its zeal to shut down Guantanamo, is willing to make any sacrifice to empty that prison. Omar Khadr is simply the fortunate beneficiary of that tactic.”

After 13 years in custody, Khadr will be breathing fresh air, walking the streets, and maintaining his unrepentant pose of victimhood.

After 13 years, the real victims and the real children in this case — the daughter and son of the real hero, SFC Speer, Taryn and Tanner — will still be without a father.

Thanks, Obama.


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Mark Levin: U.S. Gives Terrorists More Consideration Than Cops

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, syndicated radio host Mark Levin responded to the controversial move by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to bring charges against six police officers in connection with the death of suspect Freddie Gray. The state’s attorney has been criticized for reacting hastily to riots in Baltimore and the call for legal action against the police who took part in Gray’s arrest.

“Where are the civil libertarians?” Levin asked. “Where is the ACLU? Where are the real lawyers in America?”

He said attorneys should be protesting what he described as a “travesty of justice” regarding the officers charged in the incident. While the initial response was a protest that soon turned violent and destructive, Levin concluded that the anti-police movement is currently flourishing in Mosby’s office.

“This is a disgrace,” he continued, “and the entire legal community should be rising up over this. Whatever happens in the courtroom, whatever happens with the judge and jury, so be it. But the way this prosecutor has conducted herself is outrageous.”

Levin later addressed an expected Justice Department-led civil rights investigation in Baltimore.

“I can support that,” he said, offering an important caveat. “Investigate this state’s attorney. Investigate what’s taken place here – her comments, her politicization of a prosecution.”

Considering the fact that those being charged are split evenly between black and white officers, Levin concluded that the prosecution “has nothing to do with race,” insisting that this is simply the latest example of activists “projecting as usual their radical, their leftwing agenda, on top of these events.”

He went on to assert that the officers are “being railroaded,” noting that they are not even receiving the same legal protection America affords terror suspects.

“How can it be,” he wondered, “that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay have more due process rights … that they are treated one way and police officers another?”

He concluded that America as a nation is increasingly hostile toward the law enforcement community, suggesting many hold police to a higher standard than others in society.

“Well, law enforcement isn’t perfect,” he acknowledged. “Reporters aren’t perfect. Obama’s not perfect. That’s not the test. The fact of the matter is if we lose order, we lose liberty and we lose the society.”

Did this prosecutor rush to file charges against these six officers? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Site Of Star Wars Filming Now A Way-Station For Jihadists

03252015_Star Wars_Young Cons

A Tunisian town which provided the backdrop for Luke Skywalker’s home in the original Star Wars movie, known today as Star Wars IV: A New Hope, is now a site of unrest as violence has overtaken the surrounding area.

CNN explains what happened to the city of Tataouine, the location where George Lucas filmed the scenes for Skywalker’s home in Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine:

The desert and dun-colored cliffs around the town of Tataouine were once the backdrop for the movie “Star Wars,” much of which was filmed in this neglected corner of Tunisia in 1976. This struggling town on the fringes of the Sahara still draws a few fans of the movie but now finds itself part of a real conflict, as a way-station for jihadists crossing the Libyan border 60 miles to the east.

03252015_Tunisia1_Google Maps

Google Maps

Last week, a jihadist cell stormed the Bardo Museum in the capital of Tunis, killing 20 tourists and one policeman, the deadliest attack to ever take place on Tunisian soil. News24 reported Tuesday that the leader of the cell was arrested. The news outlet pointed out that two of the terrorists were killed during the attack by authorities, while the other is still at large.

Prior to the museum attack, three men were arrested trying to link up with a jihadist group. The men have since been taken to Tunis for interrogation, according to CNN.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out the scenes depicting Tatooine in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, set to premiere at the end of this year, were filmed in Abu Dhabi rather than Tataouine because of the unrest in Tunisia.

h/t: YoungConservatives

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Watch: Did Alert Passengers Just Stop This ‘Jihad’ Shouting Man From Causing Airline Disaster?

Image Credit: The Daily Mail

On a late-night flight Monday bound for Denver from Dulles International Airport in suburban Washington, there was a terrifying incident described by one passenger as “the scariest moment in my life.”

Investigators say that, shortly after takeoff, a passenger jumped out of his seat and charged toward the cockpit of United Flight 1074. And what the man shouted as he rushed forward added to the fear that a possible terrorist might be about to hijack or take down the plane.

CNN reports that authorities are still investigating the incident and haven’t officially released many details. However, the network quotes an unnamed source who confirms what several passengers have recounted:

“…a passenger ran toward the cockpit screaming ‘jihad, jihad,’ according to a government official with direct knowledge of the incident.”

Alert, quick-thinking passengers among the 33 on board the aircraft tackled and subdued the agitated man who, according to pilots, was “acting violently.” It’s not known whether one of those individuals who pinned the man may have been an air marshal.

Other passengers caught the frightening action in photos as well as on a video purportedly showing the subdued man crying and yelling as he frantically apologized, his face apparently bloodied and pressed to the floor of the plane.

You can watch that remarkable video by clicking above.

According to The Daily Mail, investigators found no weapons on the man or on board the aircraft, which returned safely to Dulles where the suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for evaluation.

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