PANIC: Rep. Just Revealed Officials Expecting THIS Terror Attack On City July 4th

On Wednesday, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that nuclear terror threats are “a big concern” in New York City headed into the Fourth of July weekend.

While the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning for Americans after terror attacks were carried out on three separate continents over the past week either by the Islamic State of Iraq and and Syria (ISIS) or someone inspired by their cause, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday: “it is not uncommon for these kinds of joint information bulletins to be issued in advance of the Fourth of July.”

I can also say that there is no specific credible intelligence to indicate any threats against celebrations over the Fourth of July weekend.

But King dismissed Earnest’s statement Wednesday on The Kelly File. “This is for real. I’ve been at the meetings,” said King, who serves on the House Homeland Security and Intelligence committees.

I’ve gotten the briefings going back two and three weeks, how concerned they were. And you would not see the manhole covers being tightened down. You would not see the cameras being used the way they are. The nuclear explosive devices in New York, detection devices being used the way they are.The extra personnel being put on, the snipers, all of that. That wouldn’t be there if this was just a routine warning.

Kelly asked King if he said “nuclear,” which he confirmed. “It’s a big concern here in New York explosives, you know, the dirty bomb,” King said. “That’s why so much money has been put into explosive detection devices here in New York aimed at nuclear ones. The dirty bomb is a real concern we’ve always had here in New York.”

In a separate interview earlier in the day with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, King said he would not be seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination after previously dipping his feet in the water.

I would love to have the opportunity to run, to go all the way, and I think I can more than compete with any of those that are in there, but the reality is as far as money … the fact that I do have a full-time job now on the intelligence and homeland security committees – it’s just not in the cards. I don’t want to be taking up other people’s time. I don’t want to have 19, 20 candidates, whatever it’s going to be.

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BREAKING: Egypt Suffers String Of Attacks…As ISIS Reveals New Terrifying Video

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Today, Islamic State launched a string of massive attacks on Egyptian forces in the Sinai Peninsula. Islamic State affiliate Ansar Bayit al-Maqdis (Waliyat Sinai) simultaneous attacked at least five military checkpoints and a police station in Sheikh Zuweid in northern Sinai this morning. At least 100 people died in the fighting that was still continuing hours later.

Army spokesman Brig-Gen Mohammed Samir reported that more than 70 terrorists fired mortar rounds and detonated a car bomb in attacks on five checkpoints in the Sheikh Zuweid area of North Sinai province. “Ten soldiers were killed or wounded along with 39 assailants,” he added.

Reshet Beth, however, reported that 60 Egyptian soldiers died in the assault by Waliyat Sinai. The Israeli radio station said that the Egyptian government was trying to deflate the number of dead soldiers to avoid the impression that the army is losing the war against ISIS in Sinai. AP later confirmed the Reshet Beth report and reported that in total, 64 Egyptian soldiers were killed by the terrorists. Thirty-eight terrorists also died in the fighting.

Ever since the Egyptian army ousted the Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohammed Morsi, Islamists in Sinai have escalated their attacks on Egyptian security personnel. At least 670 soldiers and policemen have died in the fighting so far.

The situation in Egypt further deteriorated after the assassination of the state prosecutor (Attorney General), Hisham Barakat, in Cairo on Monday. Barakat was hated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Wayilat Sinai for the prosecution of thousands of Islamists since the ouster of the Morsi regime in 2013.

Hours after his assassination, a wave of terror attacks hit Egyptian cities; and at the same time, Islamists in the Sinai launched a new offensive aimed at taking over the Peninsula.

There have been eyewitness reports saying that members of ISIS branch Waliyat Sinai are trying to take over villages and cities in Sinai and then raise their black flag on buildings.

Like the attacks that Islamic State staged last Friday, the assault on Egypt has been predicted by both Islamic State and the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

ISW published a report on June 7 in which it predicted that ISIS would execute a ‘mass casualty attack’ in Tunisia during Ramadan. Egypt was one of the countries in the Middle East that would be targeted during the Muslim holy month, ISW experts predicted. They based their predictions on articles that were published on ISIS’ website and on what ISIS members wrote on social media.

Image credit: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

Image credit: Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

Other countries Islamic State has announced as targets during Ramadan are England (where an ISIS plot for a terror attack was foiled last week), France (which was attacked last Friday), Italy, Spain, Caucuses in southern Russia, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Egypt (attacked today), Yemen (also attacked last week), Afghanistan (ISIS has seized large swaths of territory from the Taliban over the past week), Pakistan, and the United States. The United States will probably be attacked during Independence Day at the end of the week.

The goal is to capitalize on religious tensions and war to plunge a large part of the world into chaos by July 18, which marks the end of Ramadan. ISIS has sleeper cells in many countries and has now ordered these cells to become operative. In other countries, Muslim citizens who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq and have now returned home will operate as lone gunmen in the coming weeks.

ISIS also published a new video today in which it threatened Hamas in Gaza and Israel.

A masked member of the group said: “We will uproot the state of the Jews (Israel) and you (Hamas) and Fatah, and all of the secularists are nothing and you will be overrun by our creeping multitudes.”

The release of the video came hours after Yoram Cohen, the head of Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, informed the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that “Hamas is losing control over the Gaza Strip and its ability to govern there is eroding.”

“One of the challenges Hamas is dealing with is the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip following the destruction caused during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. A major component of which is the lack of foreign funding due to infighting between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority over control of border crossings,” Cohen said according to Ynet News.

In reaction to the ISIS threat, Israel decided to close the border crossings with Gaza and Egypt except for the crossing in Taba in south Israel.

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FBI And Homeland Security Just Issued This Scary Warning To America For 4th Of July

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As Americans plan their weekend celebrations, intelligence officials are tracking potential terror threats leading up to the July 4th holiday. One source recently stated that local law enforcement agencies across the nation have received federal warnings instructing them to operate at a higher security level throughout the week.

A joint intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security indicated that terrorists could use the patriotic holiday as an opportunity to stage an attack. No specific threats were mentioned; however, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said his agency will be working with other federal and local departments – as well as the American public – to prevent a possible terrorist act.


“We continue to encourage all Americans to attend public events and celebrate this country during this summer season,” he said, “but always remain vigilant.”

The bulletin came ahead of Monday’s arrest of a suspected ISIS conspirator in Hudson County, N.J. According to WABC, 23-year-old Alaa Saadeh was arrested for allegedly offering his services to the terror network and attempting to pressure a federal witness to lie to the FBI.

A number of other recent terror-related arrests prove America remains a prime target for radical Islam. Johnson pointed out that terrorism is also on the rise in other nations around the world.

While the bulletin focused on Islamic terrorism, however, Johnson also worked in a reference to the recent mass shooting in South Carolina during his recent statement.

“The alleged killer sought to divide us,” he concluded. “instead, his actions appear to have had the opposite effect in South Carolina, where people of different races have come together to denounce the tragedy and mourn those killed.”


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Islamic State Predicted Wave Of Terror Attacks; US Could Be Next On July 4th

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak thinks that Islamic State is not strong and could be defeated in two days. Barak said this during an interview about the nuclear negotiations with Oksana Boyko in her Worlds Apart show on RT Television.

“Technically speaking they are not strong. Some 30,000 – 40,000 people. Their vehicle is a Toyota pickup and some machine gun on it,” Barak said about ISIS’ military might.

“I think that with a slightly more coordinated effort ISIS could be suppressed. It’s not easy, but it’s not something inconceivable, they are not giant,” Barak added.

Just below those quotes from the interview with the former Israeli Prime Minister, RT News advertised two links to other articles about ISIS.

One headline read “‘Dirty bomb': ISIS has enough material to build WMD, Australian intelligence warns“; and the other headline warned “‘2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone’: Iraq reveals number of US arms falling into ISIS hands.”

The second article contained a link to an interview with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Iraqi state television. “In the collapse of Mosul, we lost a lot of weapons,” Abadi said in the interview. “We lost 2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone.”

It is also known that ISIS seized a vast number of US-made M-1 Abrams tanks and Russian-made T-55 tanks. Islamic State has reportedly started moving at least some of the seized heavy weaponry to Syria.

A short while after Barak made his statements, Islamic State terrorists attacked targets on three continents, killing more than a hundred people in Tunisia, Kuwait, France, and Somalia.

Thirty-seven European tourists were killed on Friday by a smiling lone gunman at a Tunisian seaside resort, causing panic and a mass exodus of tourists from Tunisia. In Kuwait, a Saudi ISIS terrorist entered a Shiite mosque where 2000 Muslims were praying and blew himself up. Twenty-seven worshipers were killed in the blast.

Meanwhile in France, an ISIS terrorist working for a delivery company beheaded his boss before ramming his car into a US-owned warehouse containing gas canisters. He was arrested before he could blow up the entire stock of flammable chemicals at the complex. Police later found the head of the 54-year-old employer of the terrorist dangling from a fence at the entrance of the factory. The head was framed by two black ISIS flags with texts about Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.

In Somalia, 30 soldiers from Burundi who were serving in the peace-keeping force in the country were killed by al-Shabaab terrorists when their base was overrun by the ISIS affiliate.

At the same time, British police foiled an ISIS terror attack during an Armed Forces Day parade in south London. ISIS also distributed fliers in Jerusalem warning Christians to leave the city before the end of Ramadan. In the United States, security forces were put on high alert ahead of next week’s Independence Day after police arrested a number of ISIS supporters. More arrests are expected this week.

A less-reported ISIS massacre took place in the Syrian city of Kobani on Thursday and Friday when the Islamic State launched a surprise attack on Kurdish YPG forces controlling the city that they took over from ISIS in January. ISIS fighters disguised as Kurdish YPG soldiers entered the city on Thursday and immediately killed 18 civilians, among them women and children, who were shot at close range. Most civilians were executed in their homes, and others died as a result of rocket and sniper fire in the streets of Kobani.

In total, 506 civilians in the Kobani area were killed and wounded by Islamic State forces on Thursday and Friday. A local journalist told AFP that ISIS didn’t want to take over the town but came “to kill the highest number of civilians in the ugliest way possible.”

The killings in Kobani were the second largest massacre in Syria by the Islamic State since the organization’s massacre of 930 members of the Shaitat tribe in the eastern Deir Ezzor province in August 2014.

On Saturday, Kurds succeeded in driving ISIS fighters out of Kobani for the second time this year; but analysts warn there is also “a sense that, even as the Islamic State’s forces appear to be on the run, the group is operating with a new pragmatism or sophistication that ultimately could make it even more difficult to defeat.”

An US intelligence official “cautioned some setbacks for the Islamic State could be attributed to commanders deciding to cut their losses and fight another day, and warned against confusing the appearance of vulnerability with definite weakness,” VOA news reported.

As Friday’s wave of attacks showed, defeating Islamic State will not be an easy matter. The organization enjoys widespread support among Islamists all over the world and is expanding its operations to countries outside the Middle East.

Islamic State knows exactly what it is doing and predicted a wave of attacks during the month-long Muslim fast Ramadan last Tuesday when ISIS Spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani urged ISIS supporters to attack Western targets.

Allah may increase the reward of a shahid (martyr) tenfold in Ramadan in comparison to other months.

So, O Muslims embark and hasten towards jihad. And O mujahidin (resistance fighters) everywhere, rush and move to make Ramadan a month of disaster for the kuffar (unbelievers).

One group of non-Muslims that has been targeted by the Islamic State before understood the urgency of these threats and decided not to wait for the next ISIS massacre.

The Yezidi minority in northern Iraq is on the move again and has planned a mass exodus from ISIS-controlled territory to Bulgaria. They are now stuck on the Turkish border and are calling upon the world to prevent a new genocide, Dr. Phyllis Chesler reported at Breibart.

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Shocking: ‘Barbarous’ ISIS-Linked Attack On U.S. Company Has Nation On High Alert

A severed head dangling from a fence — a head scrawled with Arabic phrases and hung between two ISIS flags — that’s what authorities in France say they found today outside a U.S.-based chemical company northwest of the city of Grenoble. According to a report on Fox News, the country has been placed on high alert after French President Francois Hollande described the grisly attack on the Air Products plant as a terror assault carried out by two men.

“The attack was of a terrorist nature since a body was discovered, decapitated and with inscriptions,” French President Francois Hollande told a news conference in Brussels.

CNN reports that the victim of the brutal decapitation has not been publicly identified. In fact, the chemical company whose facility was attacked, says the CNN update, claims that all its employees are safe and accounted for. The factory which was targeted for reasons unknown is operated by Air Products & Chemicals, an Allentown, Pa.,-based company that makes industrial gases.

Authorities in France say that, in addition to the man who was decapitated, two people were injured in the terrorist assault. One suspect is said to have been under surveillance by French law enforcement in the past because of possible terror ties.

“The suspect’s contacts with Muslim fundamentalists, and reports that Islamist flags or writings were found at the scene, point to an Islamist extremist motive,” according to the CNN coverage of the beheading.

This shocking attack — with the Charlie Hebdo mass killing by terrorists in Paris still fresh in the minds of the French people — comes on the same day as two other terrorist attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait.

The Daily Mail reports that at least 27 people were mowed down by gunmen who opened fire on tourists staying at two hotels in popular vacation spots.

“Militants, feared to be from ISIS, exchanged gunfire with security services on a beach packed with British holidaymakers,” according to The Daily Mail report. Many of the dead are said to be British tourists slaughtered by automatic weapons fire — some victims reportedly dying on the beach as they sunbathed. Security forces are said to have killed at least one of the attackers.

And in Kuwait, as The New York Times reports, an explosion at a mosque has left at least eight people wounded. The Islamic State is said to have claimed responsibility for the bombing at the holy site.

The Times coverage notes: “There was no immediate indication that the attacks were coordinated. But the three strikes on three continents came at roughly the same time, and just days after the Islamic State, the militant group also known as ISIS or ISIL, called for such operations during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.”

Fox News observes in a late report on the three terror attacks: “If the attacks were indeed an answer to ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani’s recent call for savagery, it would represent a hideous perversion of Islam’s most holy period, which began June 17 and ends July 17.”

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