Obama Just Revealed What He Thinks Will Be A ‘Powerful Rebuke’ To Paris Terrorists (Try Not To Laugh)

Barack Obama met with French president Francois Hollande in the Oval Office today to discuss the ISIS terrorist threat, but one thing Obama said is sure to raise eyebrows.

Obama said that the upcoming climate change summit in Paris will be a “powerful rebuke” to the ISIS terrorists who attacked the city earlier this month.

He stated: “What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

The Paris climate conference is scheduled to run from November 30th to December 11th and will address what will happen internationally regarding carbon emissions during the decade after 2020 (and possibly beyond).

The governments of more than 190 nations will be represented at the conference.

According to the U.K.’s Guardian, “we already know what the biggest emitters have committed to.” The EU has pledged to cut emissions by 40% compared to 1990, Obama has pledged the U.S. to cutting 26%-28% of emissions, and China has said its emissions will peak by 2030.

The heads of state of more than 130 countries are planning on attending the conference, making security a huge concern in the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks. Such world leaders as Barack Obama of the U.S., Xi Jinping of China, Narendra Modi of India, Angela Merkel of Germany, and David Camoron of the U.K. are all planning on attending.

The 2009 Copenhagen agreement saw the world’s developed countries and biggest developing countries agree to limit emissions, but there was no formal, binding treaty.

Breaking: Numerous Hostages Taken In France, Including Children- Situation Ongoing

As the capital city of neighboring Belgium remains locked down amid security concerns, France is once again the scene of what is being described in developing reports as a hostage situation.

The developing narrative comes less than two weeks after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

CBS News’ Dave Seglins was among several reporters using Twitter to disseminate information as it became available Tuesday afternoon.

Though initial concerns unsurprisingly centered around yet another terrorist attack, subsequent reports suggest the violent standoff was prompted by a criminal act, i.e., a robbery.

Alert: Every American Traveling For Thanksgiving Needs To See What The State Dept. Just Announced

Just as Americans are gearing up for their Thanksgiving travel plans, the U.S. Department of State has issued an alert that every American should heed.

As Fox News reports, the State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert this week after information that a list of terror groups are warning of attacks to come.

Terror groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram have all issued major threats that are likely to employ a “wide variety of tactics,” and have increased their activities to show that these aren’t just idol threats.

The alert, posted to the State Department website on Monday, has been issued on the heels of attacks in France, Nigeria, Denmark, and Turkey–not to mention the downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

After the attacks in Paris earlier this month, it is clear that ISIS and other such groups are extremely capable of exporting their terrorism to other countries far outside their Middle Eastern strongholds.

With its alert, the State Department said Americans should “exercise vigilance.”

“US citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation,” the alert said. “Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowded places. Exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events.”

The alert is in place until February 24, according to the government.

Still, despite the heightened state of alert, the State Department noted that it didn’t want people to cancel travel plans. “We want folks to still travel, but just to exercise greater vigilance,” a State Department official told Fox News.

State also noted that they have no specific threat inside the U.S. and are issuing the alert as a general one, not one directed at any particular area inside the U.S.

The U.S. alert comes amid similar alerts by other western nations such as Belgium, which has been on high alert since late last week.

Watch: Rush Just Uncovered The ONLY Way We Can Defeat ISIS, And Obama Will Despise Him For It

Rush Limbaugh did not mince words on Fox News Sunday in assessing Pres. Obama’s foreign policy leadership, charging he is more concerned about meeting Iran’s demands than adopting a winning strategy to defeat ISIS.

The popular radio talk show host told Chris Wallace, “I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious that Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them,” referring to the lifting of sanctions as part of the nuclear deal.

Wallace pressed Limbaugh what he would do if he were president.

“For one thing, I would do, Chris, I would hit their oil. I would hit their oil depots and I would hit their oil tankers. We’re not,” Limbaugh responded. “You know why we’re not? Because we have rules of engagement. The administration says well, some of the drivers might be civilians, and we can’t go there. And there might be some civilians at the actual oil depots and oil wells that they’ve taken over. That’s their primary source of revenue. I would hit that and I wouldn’t care.”

Limbaugh also observed that Obama seems to lack the fire in the belly needed to prosecute the fight against ISIS, though he seems to have no problem summoning it to deride Republicans and the media when they question his policies. “Barack Obama’s number one enemy is the Republican party and the conservative movement,” the talk show host said. 

Wallace also asked Limbaugh to give his assessment of the Republican field. Rush saved his highest praise for Ted Cruz, who he described as “Brilliant, and conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.” 

As for Jeb Bush, Limbaugh said, “I don’t think he really wants to do this. I’m watching, and I don’t see passion, I don’t see fire.”

ANALYSIS: What Led Islamic State To Attack France And Why The West’s Strategy To Destroy ISIS Will Fail

Much has been written about the response of the international community to the recent terrorist attacks by Islamic State against international targets, but less on the reasons why ISIS changed its strategy and picked a fight with world powers such as France and Russia.

One would have expected that Daesh, as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry now suddenly calls the Jihadist organization, had concentrated on defending its self-proclaimed Caliphate, or on the expansion of the territory of its ‘state’.

Instead of responding to the recent loss of the strategically important region of Sinjar in Iraq that was lost to Kurdish Peshmerga forces two weeks ago – with a counteroffensive or a new push elsewhere in Iraq or Syria- Islamic State opted for widening the conflict outside the territory of the Middle East.

First, a Russian civilian airplane with 224 people on board was downed in Egypt by a bomb that was detonated by Islamic State affiliate Wilayat Sinai; and two weeks later, ISIS attacked France when members of the group murdered 129 people in Paris.

At first sight, it seemed that ISIS had decided to avenge the Russian and French intervention in the war in Syria. Russia entered the fray in September, and France started to bomb ISIS positions in Syria the same month.

But there is more than meets the eye.

As Western Journalism has reported in the past, Islamic State operates according to a plan that is based on an apocalyptic end-times vision. This plan envisions several major battles between Muslim armies and infidel forces in Syria, Israel (both are part of what is called Sham in Arabic) and in Europe. To create these desired battles, Islamic State needs chaos, and it needs to draw more nations into the battle.

Analyst Jonathan Spyer explained in the Jerusalem Post this weekend that Islamic State “does not, like some other manifestations of political Islam in the region, combine vast strategic goals with a certain tactical patience and pragmatism. Rather, existing at the most extreme point of the Sunni Islamist continuum, it is a genuine apocalyptic cult. It has little interest in being left alone to create a model of Islamic governance according to its own lights, as its Western opponents had apparently hoped.”

“Its slogan is ‘baqiya wa tatamaddad’ (remaining and expanding). The latter is as important an imperative as the former. Islamic State must constantly remain in motion and in kinetic action,” Spyer wrote.

So consolidation of its holdings in the Middle East or slowly expanding them is no option for the Jihadist group. The organization needs more chaos and wants the world to mobilize and unite forces to create the right circumstances for the major battle that will eventually bring the world under the dominance of Islam.

Israeli Islam and Middle East expert Tzvi Yechezkeli brought evidence that this vision was behind the attacks in Paris–and not, as some European politicians think, frustration with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

After the attacks in Paris, the Israeli researcher went to Europe to talk with leaders of the Muslim extremist groups that support Islamic State actions. They told him that they were convinced that no matter how much Europe will invest in defenses or into efforts to root out militant Islam, the day will come that their version of the Islamic religion will dominate all of Europe. One of the leaders Yechezkeli interviewed said that his mission is to radicalize the youth in England, the country where he lives, and that he is absolutely convinced Muslims will be the majority in Europe pretty soon.

Yechezkeli showed that ISIS is a much larger problem than an Islamic State on the territory of what once was Syria and Iraq. Islamic State is not only in the Middle East, but it has a foothold in many parts of the world–even in many of the liberal societies in Western Europe.

This is why it will not be a simple matter to defeat Islamic State, despite the bold statements that even President Obama recently made about destroying the group.

If the battle against ISIS were about destroying the brutal entity in Iraq and Syria, it should be quite simple. Bring in NATO in with full force and work together with the Russian army; and in a matter of weeks, Islamic State would be destroyed indeed.

Apart from the fact that none of the Western leaders appear to be ready to do whatever is necessary to finish off Islamic State, there is the huge problem of the popularity of the anti-Western Sunni Islamist groups among the Sunni Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So any non-Muslim nation that should really want to destroy Islamic State must be prepared for a new battle against a hostile Sunni population in occupied territory, and for problems with the Muslim minority at home. As things stand now, none of the Western parties involved in the battle against Islamic State seem to be ready to pay this price.

We therefore can assume that the US-led coalition — including France — will continue to support Sunni and Kurdish forces in limited ground offensives against Islamic State and will try to weaken Islamic State by cutting off supply lines and finances.

As recent events in Europe have shown, this will not be enough to destroy the Islamic State ideology and to kill the motivation to advance the overall Islamist strategy vis a vis the West via new mega-terrorist attacks.