Fox’s Hannity Expertly Shuts Down Muslim Guest Trying To Control The Conversation

In a recent on-air conversation with Islamic leader Hassan Shibly, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity sought details about the case of a young American woman, Hoda Muthana, who left her family last year to join forces with ISIS. Shibly, who heads the Council on American Islamic Relations in Florida, explained that his organization is advocating on behalf of Muthana’s family and shared his thoughts on the story.

“Words can’t describe the utter shock and trauma and horror that the family is facing,” he said, “and the pain and anguish they’re facing at having lost their daughter to brainwashing and recruitment by this terrible extremist violent gang of monsters, really.”

Hannity wondered why CAIR, which he described as a “controversial group,” would be involved. This prompted Shibly to accuse the host of changing the subject.

“I’ll ask any question I want,” Hannity shot back, “this is my show. But you are a controversial group.”

Shibly ultimately answered the question.

“The reason we’re involved is because we have been working in that community for a long time; and her father actually attended a lecture I gave to counter extremists and to delegitimize ISIS,” he stated. “So, when he heard I gave a lecture at his mosque delegitimizing ISIS and condemning that terrorist organization, he reached out to me when Hoda first left; and the first thing I told him is, ‘We have to contact authorities and we have to do the best we can to make sure no other child is lost in the way your daughter was lost.’”

Hannity then pivoted to another topic, asking Shibly if he believes Hamas is a terrorist organization. After some back-and-forth between the two men, the guest ultimately conceded that the group is classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

He then attempted to castigate Hannity, though, for daring to ask such a question.

“Shame on you for asking every Muslim what he thinks of terrorist organizations,” he responded.

“No shame on me,” Hannity said. “I’m allowed to ask any questions I want.”

Though it was fairly clear Shibly had more he wanted to say, Hannity opted to move on, cutting that interview off and introducing his next guest.

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VIDEO: Terrorist Learns The Hard Way That “Allah” Won’t Save Him… BOOM!

Radical militants of the Islamic State group and similar terror organizations tearing through the Middle East killing innocent men, women, and children recently learned that “Allah” may not always be paying attention to their activities.

In a video uploaded to social media that quickly went viral, a group of terrorists could be heard bragging about their latest acquisition — a mortar system — and after throwing a few “Allahu Akbars,” one terrorist dropped a round into the tube.

Disaster ensued.

The video was tagged as being filmed in Syria, a country overrun with radical Islamic terrorists. As the terrorist loaded the large round into their new weapon and aimed at a distant target, the round immediately exploded and left the entire crew scrambling.

It’s unclear how many of the men died or were injured by the explosion; but one can clearly hear screams of terror at the end of the short clip, indicating that something bad had just happened. It’s probably a safe bet that the rookie who dropped the round into the launcher didn’t make it.

Given this example, it’s difficult to imagine these terrorists actually being effective at gaining and holding ground across Syria and Iraq; but somehow, they’ve done it.

A proper “boots on the ground” response from the United States military would be extremely effective against these untrained terrorist militias who obviously have no idea how to operate large weaponry.

But that would mean President Barack Obama would have to go against his Islamic allies.

It should be noted that the camera operator in the video only praised Allah three times — perhaps a fourth would have kept them from being turned into non-Halal ground meat.

h/t: Mad World News

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America Might As Well Be Advocating For The Death Of Israel…

Jew hatred (anti-Semitism) is as old as Mt. Sinai.

From the beginning, every time righteousness appears, animosity follows. The people of Sodom assaulted Lot and his family. Abraham was attacked many times by the ungodly. Pharaoh never gave the Israelites rest. For centuries, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Philistines, Arabians, and many other tribes all took turns trying to destroy the Jews. Hitler could not destroy them; neither could the Inquisitions. Stalin hated the Jews, seeking their eradication, even after the purges pre-dating the communist revolution. Jew hatred is on the rise in Europe and in America, once the most welcoming country in the world, now led by a man openly hostile to Israel.

A tiny minority dispersed several times throughout the world, living under constant threat of annihilation, survives to this day, thriving in many places, especially in Israel–the ancestral home of the Jewish people. This Muslim cleric marvels at the way the Jews have worked hard to build a modern nation in a short time, causing the desert to flower:

Still, the Jews are hated. They are hated based on the old lie that ‘They killed Christ.’ (In truth, we all killed Christ.) The Jews are hated and envied for their success. They are hated because they are called God’s Chosen People. Part of it amounts to racism. Jew haters resent the Torah and the claim it represents ultimate moral law. Muslims represent 14 centuries of irrational anti-Semitism. And then there remains the Palestinian conflict, animating Jew hatred in America perhaps more than any other factor.

David Horowitz, a communist turned conservative American patriot, writer, and founder of the Freedom Center and, writes about a crisis in America: the growing hatred expressed toward the Jewish people, accompanied by threats of violence and death:

Jews account for just over 2% of our population, but they are the victims, according to FBI statistics, of over 60% of all hate crimes committed in the U.S. And where is this hatred most virulent? Among less educated and poorer Americans? No. This hatred is spewed most flagrantly by our intellectual elite on the college campuses of this country where university administrators allow Islamist brown shirts who support Hamas and Hezbollah to wage unending hate campaigns against Israel and the Jewish students who support it. University administrators turn a blind eye to daily anti- Semitic activities—ranging from intimidation and harassment to   outbreaks of overt physical violence — against Jewish and pro-Israel students they would not tolerate if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group. Jew Hatred has become the dirty little secret of American higher education.

Horowitz visits campuses constantly addressing students about the truth, working to stem the tide of anti-Semitism in America. Here is a chilling video of one of his encounters on campus. The student echoes the call of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and many secular leftists, the call for the eradication of the Jewish people.

As in the U.S., anti-Semitism is growing around the world. Writing recently on, Horowitz concluded:

Thanks to the savageries of the Islamic State . . . Americans have begun to wake up and to see Jews as canaries in the mine, and to understand that what is happening to Jews is also happening to Christians and others in the way of Islamic Nazis. Nonetheless, the continuing successes of front organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine are ominous indicators of the dangers that confront us, and should be a wake-up call, too.

And it is the saddest of commentaries realizing the American President and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are supporters of the very forces that execute seek-and-destroy missions against Jewish people, every day, throughout the world.


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Obama arming Hamas terrorists

Obama removes Iran & Hezbollah from terror watchlist

Obama sends sophisticated weaponry to Jihad

Obama gives $11.9 Billion to Iran

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‘Religion Of Peace’ Adherent Cut Off Head, Played Soccer With It!

Historians someday will look back at our era as a time when honesty in the mainstream news media was virtually nonexistent.

Take, for example, this news story that was ignored by 99% of all media: A member of the so-called Religion of Peace cut off the head of his victim and played soccer with the head.

Had this been an Israeli cutting off someone’s head you can bet around 99% of the news media would have covered this story.

So where is the outrage on media bias?

This is just one of many crimes committed by the barbaric members of the religion Barack Obama calls “a religion of peace.” It occurred in Yarmouk, Syria, where they also reportedly killed children in front of their parents.

Why does anyone believe anything reported by mainstream media anymore?

When your grandchildren ask you, “What did you do when you saw all the lies broadcast by those news fakers we just read about in our history books?”, what will you say?

Please forward a copy of this video to anyone you know in the news media or to your elected representatives to see what their opinion is on this matter.

Better still, forward a link to this video to friends and family–or post it on Twitter or Facebook and become the media, giving out news that otherwise will go unreported.

Then someday, you will have an answer to your grandchild’s question, being able to say that you personally did something while most of the rest of the world slept.

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Heathrow Airport, Alyssa Milano, Breast Milk, Pedophiles, And Terrorism…Seriously

Debby Wong /

What television actress Alyssa Milano just experienced at Britain’s Heathrow Airport represents only a small glimpse of the moronic mindset and inane laws its citizens have allowed.

Milano tweeted Thursday that prior to departing Heathrow, airport staff confiscated her breast milk; it was “taken away with no discussion.”

She tweeted: “They said they would let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me. Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me?

“Why can you test my toiletries to make sure they are safe but you have to throw away my breast milk?”

Heathrow’s response: “Unfortunately, without a baby present, the government requires all liquids in carry-ons to follow the 100ml rule.”

Apparently, the U.K. is more concerned about breast milk than it is about the thieves and drug users it’s recruiting to join its police force as part of its “diversity program.”

Breast milk isn’t allowed to leave the country; but people like Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, aren’t deported. Sayeed advocates that men who rape their wives should not be prosecuted because “sex is part of marriage.” Not to mention the fact that Sharia law councils throughout the U.K. affirm child marriage and domestic violence–and cover-up criminal pedophilia rings.

No sharia councils in Britain have been disbanded, even though the European Court of Human Rights has ruled more than once that sharia law is “incompatible with the requirements of a democratic society,” and opposes the “values embodied in the Geneva Convention.”

Britain outlaws 100ml of breast milk but has not prosecuted the Birmingham City Council members who suppressed information for 23 years of a sex trafficking operation targeting children specifically linked to Muslim cab drivers.

Britain outlaws 100ml of breast milk, but it reprimands a UK Home Office researcher who exposed a Muslim Pakistani pedophile ring that had exploited at least 1,400 children in Rotherham. The researcher was told, “You must never [again] refer to Asian men”; and her awareness of “ethnic issues” was a concern.

Milano is not alone in dealing with this mentality at Heathrow Airport. Last fall, my experience was equally, if not more, disturbing.

Because of a non-British airport employee’s error, one of my carry-on items was flagged as “suspicious” when passing through the final security check point. The next non-British airport employee tasked with going through my bag told me she had to go through each and every item “for my protection” because she claimed I was carrying liquids, which I was not.

I asked, “Are you saying, you think you are protecting me from myself? That I packed poison or explosives in my moisturizer or digital camera?” Half-jokingly, I then asked, “Do you know any white female American terrorist returning to her country who has murdered other Americans?”

She stared at me with piercing eyes, arms crossed, and aggressively demanded I answer her question, “what does a terrorist look like?”

“I can tell you what they don’t look like,” I said, “me.” Next, I asked to speak to her manager–and she refused.

However, during this ridiculous conversation (and I’m only providing highlights), another non-British airport employee came over to tell me: “You are not allowed to use the word ‘terrorist’.” She added that “people who use that word are flagged as a ‘suspicious and treated with caution.’”

Nearly laughing, I asked if she’d ever met a terrorist who first identified him/herself as a terrorist. And, “tell me what British law prohibits me from using the word ‘terrorist,’ ‘terrorism,’ ‘suicide bomber,’ or ‘Muslim Jihadist’?” Both women looked at each other, saying to each other, “she said the word ‘terrorist’ again!”

In response, one employee told the other that she would not look through my bag and then, with her right forearm, swiped my bag of breakable gifts (not flagged for “suspicion”) off of the counter onto the floor. I told her she had no authority to do that. She told me she could do whatever she wanted.

Finally, five people later, I was able to speak to a British citizen and supervisor and asked if there was a British law that censored speech at Heathrow Airport. He confirmed there was no such law.

After summarizing the entire situation to him, detailing examples of airport employees’ hostility, he told me that his father, who fought in WWII, would not recognize 2014 Britain–and his mother had told him that “with rights come responsibility.”

Imagine what Britain would look like if its citizens actually followed this man’s mother’s advice. Instead—breast milk is illegal, and former convicted criminals can now be police. Pedophiles aren’t exposed; and when they are, those who expose them are reprimanded. That’s British law. Why any citizen allows this is beyond me.

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