Professor In Hot Water Over Nazi-Tea Party Comparison

Professor Nazi: Tea Party

A recently surfaced video depicts a Texas college professor making a shocking analogy during a lecture on the rise and fall of Nazism. According to the South Texas College student who recorded Dr. Blake Armstrong’s remarks, he was inspired to turn his camera on after the psychology professor ridiculed Sen. Ted Cruz.

The student explained that Armstrong had already “insulted Republicans about three times before this video was recorded,” explaining that just before the recording began, “he called Sen. Ted Cruz a bastard for using the last name Cruz to win his election.”

When Armstrong began discussing Nazis, however, it became clear how much he despises the Tea Party movement that precipitated Cruz’s senatorial bid.

By 1931, he alleged, the Nazi movement had worn out its welcome after 11 years.

“They’ve won seats,” he said, “They’re like the Tea Party! That’s such a good example.”

Apparently recognizing the potential for backlash inherent in his incendiary rhetoric, Armstrong urged his students to keep his comments in the classroom.

“Don’t tell anybody I said that,” he urged.

His concern regarding how his comments might be received did not prevent him from continuing his anti-conservative tirade, however.

Armstrong asserted that “eventually people realized, ‘Oh, these Nazis are a bunch of nuts.’ ‘These Tea Party people are a bunch of nuts.’ I mean the analogy is a really good analogy.”

Comments added to the video on YouTube include an array of criticism, including suggestions that Armstrong, not the Tea Party, shares traits with those who employed Nazi tactics.

“This professor is a Nazi,” one user wrote. “How is calling a group of small government, personal independence, and liberty like the national socialists?”

Another commenter pointed out “the way he lies and deceives the students for his own agenda” as evidence that he might have been influenced by Adolf Hitler.

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Democratic Candidate Announces Obama Is “My Biggest Enemy”, Not Opponent

Ed Schieffer

Democrat Missouri Candidate Ed Schieffer told the Lincoln County Tea Party that, while he may not agree with them on a lot of things or vote the way they want him to, his greatest battle is against the president.

“My biggest enemy in my election is not Jeanie Riddle. My biggest enemy is the President of the United States. My eighth grade educated father knew that, and said, ‘Eddie, you don’t have to worry too much about the lady running against you. You need to worry about the liberal, overly liberal, president and Congress we have. That’s what you have to worry about.’”


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The Italian Tea Party Rises

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Any student of the rise and fall of societies could see this coming.

You have a socialist government that promised the people the moon and even gave them the moon for a few decades. The people got used to a lot of free stuff.  Then the government runs out of other people’s money and the people get angry.

They want their free stuff! But there is no more money!

On top of this, imagine that the country gave away its sovereignty to a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels who are accountable to no one. Then on top of that, imagine that you are stuck in the Eurozone with an overvalued currency that is destroying your economy.

GDP has fallen in Italy to the same level as 14 years ago. This is devastating for a modern country. They are five years into a depression with no end in site.

Brussels dictates their leadership and internal reforms. Would you be angry?

The Five Star Party has been compared to the UKIP and the American Tea Party.  They are railing against big government bureaucracy and elites.

“I don’t give away my sovereignty to anybody. My grandfather fought with the partisans for three years. If you want my sovereignty, you have to come and take it, not by waving some letter from the ECB. You have to come well-armed, as they tried once before,” said Mr. Casaleggio, the Five Star movement’s chief economic strategist. Sound familiar?

Of course, the Italians don’t have a history of well managed finances; and the Five Star Movement is a Left leaning group. However, it seems they are catching on to the Italian public with twenty-six percent of the vote recently.

The problem is that Europe in general has spent more money than it has and promised more than it should have for decades.  This is how this type of government ends, with violence in the streets.  It’s what gave Hitler an opening for a rise to power.

The same thing could be happening in Italy and the other ‘periphery’ countries in Europe, meaning everyone but Germany (who has managed her affairs fairly well.) Greece, Spain, and even France could see riots in the streets soon as well, as their economies are stifled under a failed socialist system.

I don’t expect the Euro experiment will continue as it stands today. There have to be changes. It remains to be seen if the change will be peaceful.

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Will The Fog Ever Lift In America?

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Americans are in a fog. I don’t have any other way of explaining what is going on.  For the most part, otherwise sensible thinking people cannot put two and two together and come up with four.

They are in a fog, as if the sky was raining down marijuana smoke on us.  Pot smokers call it being “stoned”, and “stoners” is the term they use to describe those who live in a constant pot-induced haze.  Has there ever been a time in America when “common sense” was so uncommon?

I’m telling you, it is as if all of America is living in a Purple Haze.  Jimi Hendrix made that phrase popular back in the 60′s when referring to the drugged condition that caused users to live in a fog.  LSD guru Timothy Leary promoted the condition as “turn on, tune in, and drop out.”

It reminds me of the old saw about a man on the street interview, where the interviewer asked a young man what the two biggest problems facing this nation were. “I don’t know and I don’t care” was his honest response.

Unfortunately, these are still the two biggest problems facing America.  God-fearing Americans, in particular, are living in an apathetic haze. Confusion reigns. Satan is the author of confusion. At no time in my lifetime have so many cared so little about so much. Or perhaps it would be best to phrase it this way: at no time have they cared so much about so little.  The only thing they care about is what they care about. But what they choose to care about is so insignificant compared to what really matters.

Will the fog ever lift?

I have been hitting the Tea Party circuit recently as an invited speaker.  God has gifted me with the ability to speak what should be the obvious in a way that can be easily understood.  I had another such event last night.

The Tea Party is made up, for the most part, of what I call the gray-hair brigade.  They are the group of rapidly aging Baby-Boomers who were drawn into the political battle mainly out of fear of losing their retirement and pension income.

These are the children of the “Greatest Generation” who spent some of the best years of their lives turning on, tuning in, and dropping out. But now that their minds have begun to clear, and they can see the sun setting on their lives, they understand what we are allowing to be frittered away.

But the sad truth is that for much of their lives, they were only focused on themselves and the ones they loved.  They bought into the lie, as we all did, that “if it feels good, do it.” And they did. But now, as they shuffle into the twilight of their days, they realize that much of what they invested their lives into has stolen the hope of their “golden years.”  The “eat, drink, and be merry” approach to life they were encouraged to live has left them facing a future full of hunger, thirst, and anxiety.

One particularly concerned granny approached me after my talk last night and asked me in desperation, “Coach, what will it take to awaken people?  It is as if everyone is asleep.”

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Breaking: What Mike Huckabee Just Did Could Reignite The Tea Party

Mike Huckabee Endorses Joe Miller

In race after race across America, Tea Party candidates have faced long odds and millions in Republican establishment influence money spent against them.

No candidate has faced longer odds and more establishment money being spent against him than Joe Miller. His simple pro-Constitution, free market, low tax message made him a Tea Party favorite in 2010 and Joe Miller is back running for the US Senate in Alaska. Tuesday, August 19th is the Republican Party primary which will decide his fate.

I have traveled to Alaska for a front row seat.

If I had to judge after a day shadowing the tireless candidate, I would say the money spent against him has been wasted. Here in Anchorage, I see a race uninfluenced by the millions spent against Miller.

In the last 48 hours the tide had turned and the race is now very close.

With this understanding friends of the Tea Party movement from around America have been rallying to Joe Miller and endorsing his campaign. First it was Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday, followed by radio host Mark Levin, and finally tonight, Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Here is what Huckabee had to say about Miller:

“I am proud to endorse Joe Miller for United States Senate in Alaska, because Joe embodies the kind of values our country so desperately needs. He is unequivocally pro-life, pro-family, and pro-traditional marriage. And above all, he understands that life and liberty come from God.

Joe is the only US Senate candidate endorsed by Alaska Right to Life, and my friend General Jerry Boykin at the Family Research Council.

His understanding of Constitutional values also makes him the common sense choice for those who desire limited government and free market economics. As a fellow supporter of the Fair Tax, Joe is the kind of leader who will be a game-changer in Washington. We can restore the fortunes of America one election at a time, by electing common sense conservatives like Joe Miller.”

If Miller wins in Alaska the Tea Party movement will be back in a big way, and the cause of smaller government will be greatly enhanced.

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