Megyn Kelly Exposes Liberal Media Double Standard Regarding ‘Black Lives Matter’

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and its anti-cop rhetoric has come under serious fire recently, as the body count for police officers continues to grow across America.

Protesters: Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon! Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon!

Black Panther Leader: Oink, oink!

Militia: Bang, bang!

Black Panther Leader: Oink, oink!

Militia: Bang, bang!

Black Panther Leader: Oink, oink!

Militia: Bang, bang!

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly called out the media by showing clips of its blatant double standard in how it reported on the “dangerous” Tea Party movement in 2011 versus how they report on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement now.

Durbin: But it shouldn’t be acceptable rhetoric. We shouldn’t invite it on the radio talkshows or the TV, at least without comment. We ought to say, ‘That just goes too far.’

Schultz: I’m proud of the young people who have been pushing that “Black Lives Matter” movement. We brought the Confederate Flag down. We’ve made sure…

Crowd: [Cheers]

Schultz: …that symbols of hate, symbols of hate are unacceptable in America.

Kelly: Suddenly, the actions of a few do not apply to the many. Why the double standard?

With the liberal media, the Democratic Party and President Obama himself not denouncing the movement, some, like former Marine Michael Whaley and Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke, have condemned it.

Clarke: This whole movement, Black Lies, I’ve renamed it, L-I-E-S because it’s based on a lie – the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.” That’s why I said this slime needs to be eradicated from American society and American culture.

Whaley: Like this Black Lives Matter Movement, ya’ll have to stop because ya’ll promoting racism. Ya’ll only teaching black people to hate white people and they encouraging black people to throw their lives down a drain? By taking away someone else’s life?

Megyn Kelly’s guest, Richard Fowler, who is a liberal contributor to the network, refused to acknowledge the idea that the movement is racist, is violent and encourages the killing of cops.

Fowler: They will tell you they’re a non-violent movement. That all they want to do is end the disparities.

Kelly: Why were they chanting ‘pigs in a blanket?’

Pavlich: Right.

Fowler: I won’t. You’re sure right. I will not condemn them. I will not condemn people who are saying.. police, that unarmed black men should be shot by police. I will not condemn anyone who is against that.

Pavlich: Protesters who want, who want, who want police, Richard! Richard! You refuse to condemn ‘Black Lives Matter’ who want officers to be executed in their police vehicle. That is what, that is what you are promoting tonight!

Kelly: Richard!

Fowler: You can’t, there’s no clear connection, there’s no evidence…

Is the “Black Lives Matter” movement racist? Is there a double standard? Share and comment below.

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Watch: Guest Tried To Feed Megyn Kelly Lies About ‘Black Lives Matter’- HUGE Mistake

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently slammed the media for its blatant double standard on how it has reported on the tea party movement–constantly calling it “dangerous”–and how it is now reporting on the race-based “Black Lives Matter” by calling it a righteous social justice movement–even though it has spawned riots, property destruction and murders.

As the body count of murdered policemen continues to grow across America and as riots and violence spreads, many are starting to see the connection between the hate-filled rhetoric of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and this wave of crime and violence. But many in the media have refused to even question the overheated rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, even as those same pundits viciously attacked the tea party despite a total lack of negative actions by its members.

Kelly called out this absurd reaction by the media establishment when liberal Fox News contributor Richard Fowler gave excuse after excuse on Kelly’s show for the Black Lives Matter groups.

“Richard,” Kelly began, “the people on the left we just showed were very quick to blame violence that happened in the country on what they alleged were a couple of tea party comments that they found to be racist or incendiary. Why are they not as outraged now when, as you point out, ‘Okay, maybe it was just Minnesota, maybe it was just those new black panthers–maybe it’s just that one roasted pig,’ but suddenly, the actions of a few do not apply to the many. Why the double standard?”

Fowler refused to entertain the point and went on to claim that Black Lives Matter operatives are “non-violent” and that “all they want to do is end the disparities.”

But the fact is no tea party group ever sponsored a riot, ever destroyed their neighborhood, ever chanted that they wanted to kill cops or fry them like “pigs in a blanket,” or ever said that only the lives of one race matter.

Kelly is exactly right, of course. Nearly everyone in the old media establishment slammed the tea party, calling them racist (despite the fact that no race-based comments were made by tea partiers), saying they were dangerous (despite the fact that no riots or destruction were ever sponsored by the tea party), and attacking them as disruptive to the nation and our political system (even though the tea party groups endeavored to organize and do things within the political system and not act like a rioting, angry mob).

And yet, we have real, tangible violence – even murders – tied directly to Black Lives Matter and the media refuses to even suggest a link.

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Liftable Media Announces Acquisition of TPNN, Tea Party News Network

ANTHEM, ARIZONA:  Patrick Brown, the CEO of Liftable Media Inc., announced this morning the purchase of TPNN. Brown said, “We are proud to welcome the TPNN brand into our stable of digital media properties. Growing to become the voice of the Tea Party Movement, TPNN has given active citizens nationwide an opportunity to bypass the gatekeepers of the mainstream media. We plan to expand on this success and reach even more Americans in 2016 and beyond.”

Liftable Media is a top 100 digital Network according to Founded in September of 2014, by the then 26 year old Patrick Brown with the social story website, Liftable Media has grown through the purchase of numerous other social news websites. Liftable purchased and in 2014, and in the spring of 2015.

Brown further explained his reasoning for the combination. “By adding together the reach of our different properties, we estimate we will provide over 50 million unique visitors with over 200 million impressions of original content each and every month. We founded Liftable for the purpose of ‘Driving Positive Cultural Change’. TPNN will put Liftable Media into an elite category of media firms, which have broad cultural impact. We intend to be a force of positive, God honoring, tradition supporting quality content.”

Brown was also pleased to be welcoming news personality Scottie Nell Hughes to the Liftable Media team. “Scottie offers Liftable something we have never had, a celebrity spokesperson for our brand. With her nearly constant presence on cable and talk radio news, Scottie can take our message of positive cultural change to a large audience of people that are not regular consumers of social media news. She is the perfect person to explain our ideas to a skeptical mainstream media, which is perplexed by our growing success.”

Brown also was pleased to name veteran news professional Norvell Rose as Executive Editor of TPNN this morning. Rose has had a long and prestigious career and will bring his many years of experience to the task of crafting an even stronger TPNN going forward.


Stephanie Weiss


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Bombshell: Shades of Hillary’s Hijinks As IRS Reveals This About Lerner And Tea Party Targeting

Just as the Hillary Clinton Emailgate scandal continues to unfold in a devastating drip-drip-drip pattern, now it appears that the Lois Lerner investigation has taken another dramatic turn in a long series of damaging revelations. The ongoing Lerner drip-drip-drip has to do with IRS targeting and intimidation of Tea Party and other conservative and patriot groups.

The Washington Times reports that, just as Hillary used a private email account for conducting official business when she was secretary of state, Lerner — the former IRS official at the center of the targeting scandal — used not one, but two personal email accounts in her official capacity as director of the Exempt Organizations unit at the Internal Revenue Service.

Lawyers for the IRS just admitted in a court filing that the tax agency has found a second non-official Lerner email account that appears to contain records relevant to a lawsuit filed by a government watchdog.

Lois Lerner had yet another personal email account used to conduct some IRS business, the tax agency confirmed in a new court filing late Monday that further complicates the administration’s efforts to be transparent about Ms. Lerner’s actions during the tea party targeting scandal.

The admission came in an open-records lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that has sued to get a look at emails Ms. Lerner sent during the targeting.

The second personal email account that likely contains relevant communications to or from Lois Lerner has been identified as belonging to “Toby Miles.” While it is unclear as to why that particular name was given to Lerner’s heretofore undisclosed account, Fox News notes that Lerner’s husband has a similar name.

…Lerner’s husband is Michael Miles and reportedly may have been linked to the account. The IRS, though, concluded it was a personal account used by Lerner.

The IRS targeting scandal, which has been investigated for years by Congress, has continued to simmer largely because of the slow pace at which the tax agency has released information on Lerner and the behind-the-scenes activities involved in holding up the grant of tax-exempt status to a number of right-leaning groups.

As Western Journalism reported a few weeks ago, an angry federal judge has threatened to lower the boom on the IRS and its boss, John Koskinen, for stalling the release of relevant documents and discoveries. Judge Emmet Sullivan expressed his frustration with the tax agency in declaring that he may well take punitive action against the Obama administration for not complying with his order to provide to the court IRS documents that Koskinen and others have adamantly claimed were missing, inaccessible, or destroyed.

In addition, Rep. Jason Chafftez, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has said that he will possibly pursue contempt charges against IRS Commissioner Koskinen. The Republican lawmaker also threatened to mount an effort to remove the IRS chief from office through impeachment if President Obama didn’t fire him.

Obama has, of course, stood by his man at the Internal Revenue Service.

What do you think? Will the IRS and Lois Lerner ever be held accountable for their actions?

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Boom: A Federal Judge Just Issued A Powerful Threat That Could Doom Lois Lerner

Rep. Jason Chafftez, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, threatened only a few days ago to pursue contempt charges against IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The Republican lawmaker also said he would mount an effort to remove the IRS chief from office through impeachment if President Obama didn’t fire him.

Now a federal judge is issuing his own threat — declaring that he will take punitive action against the Obama administration for not complying with his order to release IRS documents, including Lois Lerner’s emails that Koskinen and others long claimed were missing, inaccessible, or destroyed.

The Washington Times, which has extensively covered the IRS scandal involving Lerner and the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups by the tax agency, reports that the angry judge is warning he will hold in contept those who break his orders, including IRS boss Koskinen.

“Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called the administration’s defense [for not turning over IRS documents] ‘nonsensical’ and said the IRS must release documents every Monday to Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that requested the documents under open records laws and then sued after the IRS didn’t comply,” reports the Times.

In a sharply worded and painfully detailed 32-page letter to the president on Monday, Rep. Chaffetz, R-Utah, charged that Koskinen has willfully and repeatedly obstructed the Oversight Committee’s multi-year probe into IRS abuses.

Throughout his tenure, Commissioner Koskinen obstructed these Congressional investigations. His obstruction takes the form of failure to comply with a congressional subpoena, failure to testify truthfully, and failure to preserve and produce up to 24,000 emails relevant to the investigation.

In a news release concerning the smoldering IRS scandal and Lerner’s involvement, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) noted on Thursday that one of the IRS’ excuses for not turning over Lerner’s thousands of emails was that her computer crashed — that her hard drive failed. ATR details the interviews with, and testimony from, investigators who point out that strange markings on the hard drive itself raise serious questions about whether it simply failed or was deliberately damaged before being sent to the shredder for ultimate destruction.

“…testimony from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) revealed that Lois Lerner’s hard drive had ‘scoring on the top platter of the drive,’” the ATR release says. “The testimony also noted that the IRS technician that inspected the hard drive believed that additional steps could have been taken to recover data, although this did not occur and the hard drive was later destroyed by an industrial strength AMERI-SHRED AMS-750 HD shredder.”

When Congress returns from its extended August recess, the House Oversight Committee is expected to release more findings from the hundreds of thousands of documents it’s already received and hopes to receive in the near future.

However, it seem almost certain the Chafftez-led committee will never discover the contents of certain communications Lois Lerner had with others in the IRS relating to the targeting and intimidation scandal. As the Washington Free Beacon reported this week, the ex-director of exempt organizations and associates at the agency occasionally avoided using email, opting instead to use “an instant-messaging system in a seemingly deliberate effort to prevent their communications from being archived.”

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