Coincidence? Patriots’ Coach Wears This ‘Tea-Shirt’ To Super Bowl…Team Pulls Off Miracle Finish

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Yes, they are the New England Patriots, they are from Boston, and as Will Brinson of CBS Sports points out, the coach is a “huge history buff.”

So for Bill Belichick to wear a bright red “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt to Super Bowl XLIX makes sense, especially given the grief the team has gotten over the deflated balls controversy and Belichick’s defiant deflection of the criticism.

Still, after the coach was photographed by the Boston Herald’s Nancy Lane as he strode through the University of Phoenix Stadium prior to the game against the Seattle Seahawks, social media erupted with questions and comments.

Was Coach Belichick making a political statement? After all, “Don’t Tread on Me” with the coiled rattlesnake is frequently associated with the Tea Party stand against intrusive and overbearing government, especially when it’s waving on the banner known as the Gadsden Flag.

And while no one certainly can offer any proof that the Patriots’ miracle win had anything to do with the “Tea-shirt” the coach prominently wore, Belichick’s choice of apparel that made a statement did stimulate a number of choice tweets.

It should also be noted that Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick was raised in Annapolis, Maryland where his father was an assistant football coach at the Naval Academy. So there’s family history that would suggest a bright red “Don’t Tread on Me” historical Navy Jack could indeed be part of Belichick’s heritage.

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

Image Credit: Wiki Commons

New England, of course, beat Seattle to win the Super Bowl in a fantastic finish that will long be talked about for the Seahawks’ highly controversial play selection.


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America’s State Of The Union

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According to President Obama, the state of the union is strong. If the union is strong, why the long laundry list of new entitlements and the proposed increases in federal taxes? The state of our union is strong. However, the reasons seem to escape the White House.

The union is strong because we remain free. We had elections last fall that demonstrate the power of a revitalized conservative movement that continues to grow everyday.

It’s far from time to celebrate, however; our nation is on a precipice, being pulled ever closer to the edge. Each of the 3 branches have failed in their responsibilities to the American People.

As a function of time and human nature, government has lost its way. Since before the Constitution, we’ve known that the effects of time would erode our freedoms; and government would grow a little more each year.

Thomas Jefferson told us, “Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction to wit; by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, it’s necessary consequence.”

For over 100 years, our government has played a shell game with new gimmicks to take more of our money, and to consolidate political power.

Each new game was sold to the public by politicians who should have been barkers in front of a carnival tent. Perhaps the boldest efforts were the first.

We were sold on the idea of an income tax that would only tax the wealthiest among us; and to eliminate corruption and be more “democratic,” we denied the states a seat at the table by changing the way we elect senators.

Public schools and the Department of Education, Social Security, Medicare, and a host of other failed programs followed. Each promised to solve our social and economic woes, only to create scores of new problems.

More recently, reports of abuses, scandals, and corruption seem to saturate government agencies and the leadership in all three branches.

Without going too far back, start with the financial crisis in 2008. Millions of tax dollars were handed out to companies that had become “too big to fail,” followed by the auto industry bailout.

We have an executive branch illegally writing laws and ignoring the ones they don’t like. We have a legislative branch that refuses to listen to their constituents, preferring to pander to big money donors.

The list goes on, enough to fill volumes. So, why is the state of our union strong?

Our union remains strong because of something the politicians don’t understand. The American people are strong, and they are fed up with the shell game.

The Tea Party was born in late 2008. It has grown in numbers to millions in all 50 states. This grassroots movement has made such an impact that the media and both parties now must include these people in their poling and reporting.

Last year, a rancher in Nevada was about to have his cattle forced off of public lands his family had cared for over generations. It had been an acceptable arrangement: the rancher maintained the water supplies and the land; in return, his cattle grazed on that land.

Friends, neighbors, and Americans from at least as far away as Iowa showed up to meet the Bureau of Land Management as they tried to seize the cattle. These volunteers stayed until the government backed off.

Last year also saw the beginnings of the Convention of States project. Right now, several states are scheduling time to consider amending the Constitution of the United States using Article 5. The second part of the article allows the states to propose and then ratify amendments that can restore our government and the voice of the states and people.

This is but one event. Every week, events are planned and organized. Classes and seminars, voter education, and shared information on legislation and current issues are spread across the multitude of networks ensuring an informed citizenry.

Over the last two weeks, two major events occurred: the South Carolina Grassroots Coalition Convention and, this past weekend, the Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Iowa.

Each event had nationwide coverage and was just as important as the Iowa Straw Poll. More events are coming, including meetings of state leadership in the grassroots movement.

The grassroots movement in America is America. These are individuals and family members; many are church-going Christians, others are something different. Most of all, these are the volunteers, the minutemen if you would of America as we begin this new century.

As it has been throughout our history, American men and women will fight for their freedom wherever it is challenged.

Yes, Mr. President. The state of our union is strong because the American People are strong, informed, and fed up.

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Professor In Hot Water Over Nazi-Tea Party Comparison

Professor Nazi: Tea Party

A recently surfaced video depicts a Texas college professor making a shocking analogy during a lecture on the rise and fall of Nazism. According to the South Texas College student who recorded Dr. Blake Armstrong’s remarks, he was inspired to turn his camera on after the psychology professor ridiculed Sen. Ted Cruz.

The student explained that Armstrong had already “insulted Republicans about three times before this video was recorded,” explaining that just before the recording began, “he called Sen. Ted Cruz a bastard for using the last name Cruz to win his election.”

When Armstrong began discussing Nazis, however, it became clear how much he despises the Tea Party movement that precipitated Cruz’s senatorial bid.

By 1931, he alleged, the Nazi movement had worn out its welcome after 11 years.

“They’ve won seats,” he said, “They’re like the Tea Party! That’s such a good example.”

Apparently recognizing the potential for backlash inherent in his incendiary rhetoric, Armstrong urged his students to keep his comments in the classroom.

“Don’t tell anybody I said that,” he urged.

His concern regarding how his comments might be received did not prevent him from continuing his anti-conservative tirade, however.

Armstrong asserted that “eventually people realized, ‘Oh, these Nazis are a bunch of nuts.’ ‘These Tea Party people are a bunch of nuts.’ I mean the analogy is a really good analogy.”

Comments added to the video on YouTube include an array of criticism, including suggestions that Armstrong, not the Tea Party, shares traits with those who employed Nazi tactics.

“This professor is a Nazi,” one user wrote. “How is calling a group of small government, personal independence, and liberty like the national socialists?”

Another commenter pointed out “the way he lies and deceives the students for his own agenda” as evidence that he might have been influenced by Adolf Hitler.

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Democratic Candidate Announces Obama Is “My Biggest Enemy”, Not Opponent

Ed Schieffer

Democrat Missouri Candidate Ed Schieffer told the Lincoln County Tea Party that, while he may not agree with them on a lot of things or vote the way they want him to, his greatest battle is against the president.

“My biggest enemy in my election is not Jeanie Riddle. My biggest enemy is the President of the United States. My eighth grade educated father knew that, and said, ‘Eddie, you don’t have to worry too much about the lady running against you. You need to worry about the liberal, overly liberal, president and Congress we have. That’s what you have to worry about.’”


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The Italian Tea Party Rises

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Any student of the rise and fall of societies could see this coming.

You have a socialist government that promised the people the moon and even gave them the moon for a few decades. The people got used to a lot of free stuff.  Then the government runs out of other people’s money and the people get angry.

They want their free stuff! But there is no more money!

On top of this, imagine that the country gave away its sovereignty to a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels who are accountable to no one. Then on top of that, imagine that you are stuck in the Eurozone with an overvalued currency that is destroying your economy.

GDP has fallen in Italy to the same level as 14 years ago. This is devastating for a modern country. They are five years into a depression with no end in site.

Brussels dictates their leadership and internal reforms. Would you be angry?

The Five Star Party has been compared to the UKIP and the American Tea Party.  They are railing against big government bureaucracy and elites.

“I don’t give away my sovereignty to anybody. My grandfather fought with the partisans for three years. If you want my sovereignty, you have to come and take it, not by waving some letter from the ECB. You have to come well-armed, as they tried once before,” said Mr. Casaleggio, the Five Star movement’s chief economic strategist. Sound familiar?

Of course, the Italians don’t have a history of well managed finances; and the Five Star Movement is a Left leaning group. However, it seems they are catching on to the Italian public with twenty-six percent of the vote recently.

The problem is that Europe in general has spent more money than it has and promised more than it should have for decades.  This is how this type of government ends, with violence in the streets.  It’s what gave Hitler an opening for a rise to power.

The same thing could be happening in Italy and the other ‘periphery’ countries in Europe, meaning everyone but Germany (who has managed her affairs fairly well.) Greece, Spain, and even France could see riots in the streets soon as well, as their economies are stifled under a failed socialist system.

I don’t expect the Euro experiment will continue as it stands today. There have to be changes. It remains to be seen if the change will be peaceful.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom