Glenn Beck Just Revealed Who He Thinks Really Won In Iowa: ‘Nobody Is Going to Say This…’

After announcing his endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primary race, conservative radio host and author Glenn Beck cheered his White House pick on to victory as the first votes were cast Monday night in Iowa. While Cruz pulled out a solid win among caucus-goers, Beck concluded that he was not the night’s biggest winner.

“The real winner here,” he asserted, “– and nobody is going to say this — is the tea party.”

Referencing the conservative movement that gained traction nationwide prior to the 2010 midterm election season, Beck acknowledged that it carries less influence six years later. Nevertheless, he said the adherents of tea party values were responsible for Monday night’s victory.

“None of this would have been possible without the tea party,” he said. “It wouldn’t have happened.”

In addition to Cruz’s stronger-than-anticipated finish, Beck added Marco Rubio’s close third-place showing into his argument. Both men sailed to electoral victory — putting them in the current position to seek the nation’s highest elected office — largely on the strength of tea party support.

Beck also weighed in on the razor-thin margins on the other side of the aisle, explaining Bernie Sanders’ near-defeat of Hillary Clinton further signaled establishment politics on both sides of the aisle are in their death throes.

“Bernie Sanders, a 76-year-old [sic] man, who his life expectancy says he’ll be dead by the end of his term, a guy who could use a few … Crest Whitestrips on his teeth, a guy who is not the guy who is polished or anything else,” the host said, “he bested or came close to besting Hillary Clinton, somebody who was born for the job, somebody who has every political connection.”

Ted Cruz Just Got Huge News With Only Hours Until Iowa Caucasus- It Could Be A Difference Maker

With just days left before Iowans cast the first votes of the 2016 presidential election, a Republican front-runner in the state received a major endorsement. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has received widespread support from his party’s conservative base, helped solidify his right-wing appeal by securing a nod from the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund.

Jenny Beth Martin, who chairs the nation’s largest group dedicated to tea party causes, announced the endorsement in a press release published on Saturday.

“We seek a candidate who shares our values: personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future,” she wrote. “On behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our supporters, I am proud to announce our endorsement for president of the United States: Senator Ted Cruz!”

Cruz has already secured the support of other prominent figures aligned with the tea party movement that gained traction ahead of the 2010 midterm elections.

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., whose campaign largely appealed to conservative voters, announced earlier this month that Cruz is his presidential pick.

“We are approaching a historic election that has the potential to fundamentally change our nation as we know it,” he said. “Ted Cruz is the principled, conservative leader we need in the White House. On issue after issue, Cruz has told the truth and done what he said he was going to do.”

7 Words Trump Said About The Tea Party Back In 2009 Are Coming Back To Haunt Him

When the Tea Party was born, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not count himself among its members; but he understood the motives of the angry and disaffected Americans who formed the grassroots political movement.

“I don’t march with the tea party,” Trump told Larry King in an interview on April 15, 2009. “But I’ll tell you what, they have a good point, because when you see the kind of money that this country is — to use a horrible expression, Larry, I know you’ve never heard this — but that this country is pissing away, I can understand where they’re coming from.”

Fast forward to 2016. Trump, telling Republican voters his positions on many issues have changed over time, is leading in many polls. Tea Party values and Donald Trump seem to have become intertwined, wrote Francis Wilkerson on Bloomberg.

“The new mainstream is chock full of Tea Party personality. Just look at the title of the PRRI report: ‘Anxiety, Nostalgia and Mistrust.’ If Trump’s campaign were a symphony, those would be its discordant movements,” he wrote.

“Do not get hung up on labels. What used to be the Tea Party is now the GOP,” said Theda Skocpol, professor of government and sociology at Harvard University and co-author of a book on the Tea Party.

One commentator sees Trump’s candidacy as the end-product of what the Tea Party began.

“The emergence of Donald Trump seems, with the clarity of hindsight, to almost be predictable,” wrote Philip Bump in The Washington Post. “Of course an outsider candidate would surge in the 2016 presidential campaign. The Republican Party has had an active rebellion brewing within its ranks since the Tea Party rose to prominence in 2010. … It’s only natural that, as happened in 2012, the discontent segment of the party would seize on someone with zeal.”

h/t: National Review

Paul Ryan Ticked Conservatives Off, And Now He’s Getting Blindsided With MAJOR News

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan has disappointed millions of conservatives after shepherding through what many feel is a disastrous budget deal. Now, the new House speaker just might come to rue the day he signed off on the deal if conservatives in his home district have their way.

Certainly Ryan has run the gamut among conservatives. Only a decade ago he was thought to be a budget wiz kid conservatives felt had the right stuff to take the lead on fiscally conservative policy matters. But once he set his eyes on leadership, he began to compromise and drift leftward in the eyes of his former supporters.

Now, as speaker of the House, he seems to have made the transition from conservative to left-leaning establishment party hack as far as many conservatives are concerned. And the budget deal is their final straw.

Angry conservatives back in Ryan’s home district are now searching for a more conservative primary opponent to challenge Ryan in his next election campaign after he ushered through the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill.

As Breitbart News reports, local Tea Party activists are planning to oust the speaker.

“There is a sympathetic ear to having someone beat him,” said James Murphy, the founder of the Green Bay Tea Party organization.

The Washington Times also found a conservative who hopes Ryan can be fired.

“These sellout Republicans have made a huge mistake voting for this on top of the huge surge in public anger at D.C. politicians that have betrayed their constituents,” said William Gheen, president of the Americans For Legal Immigration political action committee.

Finally, according to the “Primary Challenge Paul Ryan” Facebook page, a U.S. veteran is looking into the idea of running against Ryan, though the page did not divulge the name of this possible candidate.

All this after Ryan pushed through the spending bill that conservatives point out was so bad that Democrats universally praised the bill.

Among the many failures conservatives see in the bill is that funding for abortion mill-operating Planned Parenthood sailed through unscathed. Despite months of conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood this year, Ryan left in all funding for the organization beloved by anti-life liberals.

Limbaugh Just Blew WIDE OPEN What Could Be The Real Reason For The Mizzou Chaos

On his nationally syndicated radio program on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh offered a possible theory for the sudden campus protests springing up around the country.

Limbaugh conjectured that the Democrat Party may be helping stoke these fires a means to drum up the African American vote in 2016.

[A]ll of this was a trumped-up, manufactured protest,” he said. “In fact, if you wanted to get really cynical you could almost say the Democrat Party is behind this, and the ultimate objective is to secure African-American turnout in 2016 to the same levels that Obama got it in 2008 and 2012.

Listen to Limbaugh’s remarks HERE.

The talk show host elaborated on his point:

I don’t think it would be a mistake to say Democrat Party operatives are behind all this stuff, from Ferguson to Baltimore to now Mizzou and over to Ithaca and all of it – trying to say the country is still racist as ever, for all intents and purposes we still have slavery – that no progress has been made and in their hearts, these evil Republicans still want black people in jail and all that. That’s a theme and were worse. And the whole point is to scare and panic these people to make sure they show up to vote against whoever the Republican is. If they can’t get them to vote for Hillary, get them to vote against the Republican. They need that black turnout. They need the Hispanic turnout. They’re worried about that. And they need the women vote, they’re worried about all of this stuff. You may not think they are. You may think they’re fat, dumb and happy and totally confident because the Republicans are a bunch of bumbling idiots. But it’s not the Republicans they’re afraid of. It’s the Tea Party. It’s the Republican base they’re afraid.

Limbaugh said even if the protests were not drummed by the Democrat Party, they are manufactured none-the-less. “It’s manufactured and its purpose is societal unrest and to tear down the institutions that have been with this country since the days of our founding,” he said.

h/t: Breitbart