Death Of A Patriot

My father Irwin A. Schiff was born Feb. 23rd 1928, the 8th child and only son of Jewish immigrants, who had crossed the Atlantic twenty years earlier in search of freedom. As a result of their hope and courage, my father was fortunate to have been born into the freest nation in the history of the world. But when he passed away on Oct. 16th, 2015 at the age of 87, a political prisoner of that same nation, legally blind and shackled to a hospital bed in a guarded room in intensive care, the free nation he was born into had itself died years earlier.

My father had a life-long love affair with our nation’s founding principals and proudly served his country during the Korean War, for a while even having the less than honorable distinction of being the lowest ranking American soldier in Europe. While in college, he became exposed to the principles of Austrian economics through the writings of Henry Hazlitt and Frederick Hayek. He first became active in politics during Barry Goldwater’s failed 1964 presidential bid. His activism intensified during the Vietnam Era when he led local grass root efforts to resist Yale University’s plans to conduct aid shipments to North Vietnam at a time when that nation was actively fighting U.S. forces in the south. Later in life he, staged an unsuccessful write-in campaign for governor of Connecticut, then eventually lost the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination to Harry Brown in 1996.

In 1976, his beliefs in free market economics, limited government, and strict interpretation of the Constitution led him to write his first book The Biggest Con: How the Government is Fleecing You, a blistering indictment of the post New Deal expansion of government in the United States. The book achieved accolades in the mainstream conservative world, receiving a stellar review in the Wall Street Journal, among other mainstream publications.

But my father was most known for his staunch opposition to the Federal Income Tax, for which the Federal Government labeled him a “tax protester.” But he had no objection to lawful, reasonable taxation. He was not an anarchist and believed that the state had an important, but limited, role to play in market based economy. He opposed the Federal Government’s illegal and unconstitutional enforcement and collection of the income tax. His first book on this topic (he authored six books in total), How Anyone Can Stop Paying Income Taxes, published in 1982, became a New York Times best seller. His last, The Federal Mafia; How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes, the first of three editions published in 1992, became the only non-fiction and second-to-last book to be banned in America. The only other book being Fanny Hill; Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, banned for obscenity in 1821 and 1963.

His crusade to force the government to obey the law earned him three prison sentences, the final one being a fourteen-year sentence that he began serving ten years ago, at the age of 77. That sentence turned into a life sentence, as my father failed to survive until his planned 2017 release date. However, in actuality, the life sentence amounted to a death sentence. My father died from skin cancer that went undiagnosed and untreated while he was in federal custody. The skin cancer then led to a virulent outbreak of lung cancer that took his life just more than two months after his initial diagnosis.

The unnecessarily cruel twist in his final years occurred seven years ago when he reached his 80th birthday. At that point, the government moved him from an extremely low security federal prison camp in New York State, where he was within easy driving distance from family and friends, to a federal correctional institute, first in Indiana and then in Texas. This was done specially to give him access to better medical care. The trade off was that my father was forced to live isolated from those who loved him. Given that visiting him required long flights, car rentals, and hotel stays, his visits were few and far between. Yet while at these supposed superior medical facilities, my father received virtually no medical care at all, not even for the cataracts that left him legally blind, until the skin cancer on his head had spread to just about every organ in his body.

At the time of his diagnosis in early August of this year, he was given four to six months to live. We tried to get him out of prison on compassionate release so that he could live out the final months of his life with his family, spending some precious moments with the grandchildren he had barely known. But he did not live long enough for the bureaucratic process to be completed. Two months after the process began, despite the combined help of a sitting Democratic U.S. congresswoman and a Republican U.S. senator, his petition was still sitting on someone’s desk waiting for yet another signature, even though everyone at the prison actually wanted him released. Even as my father lay dying in intensive care, a phone call came in from a lawyer and the Bureau of Prisons in Washington asking the prison medical representatives for more proof of the serious nature of my father’s condition.

As the cancer consumed him, his voice changed and the prison phone system no longer recognized it, so he could not even talk with family members on the phone during his final month of life. When his condition deteriorated to the point where he needed to be hospitalized, government employees blindly followed orders that kept him shackled to his bed. This despite the fact that escape was impossible for an 87 year old terminally ill, legally blind patient who could barely breathe, let alone walk.

Whether or not you agree with my father’s views on the Federal Income Tax, or the manner by which it is collected, it’s hard to condone the way he was treated by our government. He held his convictions so sincerely and so passionately that he continued to espouse them until his dying breath. Like William Wallace in the final scene of Braveheart, an oppressive government may have succeeded in killing him, but they did not break his spirit. And that spirit will live on in his books, his videos, and in his children and grandchildren. Hopefully his legacy will one day help restore the lost freedoms he died trying to protect, finally allowing him to rest in peace.

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Trump Just Revealed An Astonishing Photo He Wanted To Show ‘Because The Media Won’t’

On Saturday, Donald Trump drew an estimated crowd of 20,000 supporters to Jacksonville Landing, in Jacksonville, Fl. Trump stated “we broke a record today” with the number of supporters attending the Trump rally. “This is happening all over,” Trump said. He called it, “a movement” that the “whole world is talking about.”

“We have to fight the media…it’s a constant battle,” he said. “It’s a very good and a very simple message. The American Dream is back!” Trump told the crowd.

“I have been the brunt of more bad press…For what?’ Trump said, implying that he has a target on his back because he’s leading in the polls. “The reason we’re getting those ratings is because people want to hear the message. It’s an amazing message.” He continued, “We are the highest taxed country in the world, we spend more than any country in the world” and “we’re 28th in the world in education.” Trump promised the supporters that he’s going to cut taxes when he’s elected as president.

Trump took his fight with the media to Instagram and Twitter where he released an aerial photo of the event. He said, “An aerial shot of Jacksonville crowd yesterday! I may as well show you because the media won’t.” The photo shows the masses of people attending his rally. The entire speech was recorded by a YouTube channel called Night Today and can be seen here in its entirety.

Supporters continued their praise for Trump’s photo release. One supporter wrote a reply to his post.

Get your family, friends and neighbors to follow Mr. Trump on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram so they get the truth from him not some 30 second TV ad that tries to smear him. I have followed Mr. Trump on Business shows for years and listened to him. So I know he is a conservative and a business man that had to deal with Democrats. You may not always like what he says but he tells the truth and speaks from the heart. We’ve had talking points for years from both parties and look where were at. FIGHT BACK AND DON’T LET THE MEDIA OR ESTABLISHMENT TRASH TRUMP! *PASS THE WORD IT’S TIME FOR A NEW LEADER AND A NEW DIRECTION!

Do you think the media will now come after Trump, after he called them out for not covering the masses following his campaign?

Why Do GOP Candidates Support The IRS?

Our 75,000 page tax code is a complete disaster and the IRS is a criminal enterprise. So why do nearly all the GOP candidates support tax reform plans that “tinker” with the tax code? Why do they all support plans that preserve the IRS?

Our backwards, broken, punitive tax system is a classic Washington creation, and it is time we burn it to the ground. Today, there are more tax lobbyists in Washington than any other industry or sector, even healthcare. For decades, Washington central planners have made billions carving out holes, handouts, and exemptions for the powerful and well-connected.

In both the Senate and the House of Representatives, the most sought after legislative assignments are the tax writing committees. Congressmen promise to raise millions for their party just so they can play games with the tax code. Worse still, politicians make millions as tax lobbyists when they finally retire. And we wonder why it’s been nearly 30 years since Washington last reformed the tax code?

It’s a sickening, vicious cycle. Our dysfunctional tax system is a cottage industry for Washington insiders that’s punching millions of American families in the gut.

But there are more problems. Ask any parent, teacher or animal trainer, when you reward good behavior you get more of it. Our tax code does the exact opposite. The harder you work, the more Washington confiscates from your paycheck. The less you work, the more Washington rewards you. Worse still, drug dealers, pimps, criminals and anyone hiring illegal immigrants avoid taxes entirely. Why do we have a system that rewards irresponsibility and punishes productivity?

I am the only GOP candidate with a plan to permanently obliterate the tax code and abolish the IRS.

The FairTax would completely eliminate all taxes on wages, including Medicare and payroll taxes, the most regressive of all taxes. American workers would keep every single cent of their paycheck. In its place, the FairTax would establish a fair, clear, finite 23% national sales tax.

Our tax system is so broken it needs much more than the tap or hammer or twist of a screw. The FairTax brings trillions of dollars in offshore investment and manufacturing back to the United States – creating millions of good jobs for American workers. The FairTax also gives every senior a Social Security bonus payment.

Today, there are 80 total Representatives and Senators who support this legislation. Prominent scholars including the Nobel Prize winning economist Vernon Smith endorse the FairTax. It was created by some of the top economists in the country and supported by over $20 million in independent and non-government funded research. The FairTax is gaining momentum and support across the country because millions of Americans are sick of the existing nightmare Washington insiders have created.

Our 75,000 page Tax Code is arbitrary, unfair, unnavigable, and insanely complex. Congress cannot defend it, the IRS cannot explain it, and hard-working Americans cannot comprehend it. It’s time we abolish this monstrosity once-and-for-all and pass the FairTax. I call on GOP candidates to join me.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

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WATCH How Easy It Was To Fool Hillary Supporters Into Backing A Trump Plan

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at the expense, perhaps, of the pride of some Hillary Clinton supporters.

Kimmel introduced the segment on Tuesday’s program:

“Donald Trump came out with his proposal for a new tax plan yesterday – just like a real presidential candidate would do,” Kimmel said. “It’s kind of adorable … He says he plans to raise taxes on the very rich – which doesn’t include him because he’s very, very rich. Also under President Trump: You won’t have to pay any income taxes if you make less than $25,000 a year; you won’t pay any taxes if you and your spouse make under $50,000 a year; and if you capture an illegal Mexican, you won’t pay any taxes at all, no matter how much you make.”

Kimmel then explained that his show decided to do a little experiment to see whether Clinton supporters could get behind Trump’s proposals.

As his program often does, crew members went out to do some man/woman-on-the-street interviews with people outside the show’s Hollywood Boulevard theater. The crew offered details of the plan to self-identified Clinton supporters, who were told it was the Democrat candidate’s, not Trump’s.

Those interviewed were asked a series of questions such as: “Do you support Hillary Clinton’s plan to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent?” and, “Do you support Hillary Clinton’s plan to eliminate the estate tax?” and, “Do you support her plan to eliminate the income tax for those who make less than $25,000 per year?”

Those interviewees shown in the segment all indicate that they would back those changes.

Afterwards, all are told that the proposals they said they liked are Donald Trump’s, not Clinton’s.

“Oh God, I hate him,” one woman laughingly replies. 

“I would say he’s a pretty smart man,” a man says. “I feel stupid,” another responds.

One said that if they truly are the billionaire candidate’s polices, he would have to switch his vote. “I support Donald Trump then,” he said.

As reported by Western Journalism, Trump announced his tax proposal on Monday, which if implemented would be the most significant tax reform since the 1980s under Ronald Reagan.

The plan calls for four tax brackets for both personal income tax (there are currently seven) and investment income:

Image Credit:

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“These lower rates will provide a tremendous stimulus for the economy – significant GDP growth, a huge number of new jobs and an increase in after-tax wages for workers,” Trump said of his proposal.

Mark Levin Saw Trump’s New Tax Plan And Made A Big Announcement About It

Radio talk show host Mark Levin praised most of what he sees in Donald Trump’s tax plan, saying on Monday’s program: “Ronald Reagan could have proposed exactly this plan.” 

Levin, who served in multiple posts in the Reagan administration, said that if the U.S. adopted Trump’s tax proposal, “our economy will explode with growth” like that seen under the Gipper, when the GDP grew one-third larger as the economy expanded at its largest rate since World War II.

The talk show host explained some of the specifics of the plan:

From seven tax brackets to four. And the top rate is 25%. The top rate now is 39.6%, but for some people it actually winds up being 43% thanks to the deal the Republicans made with Obama a few years ago. So, the Republican establishment types – the Bushies, the Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) guys – they really have no complaint here, because while they voted to increase the top level to 39.6, and in some cases 43%, 25% would be the top rate under the Trump plan – and I would remind you I think it was 27% under Reagan. [It was 28 percent, reduced from a top rate of 70 percent.] 


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Levin also pointed out that the businessman’s proposal cuts the corporate tax rate “from 35% and, in some cases, 39.6% depending on the business type, to 15%. Can you imagine the amount of economic growth that would occur in this country?”

The conservative firebrand also praised Trump’s plan to repatriate the estimated $2.5 trillion in American companies’ cash sitting offshore. Levin explained that current U.S. tax laws encourage businesses to keep their profits out of the country to avoid double taxation. The money is earned in other countries, and companies pay taxes locally. “If they repatriate it, or bring it back to the United States, however, they are taxed on it again. We’re the only major developed, industrial nation that does that to our own businesses,” he charged.

Many economists believe returning this money to the United States would be a major boon to the economy. Trump has proposed a one-time tax of 10 percent on those funds, rather than the current 35 percent tax rate.

Levin really only had one main criticism of Trump’s plan. “This is where I have a disagreement with Donald Trump. Everyone, pretty much, ought to pay something in taxes, so they can’t just vote over and over again to raise somebody’s else’s taxes.” He added people need to know there is a consequence if they decide to vote into office a Big Government liberal. “They need to know, you cannot legalize theft and rip off your neighbor. You’re going to rip off yourself.  Everybody should pay some tax. Period.”

That aside, he affirmed “this a pretty d–n good plan.”

h/t: Breitbart