Breaking: The Army Has Made Its Decision About Charging Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion

Bowe Bergdahl uniform

In what could open a huge can of worms for the Obama administration, the Army has charged Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion, according to multiple news sources.

The Washington Post reports:

“Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was recovered in Afghanistan last spring after five years in captivity, faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, according to his lawyer.”

Bergdahl, then a private assigned to a post in Afghanistan, went missing from his base in 2009. His correspondence prior to his disappearance indicated Bergdahl had grown disillusioned with the U.S. military’s mission, and many of his colleagues claimed that Bergdahl had abandoned his post.

He was held captive in Pakistan by the Haqqani network, an insurgent group allied with the Taliban. Then, in a highly controversial move, President Obama agreed to swap five Taliban detainees from Guantanamo for Bergdahl.

Now, with the decision to charge Bergdahl as a deserter, that Taliban-swap deal approved by Obama is likely to come under even heavier fire.

Army officials have announced they will provide an update in this case at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time at Fort Bragg, N.C.

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Lawyer Of Doctor Who Helped Kill Bin Laden Murdered By Taliban


With friends like the Obama administration, who needs enemies? Breitbart reports that the lawyer for Dr. Shakil Afridi, Samiullah Afridi, was recently shot and killed by Taliban terrorists while returning from work in Pershwar, Pakistan.

The attorney had represented the physician who ran a false vaccination program in order to track down Bin Laden. However, he had resigned from the case and left Pakistan for some time before recently returning due to death threats.

The attorney had been highly critical of the Obama administration’s lack of urgency in attempting to get Dr. Afridi released from a Pakistani jail and granted asylum in the United States.

Reuters reports:

Samiullah Afridi was shot dead on Tuesday as he was returning to his home in the northwestern city of Peshawar, police said. According to media, he had recently returned there from abroad after leaving Pakistan for his safety.

“He was returning home when armed men opened fire. He died on the spot,” police official Jamal Hussain said. A hospital spokesman added that Samiullah Afridi was shot twice, in the abdomen and the neck.

Two Pakistan militant groups claimed responsibility for the lawyer’s death. Jundullah, a Taliban splinter group, said: “We killed him because he was defending Shakil, who is our enemy.”

It seems that attorney Afridi had warned of the risk to his life and to that of his family when he withdrew from the case.

This killing comes at a time when Pakistan is intensifying its fight against Islamic militants in-country. The government recently lifted a ban on the death penalty and a dozen prisoners on death row were executed at once this week. There are 8,000 people on death row in Pakistan.

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Pope Francis Condemns Attacks On Christian Churches In Pakistan

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Addressing the public Sunday, Pope Francis condemned terrorist attacks committed by a Taliban-affiliated group on two Christian churches in Pakistan which left 15 killed and 75 injured.

Two suicide bombers attacked the Catholic Church of St. John and the Church of Christ in Lahore during Sunday worship, Zenit reported. Jamaat-ur-Ahrar, an organization affiliated with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attacks, noted Al-Jazeera. The group said two bombers committed the act.

“These are Christian churches: Christians are being persecuted,” the pontiff said Sunday to an audience gathered in St. Peter’s Square. “Our brothers shed blood only because they are Christians.” He continued:

As I assure you of my prayers for the victims and their families, I ask the Lord, I beseech the Lord, source of all goodness, for the gift of peace and harmony for that country and that this persecution against Christians, which the world tries to hide, might end, and that there may be peace

Archbishop Sebastian Shaw, O.F.M., who leads the Catholic Church in Lahore, closed Catholic schools and offices in honor of the victims. “Their blood was not shed in vain and will bring peace to all citizens of Pakistan,” Shaw said. The Archbishop also called on the authorities to protect all Paktistani Christians.

Episcopal Archbishop Joseph Coutts, president of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan, echoed Shaw’s sentiments. “We beg the government in Punjab and the federal government of Pakistan to take adequate measures for the protection of churches and religious minorities in Pakistan,” said Coutts.

The Catholic Church and other religious minorities in Pakistan are asking the government to take effective measures to guarantee freedom of religion in the country.

This is hardly the first attack on Christians in Pakistan. Al Jazeera pointed out that in 2013, suicide bombers killed more than 80 people and injured 140 more near a historic church in the city of Peshawar.

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Why Can’t Obama Say “Islamic Extremism?”

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Why is it so hard for this administration to call Islamic extremists what they are? Instead, they parse and mince their appellations in every conceivable way to avoid identifying them as such. For that matter, how can the president maintain any semblance of credibility when he illogically avers that the Islamic State is not Islamic? By refusing to acknowledge, at least publicly, the enemy that has unleashed its destructive tactics against humanity, the administration appears incompetent, indecisive, and impotent against those who have declared jihad against America and the west.

It’s critical to make a distinction between the faith of Islam and Islamic extremism. Islam, as a religion, is faith-based, while the sectarian-defined extremism of the Wahhabist movement, or Salafi, is more of an Islamo-Fascist political movement. Even though it has its theological roots in Islam the religion, they are more of a politically ideological sect within Islam that goes far beyond what is reasonable in their interpretations of key scriptures in the Koran and the Hadith or sayings of Mohammed.

Abdallah Al Obeid, the former dean of the Islamic University of Medina and member of the Saudi Consultative Council, confirms that this is politically ideological, rather than sectarian. He calls this extremism a “political trend” within Islam that “has been adopted for power-sharing purposes.” He says it cannot be called a sect because “It has no special practices, nor special rites, and no special interpretation of religion that differ from the main body of Sunni Islam.”

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, who serves on the Iran Policy Committee, said a few years ago in an interview, “Islamic extremism is an ideology just like Fascism and Communism, and it must be fought in much the same way. The West has not acknowledged this and consequently we have not educated our population that it is an ideology rather than a religion. This is confusing people because of our tolerance for the diversity of religion.”

The rest of the world seems to have divested itself of the ineffable “Islamic extremism” label. After the horrendous murders of a dozen employees of the Charlie Hebdo paper in Paris last month, more than a million people, including 40 presidents and prime ministers, showed up for a solidarity rally against Islamic extremism. It was, as the New York Times reported, “the most striking show of solidarity in the West against the threat of Islamic extremism since the Sept. 11 attacks.”

No one from the Obama administration attended, even though Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder was in Paris at the time. The New York Daily News ran a Front Page headline, sending President Obama a message in type large enough he could have seen it 220 miles away in Washington, “You let the world down.” The (UK) Daily Mail headline read, “America snubs historic Paris rally.”

Isn’t it interesting that the AG that has called us a “nation of cowards” for not having a discussion on race would capitulate to the political correctness of not having a discussion (or demonstration) against Islamic extremism? It appears downright cowardly. But it is his Dept. of Justice that still classifies the 2009 Fort Hood shooting as “workplace violence,” even though the shooter, Nidal Hasan, describes himself as a “Soldier of Allah” and has petitioned to be classified as a citizen of the Islamic State. But Holder was undoubtedly just following the directives of his boss, who declared a couple years ago at the United Nations that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet.”

Even in denouncing the Islamic State burning to death a Jordanian pilot this past week, the president revealed the great lengths he will go to maintain ambiguity in identifying our enemies. In a taped comment in the White House, Obama said, “It also indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of, it’s bankrupt.” Really, Mr. President? “Whatever ideology they are operating off of?” Are you the only one on the planet who doesn’t know where the jihadist ideology originates?

The matter became only more convoluted by White House press secretaries this past week. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz what the distinction was between terrorists and the Taliban. Karl asked, “You say the United States government does not give in to demands [and] does not pay ransom. But how is what the Jordanians are talking about doing any different than what the United States did to get the release of [Bowe] Bergdahl — the releasing prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay to the Taliban, which is clearly a terrorist organization?”

Shultz stammered in his obfuscating response, “As you know, this was highly discussed at the time. And prisoner swaps are a traditional, end-of-conflict interaction that happens. As the war in Afghanistan wound down, we felt like it was the appropriate thing to do…I’d also point out that the Taliban is an armed insurgency; ISIL is a terrorist group. So we don’t make concessions to terrorist groups.”

So the Taliban is an “armed insurgency” and not a terrorist group. What a relief it is to finally learn that the organization that harbored and protected Osama bin Ladin was not a terrorist group! I really thought they were, especially after their massacre of 130 school children in Pakistan last month! Maybe they’re just not “JV” enough to be considered outright “terrorists.”

I’m not sure that we could expect anything different from a cadre of ideological academics who had no real-world experience prior to running the sole remaining world superpower. For as Dr. Lyle Rossiter explained in his book “The Liberal Mind,” the single greatest symptom of the liberal mindset is detachment from reality. And the proof that this administration is severely afflicted with it is most clearly exemplified by their inability to identify our enemies as Islamic extremists.

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WATCH: Obama’s Bergdahl-Taliban Prisoner Swap Is Utterly Destroyed By Judge Jeanine

Image Credit: Fox News

With the Fox News Channel as well as NBC News standing by their reporting that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion — and with the Pentagon and White House still insisting that reporting is wrong, that no decision to charge Bergdahl has been made — Judge Jeanine has weighed in on the controversy.

On her Fox News show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” the outspoken Ms. Pirro once again laid out a detailed and compelling argument as she laid into the Obama administration for swapping the Taliban Five for Bergdahl to secure his release from captivity.

“So let me see if I get this — an American like James Foley is held for two years, then beheaded. We don’t negotiate for him, but we do negotiate for someone who is widely believed to be a deserter — both inside and outside the Pentagon?

“Since when do we trade mass murderers for someone like this guy Bergdahl?”

Judge Jeanine went on to charge President Obama with “playing games with words,” given his continuing refusal to call the Taliban a terrorist group and insisting we are not at war with radical Islam.

You can see Jeanine Pirro’s entire fiery commentary by clicking on the video above.

h/t: Fox News Insider

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