Video: SEAL Team 6 Was Set Up

On August 6, 2011, a military helicopter—Extortion 17, carrying thirty-eight men, including seventeen of the elite SEAL Team 6—was shot down over Taliban-controlled territory in eastern Afghanistan. It was the worst loss of life in a single day suffered since the Afghanistan war began.

Per a 1300-page military report, it was simply the result of a “lucky shot” by Taliban soldiers perched on top of a building.

According to family members of those murdered, it was no lucky shot. It was an inside job that may have included elements within our own government up to the highest levels, including the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Why did they have to disappear?

These were the same Navy SEALS who took part in the Osama Bin Laden raid that, despite the passage of almost two years, is still shrouded in mystery. Over a year ago, the government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, sued the Obama administration for the release of documents, photos, and videos relating to the raid and alleged burial at sea of Bin Laden; but thus far, the Obama administration has refused to comply. Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, recently said that the story of the Bin Laden raid was “one big lie.”

Watch this exclusive video by Western Center for Journalism in which we pull the curtain back to show how SEAL Team 6 was set up—more than likely by our own government.

American POW Languishes in Afghanistan – Bureaucrats do Nothing

Afgan Prison

Just what is holding up the release from captivity of the only American POW, Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl, 27, of Ketchum, Idaho?  Is this 27 year old American soldier now a ping pong ball in the Afghanistan-US peace talks?  Or is he being held as a bargaining chip between our State Department and Senate because of President Obama’s aim to close Guantanamo Prison in Cuba?    His efforts are being thwarted by a Congress which doesn’t want it closed?

And, if as the Taliban supposedly demands, America must release five prisoners being held in Gitmo before Sgt. Bergdahl can be freed, how come “two Algerians held at Guantanamo Bay prison for a decade have been returned to Algiers?”  And what about this in the same AP report: “There are still nearly 90 prisoners who have been cleared for release or transfer from the prison out of the total population of 164.”  Just what is going on here, and why is an active US soldier being left to languish somewhere around the Afghanistan–Pakistan tribal border area while State Department employee Jen Psaki smiles?  How come this 34 year old woman, who can be contacted at, can remain as the Benghazi Survivors spokeswoman, but can’t tell Congress directly what went on with that sorry saga?

Reporter Paul Shinkman in two reports during June of this year quotes Taliban member Shaheen Suhali, saying “the US first has to release detainees (five) from Guantanamo Bay to build confidence,” before anything can go forward on the release of Sgt. Berkdahl.  One video allegedly quotes him as saying, “Release me, please.  I’m begging you. Bring me home.” But trying to get this picture to load is difficult.  The same reporter says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in September reiterated that everyone is doing everything they can.  Sure, right you are.  Well, then why isn’t something happening?

We used to have a promise in the US Military that no soldier would be left behind.  Well, here’s one that is left behind in the Obama administration’s war of words, and Jen Psaki appears to have an awful lot of control over something that is well above her pay grade.  Where are the statements from our generals, our Pentagon leaders, anybody, anywhere?

What is being done to bring this suffering American soldier home to his family and friends in Ketchum, Idaho?  His parents are afraid to speak out “so as not to jeopardize their son.”  But are the people in control really doing anything?  I’m sorry, but this mumbo jumbo rhetoric of the other guy working on it is an insult to Sgt. Berkdahl, to other soldiers putting their life on the line for this country, to his parents, to the legacy of MIA’s in other wars that just somehow fell through the cracks of an American system that seems able to cherry pick what prisoners they release.

How would these ineffectual politicians and bureaucrats feel if they were imprisoned somewhere in the wasteland of Afghanistan?  Have leaders on both sides simply lost their own humanity?  Bring Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl home now!  Don’t let him be just another wrist bracelet on an unknown arm who prays for him, to no avail.

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Muslim Sympathizer, Terrorism Enabler, And Yes…Traitor

Obama for treason 225x300 Muslim Sympathizer, Terrorism Enabler, and yes...Traitor

At first take it sounds so incredibly ridiculous as to be unworthy of serious consideration, but the more you look into the matter, the more the conclusion becomes inescapable: Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who enables terrorism, aiding our enemies, and thus, he is worthy to be charged with treason.

In the beginning we should have read the signs: from the apology tour to bowing before the Saudi king, to the declarations in Cairo and refusing to directly reference a “war on terror,” this man has demonstrated preference for America’s enemies, denigrating the U.S. and her allies at every turn.   The heart of Obama is measured in the words of his pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who proclaimed:  “God Damn America.”

Obama has orchestrated the leaking of classified information to hurt our country and help our enemies, making himself look good to retain power and forward the agenda: knock down American interests to build up global government.

Obama left Iraq prematurely and we see the resulting destruction: a country once poised to be a beacon of freedom in the Middle East, now a nexus of terrorism, a vassal of Iran.  Telegraphing the end game, Obama has handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban and al Qaeda.  Pouring weapons into Syria, he helps Jihad annihilate Christians, arming thugs who now murder women and children with great efficiency.   These are not accidental failures.  They are purposeful, calculated developments designed to shame the U.S., and forward the cause of Sharia in the world.

Obama just released $500 million to Hamas, a terrorist organization whose mission statement is the annihilation of Israel, a group thoroughly coordinating with Iran.  That’s on top of $147 million he sent to Hamas last year.

Obama overthrew Mubarak in Egypt, unleashing violence, death and turmoil in that country for the last two years. Then he armed the Muslim Brotherhood, embraced their members, and appointed them to positions of authority in our own government.

Do we even have to mention Benghazi?  And now the embassy retreat throughout the Arab world, showing cowardice and weakness, once again.

Add all this to the increase in attacks on the homeland, negligence in securing our borders, increases in homegrown terrorism, and efforts to promote Sharia in America, and the unbelievable becomes the unavoidable reality: the President of the United States is the enemy of the United States.

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Where Is The GOP’s 2010 Pledge To America?

Cantor Boehner Republican Congress SC Where is the GOPs 2010 Pledge to America?

On September 23, 2010, the Grand Old Party made a Pledge to America that they promised to uphold if we gave them the House majority. Indeed, on November 2, 2010, we gave them that majority; but where now are the promises of the pledge?

This carefully crafted tome has a front page by-line that read “a new governing agenda built on THE PRIORITIES OF OUR NATION, THE PRINCIPLES WE STAND FOR & AMERICA’S FOUNDING VALUES.” Wow, sounds very patriotic to me. I like it.

The Pledge to America is filled with pictures of soaring American monuments like the awe-inspiring Statue of Liberty with her clarion call for freedom and opportunity for the hundreds of millions of immigrants who legally have come to our borders in search of the American dream.

Now if you fast forward to Page 37 of the Pledge to America, to the chapter entitled “A Plan to Keep Our Nation Secure at Home and Abroad,” you will see that this is a short chapter that speaks long volumes to the current state of our nation’s security and immigration nightmare being perpetuated by the very GOP legislators who three short years ago make such a lofty set of promises to the American people.

Within that chapter it states, “We have a plan to keep our nation secure at home and abroad and hold the current government accountable for fulfilling its responsibility to provide for a robust defense.” Oh, really?

Wasn’t it our President who just last week stood in Berlin, Germany (of all places) and announced that “we can live free from fear and free from want; that we can speak our minds and assemble with whomever we choose and worship as we please?” Doesn’t this man understand the fear that the IRS engenders with its targeting of this country’s liberty groups?

Wasn’t it he who proposed the reduction of the American nuclear arsenal by as much as one third to focus on more “credible threats” of the 21st century?  I wonder if the credible threats that our President refers to come from the Tea Party rather than the Taliban. It certainly seems by his words and his actions that he favors that interpretation.

In that same chapter on national security, the Pledge to America goes on to state that “Providing for the common defense is not just a priority or political imperative – it is a Constitutional duty.” Most recently, as part of the unconstitutional sequestration fiasco that our President dreamed up and foisted upon a cowardly Congress, approximately $245 million dollars has been cut from our common defense border patrol.

And so I pose a few questions. Where’s the GOP’s plan to hold this delusional man and his scary administration accountable? How can even one Republican elected official in the House or in the Senate vote for this massive immigration bill and the equally massive Hoeven-Corker amendment and still call themselves a Republican? And most important, What happened to the 2010 GOP Pledge to America?

Video: Barbaric Taliban Beheads Two Boys – Ages 10 And 16

John Kerry wants to negotiate with these guys