Judgment Coming On Supreme Court Trifecta Of Sin And Rebellion

June 2015 will be remembered as the month America finally slammed the door on God and opened the door to judgment. We also saw the final vestiges of constitutional government discarded. Three decisions by the Supreme Court poked fingers in God’s eye, going directly against His Word. But those pointing this out are dismissed as fear-laden Neanderthals who don’t belong in the modern world.

The Court first declared that Jerusalem is not part of Israel. There’s probably no city in the world associated for a longer time with any people than Jerusalem is with the Jews. After the reestablishment of a Jewish state, Congress recognized it as Israel’s capital through the Jerusalem Embassy Act; yet the Executive branch took a contrary position and refused to implement the law. It’s the first time in history the Court ruled against Congress on a foreign policy matter; and it did so for political, not legal reasons.

Next, they overturned North Carolina’s abortion statute, requiring ultrasounds. This regulation wasn’t burdensome, but caused some women to change their minds. In the last decade, ultrasound has saved over 200,000 children. Given the millions of abortions, this shouldn’t have been a threat to abortion advocates. Yet anything that impinges on the right to destroy the unwanted results of sexuality is taboo in this culture and to this Court. Their reasoning again was political; the law had “ideological” intent and violated doctors’ “free speech.”

Finally, despite clear constitutional language that any issue not specifically addressed was reserved to the states, the Court overturned the age-old, God-given definition of marriage, replacing it with a human standard tethered to nothing, opening the door for anything else men deem acceptable in a culture in moral freefall.

Arrogance has replaced humility; politics has replaced law, not only in our leaders but in the population as a whole. They’re not demonstrating enlightenment; they’re merely wallowing in sin and rebellion. Maybe critics are right when they say that Bible believers don’t belong in this modern world. We’d prefer a world where respect for God brings wisdom, humility, modesty, charity, and respect for life. That’s what made America prosperous and created a society people eagerly entered.

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Keep Your Hands Off My Raisins: Court Invalidates Antiquated Raisin Grab

Laura and Marvin Horne are raisin farmers. Early one morning in 2002, a truck appeared at their business–and the drivers demanded a whopping 47 percent of their raisin crop. The truck was sent by the federal government, and those demanding Horne’s raisin crop claimed to be operating under a “marketing order” first put in place in 1937 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s effort to shore up agricultural prices. Amazingly, this antiquated scheme lasted for over 65 years—well past the agricultural crisis of the Great Depression.

By 2002, the Hornes had endured enough of these raisin grabs. They refused to turn over what amounted to nearly half of their crop. The federal government assessed a fine of $480,000 for the missing raisins and another $200,000 in civil penalties against the Hornes. The Hornes fought the government through the courts and finally landed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 allowed the secretary of agriculture to issue marketing orders to stabilize market prices for certain agricultural products, including raisins. Under this order, raisin producers could be forced to relinquish a portion of what they produced to the government without any compensation. The percentage of the crops that had to be relinquished in a given year was determined by the Raisin Administrative Committee. The plan was that the government would keep these reserve raisins off the domestic market—a reduction in supply—to help to shore up prices. This system was originally part of the New Deal aimed at aiding farmers whose agricultural products had fallen steeply in price. Unfortunately, as with most government programs, it remained in effect despite the passing of the immediate economic emergency which spawned it.

In a recent decision, Chief Justice John Roberts and the majority agreed with the Hornes. Roberts stated that the Fifth Amendment requires that property cannot be taken by the government for public use without the original owner being properly compensated. Part of the Fifth Amendment, often dubbed the “takings clause,” has been interpreted to mean that when the government takes a private citizen’s property for a public purpose—such as, for example, for the building of a road—the owner must be paid a reasonable amount for the seized property. Here, even though the property (raisins) could be regarded as having been taken for a public use—the stabilizing of agricultural prices during an economic crisis—there was virtually no compensation being paid to raisin growers like the Hornes.

In a fitting tribute to the 800th anniversary of the great document of English liberties—Magna Carta—Roberts traced the origins of the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause to that charter and concluded that “the reserve requirement imposed by the Raisin Committee is a clear physical taking. Actual raisins are transferred from the growers to the Government. Title to the raisins passes to the Raisin Committee. The Committee disposes of what become its raisins as it wishes, to promote the purposes of the raisin marketing order.”

The government unsuccessfully argued that the takings clause did not apply to personal property, but the court roundly rejected that contention. Furthermore, the Department of Agriculture claimed that if the government successfully sold the seized raisins as exports, for example, growers like the Hornes might receive a residual payment which would amount to compensation. Again, the court said that the mere possibility of a residual payment was not equivalent to compensation. It was simply too contingent and indeterminate.

Other U.S. citizens are still subjected to a bevy of similar antiquated, unnecessary regulations. They should make ample use of the court’s holding here to challenge these governmental restraints and reintroduce the fresh air of freedom into markets for goods and services.

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SCOTUS-Care The Fruit Of Lawless Government

Justice Antonin Scalia coined the term ‘SCOTUScare’ in his dissenting opinion on the King v Burwell case that – by a vote of 6-3 – once again rescued Obamacare from the dustbin reserved for bad laws. Scalia references the obvious fact that the Supreme Court again re-wrote the law in order to save what its majority regard as poorly-executed good intentions. Even the pundits applauding the decision agree.

At issue was whether the law permits the federal government – taxpayers – to subsidize insurance purchased from the federal exchange in states that declined to set up their own exchanges.  The law permits subsidies only through “an exchange established by the state.” In backing the government, the Court was forced to ignore the plain language of the statute – and make no bones about it. Chief Justice Roberts stood on the principle that says the court must act to preserve laws passed by Congress whenever they can. He noted the purpose of the law was to “improve health insurance markets, not destroy them,” and opined the Court’s duty was to see beyond what the law actually said and do what its guardians meant to do – as though he is better able to divine its meaning than are its authors.

One of its principal authors – MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber – testified before Congress and was videotaped stating that he deliberately framed the statute for state exchanges being necessary for subsidies as a ploy to force every state to set up exchanges. When nearly two thirds of the states thumbed their noses at Gruber and his presidential leash-holder, the leash-holder gave away the tax revenues on his own recognizance. The Court went along with this usurpation of power – just as they did when Roberts declared a penalty was really a tax after Gruber and congressional leaders said repeatedly it was not – in order to declare Obamacare constitutional in 2012. Oh, that principle of preserving law when one is able…

But the principle over the principle is one word – legitimate. When the language of the law is plain, the logical consequence is to rule for the plain language; there is no legitimate way to preserve perversions of law. When the chief executive has clearly exceeded his authority – he has none with which to re-write a law he has re-created some thirty times – the logic is to rule against him, no matter how well-intentioned a judge thinks the effort. That is called constitutional law. What Roberts did is not law at all – it is decree. And the Taney Court employed the very same logic in 1857 when it preserved the Fugitive Slave Law at all costs in the infamous Dred Scott decision that helped precipitate the Civil War.

The Obama Administration argued successfully before the Roberts Court that many American lives would be disrupted – six and one half million – by the sudden cessation of their subsidies if the Court found against the new and improved version of a law never submitted to the sole agency – Congress – with authority to make federal law. But the Court ignores the fact that it is the administration that has made these millions dependent on an illegal program that Congress has the power to repair – should it wish to. It ignores the reality that this administration has disrupted the lives of scores of millions more by triggering massive insurance premium increases, doctor shortages, and lost medical plans with this moronic healthcare law. When something is the colossal failure we have with Obamacare, the solution is to leave the ship and rebuild, not rearrange the deck chairs while John Roberts whistles a happy tune.

Under our Constitution, the Congress is alone entrusted to make federal law. Let them do their job. And let the citizens of this land – especially the Christians and their leaders – rise in tough love to say we gave government its authority–and we can take it back. We will accept the constitutional government that we established; we will neither accept nor tolerate the perversion Obama and Roberts have made of it.

The Word of God says: “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” In other words, we cannot fail to find our God when we seek Him to the exclusion of all others. The “all others” includes Barack Obama, the Congress, and the John Roberts Supreme Court.

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Thank You, Justice Kennedy (For Galvanizing The Pro-Traditional Family Movement)!

Dear Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy,

I’m sure you are getting flooded with words of congratulations from your admirers and words of criticism from your detractors, but please allow me to offer my own hearty “thank” you – as a staunch critic of your decision, one of the most infamous in the history of our nation.

Why then do I thank you?

I thank you first for helping to galvanize the opposition to redefining marriage, much as the Roe v. Wade decision helped galvanize the pro-life movement.

In a moment of time, you have done more to energize our side than a string of political victories for us could ever have done.

You have so painted us into a corner and so overstepped the bounds of your office that you have single-handedly strengthened our resolve to stand, even unifying groups and individuals that had not worked together before now.

For that, sir, I sincerely thank you.

I will certainly pray for you, Justice Kennedy, that God would grant you repentance and forgiveness for the horrific decision you have made–one that will result in much lasting pain for our country.

But you have succeeded in galvanizing the pro-marriage side and confirmed our warnings and concerns.

For all that, I say “Thank you.”

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Seceding From Sodom

This past weekend, we attended my nephew’s wedding in the mountains west of Wenatchee, Washington. It was a beautiful mountain setting, but that outside ceremony was intensely hot. As we departed and descended the mountain, I could smell smoke. I didn’t see any fire burning; but for mile after mile, I smelled the smoke.

I commented to Cherelyn several times about the pervasive smell of smoke–not like one single campfire, but a different odor of smoke, something you smell when you come upon an area where there has been a recent forest fire. Little did I know that as we drove across that State, my brother and his family–as they returned to their home that night in Wenatchee where we had been staying prior to the wedding–returned to a crisis. The fires descended from the hills; and on Sunday, they were given just a few moments to grab anything they could from their home as they evacuated in the face of the advancing flames.

In the twenty-plus years my brother has lived there, there have been other wildfires that came close; but this was the first time they were forced to abandon their home. They took refuge in their church further in town away from the danger zone. Providentially, his home was not one of the two-dozen that were consumed by the fires that claimed 30 square miles of Washington State. As for my family, we escaped just ahead of the fires, smelling smoke but not fully realizing what was happening behind us as we traveled eastward. We only became aware of what had happened when we saw the weather report highlighting the fires.

The old saying is certainly true: where there is smoke, there is fire.

I was thinking about all that is happening in our land today. The Supremes engaged in infantile wishful thinking. They essentially declared that words have no meaning in law. Law is whatever they say it is, and you’d better comply or else! So let’s get this straight: laws no longer mean what they say? Yes, you heard correctly; that’s what they said. Laws mean whatever they wish them to mean; words only mean whatever the imaginations of five black-robed lawyers want them to mean.

I don’t know about you; but in America today, I smell smoke. It comes in advance of the fire, and the fire is very real. Those who specialize in imagining that reality is what they like to think it is pretend they don’t smell that smoke. But where there is smoke, there is fire. And this isn’t some wildfire that consumes a couple dozen family homes; this is a fire like that experienced in the towns of Gomorra and Sodom, a total fire of devastation leaving nothing behind.

Turn to Genesis 19:1-11:

“And there came two angels to Sodom at even; and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom: and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them; and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground; And he said, Behold now, my lords, turn in, I pray you, into your servant’s house, and tarry all night, and wash your feet, and ye shall rise up early, and go on your ways. And they said, Nay; but we will abide in the street all night. And he pressed upon them greatly; and they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat.”

Notice that Lot is a judicial leader in Sodom; he is one of the city’s judges. Court was held at the city gate; and when it says that “Lot sat in the gate of Sodom,” it indicates that he was a judicial officer of the city. In that position at the city gate, he would see those coming and going in and out of the city. So he, it appears, noticed the two angels, who were hiding their glory and appearing as mere men when they came into Sodom. He knew the wickedness of this city, and he knew these strangers would not be safe from the Sodomites were they to “abide in the street all night” as they proposed to do.

Here is some real advice. Pastors – no more marriage licenses from the State. That thing the civil government calls marriage is not marriage at all; it is a fraud, a sham, a lie. No Christian should marry under a marriage license.  Families – take back jurisdiction over marriage, education, property ownership. Build up strong marriages which will be an undeniable testimony as fake marriages will never work, and real marriages not founded on Jesus Christ will falter because there are only two sinners who are there to make it work.


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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth